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NBA player Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers, his wife Vanessa, and their daughters Natalia(b. January 19th, 2003) and Gianna(b. May 1, 2006) took a moment to take a photograph with renowned soccer player Marta Viera da Silva (L) on March 6, 2009.

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  1. i think that the people that compared kimorra kids and his was not a good thing both of his girls are cute and so are kimorras so just stop comparing you wouldnt want people comparing your kids like this love kobe and kimorra

  2. Well, well, it seems like everyone want’s to blame this rape thing on the girl. Well U know what if Kobe didn’t want her in his room then why did he let her in. I hate him for what he has done to his wife. Then he has the guts to blame it all on the girl. So what she has sex with other men. I’ll bet U Kobe has had sex with other women. Well we will never know until Vanessa decides to give up her lavish lifestyle and tell the truth. Get real here Vanessa is staying for the MONEY, which is the root of all evil.

  3. I heard the Kobe Bryant visit the city of Columbus Ohio with his wife Vanessa I never met him but I did hear he was a John P Kee who believes in cognitive therapy and hypnotic therapy which makes a rape victim forget they have been raped. I personally believe this method is forbidden.

    Donna Miller
    George Miller

    • My name is Selina Miller this statement is not to encourage
      cognitive therapy and the business line of John P Kee this
      agency has lost their license due to the malpractice and
      repeated rape of a victim which blocks their memory.

  4. @Pokie what do you mean “special”? If she has health issues/challenges then say so. Why would they deny that if she does? Her behavior shows she may have some issues, however, she may be able to overcome them as she matures.

  5. I hate KOBE because he is kinda dumb, but he didn’t rape that trifflin [girl]! The reason she had to drop the case is because they found several sperm secretions from different men, and even came to the conclusion through science that the spemrm came after Kobe’s!

    Meanwhile, a few days after the alleged rape, she was exposing her [self] to a crowd of partygoes in Calgary. How many rape victims have multiple partners after being raped and go partying like it’s nobody’s business?

    His daughter in the pink is special.. I hope she gets the help she needs. I hope they don’t deny she has a problem. The wife is pretty but she desperately needs a stylist and speech therapy for her vulgar mouth!

  6. Those kids are gonaa be tall as hell especially the little one, because I was so sure she was like 4 yr old only to find out she’s not even fully 3 yet. She’s probably gonna end up passing the older one like the way Aoki is about to pass Ming and the way Solange passed Beyonce

  7. @ LaKesha, don’t believe for one minute KOBE raped that woman. She had sex with several men leading up to KOBE, she was no good money looking from the start. And this is coming from a person who does not like KOBe. and his huge ego. But GOD brought him down off his high cloud with that sex charge. He still has a huge ego EASE GOD OUT

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