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Grey’s Anatomy star Justin Chambers is pictured with his wife Keisha and their oldest  daughter, Isabella, 14.


Also in attendance were twins Maya and Kaila, 11, and Eva, 9. The Chambers family attended the John Varvatos 7th Annual Stuart House Benefit in Los Angeles on Sunday. Not in attendance was the couple’s six-year-old year-old son, Jackson. More pics…


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  1. Justin is very handsome, I love watching him on Grey’s Anatomy. They seem to have a nice big family, my only thing is why is it in 2012 people are still upholding the old racist jim crow laws, of if you have one drop of black blood in you, your black?? It was stupid bk then because blood is measured in qts not droplets anyway but really. Imo the kids arent good looking, keisha an justin are but they didnt produce pretty babies even though I knw because of their skin color alot of my fellow sistas will disagree. My point is this is black celebrity kids, an these kids arent black. They are mixed,mulatto,Biracial, multiracial even because I read that keisha is biracial an not all african american herself. That explains why they look like white kids with a tan. I think theres is nothing wrong with IR couples, love who you want but call a spade a spade. Actually I think its disrespectful to Justin to call those kids black like he didnt have anything to do with the procreation process. They are just as much white as they are black or whatever else is in their DNA. So if the have a white celebrity kids website they should be on it right? I bet most would disagree.

  2. I’m a french speaker and I just want to say that the Chambers are cuties!and we have to respect tha justin’s choice.
    black,white,yellow or red,we have to respect each other because we have not chosen to have that or that color at birth. please,Don’t be strong in the judgement. and then if we notice,their couple has 16 years!!! May God bless them again and again in the name of Jesus.Amen!!!
    So, see you next time!

  3. I don’t see anything wrong with the discussion of culture and ethnicity. There obviously seems to be a misunderstanding about the topic. I, for one, did not know that Dominicans are Black. But, as someone stated above, Black people in Britain are still Black. Guess I never really thought about it like that.

    I honestly don’t see anything wrong with the topic of race, ethnicity, origin, etc. Also it does seem like the world is mixing so much that it is becoming more and more difficult to tell nationalities apart. People are beautiful, mixed, or not. Pretty soon there will be no more racism because we will not be able to tell races apart. I long for the day, then what will we talk about?

  4. why is Mets2008 so adamant about her being a “Black American woman”. Blue didnt say she wasnt black, she is Latina-because she has Dominican roots but by the social constructs of race in society she is a black woman and still Latina because she is from the Dominican republic. She does also look to be mixed with Indian also. Look at Camila Alves, she is a Black woman from Brazil-it’s possible to be Black and from a country besides America.

  5. The fact that her people are from the Dominican Republican doesn’t mean a lot because nationality isn’t a race. So it is obvious that she is a Black Dominican woman, black women live everywhere on earth. If she were from Britain she would be a black British woman, o.k?

  6. My name is Blue and always has been Blue since I joined this site. You on the other hand seem to need 3 different alias’ and you appear to be slow. Krista said that Keisha isn’t black and I said that she is. Why would I contradict myself?

    I never said that she wasn’t black or American because she IS!
    Her race is black, her nationality is American but she is from Dominican descent. It’s really not that hard to follow.

    I’m done now. Feel free to make up more names and post to yourself.

  7. Krista and Blue who are one of the same. Keisha is a Black American woman, her culture and her color no matter what you say.

  8. Well all the girls look alike.=D You can’t say they aren’t related…LOL And I agree glad they had a boy for Justin’s sake.

  9. Purple and Angela are you one and the same? You “two” seem to be obsessed with that latin website…

    Posting that her HUSBAND says that she is latina is nonsense? Qué? I said it once and I will say it again… being latina does not mean that you are not black. Her parents are from the Dominican Republic (it is no secret that Dominicans are in fact a black/native american mix) and when asked what their last trip was, Justin said that it was to the Dominican Republic to visit them. It’s not hard to look that up. Justin even said that his daughters are stong “latin woman.” Again, not hard to look up. If this man is lying about his wife being latina (again not saying that she isn’t black because she is), she needs to have a serious talk with him because when asked, this is his response.

  10. Those girls are adorable! The three youngest look like they’re ready to start their own alternative rock band.

  11. Yeah right. Keisha is Black and Indian and her culture is American where she was born and raised, so please, stop the nonsense and go back to lossip.

  12. Angela what is “lossip?” Like I said before, Justin referred to her and her sisters as LATINA (in an interview) and now that I think about it, he did it AGAIN on Rachel Ray’s Show.

    It is possible to be both latina and black and I believe that she is.

  13. The only thing Justine said was that his wife cooked a mean pot of Gumbo. She is indeed an African American and she describes herself that way. She is Latina in no shape or form so just deal with it and go back to Lossip.

  14. Though I’ve heard of a couple white southerners as the exception,you all know anyone named “Keisha” is usually black! But really, this is a beautiful fam,and I wouldn’t be surprised if the girls follow dad’s footsteps (acting).

  15. If she wasn’t black she wouldn’t be on this site.hmm but she pretty then kids kinda pale gosh

  16. Hmm…I guess we all heard differently lol. I read an article where Justin referred to her and her sisters as “Latina” (which doesn’t mean that she isn’t indeed black).

  17. Look at the little EMO girl with the hair in her face. My daughter leans towards that style and I hate it.

  18. If it wasn’t important you wouldn’t mention it and yes keisha is Black, she said that she was so why are you bothered by this. Oh, yeah, I read that article you’re talking about too and Justin never said that. Keisha has some Indian background as well.

  19. Hey, Not that it is important, but I remember that Justin mentioned that Kiesha wasn’t black. Also, his family is beautiful!

  20. I remember a pic from just like 2 years ago and they were so little…they grew up fast. Cute family…the parents seem to be okay with the girls expressing themselves creatively…which is cool because I didn’t have that privilege growing up.

    • Cute kids! Good thing they don’t look black. Why is it, you post children as black, when one parent is white and the other has white in her too. Racist. They look white to me, thank God.

      • Your comment is racist! It’s racist, ignorant and unnecessary!

        They are beautiful children because they just are! And their skin color,
        Whatever it is, is irrelevant!!

      • You racist Hefa!!!! They are still considered black and the white part of them makes them displeasing to look at.

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