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“Not today.” That’s  what the looks on Johan and Henry ‘s faces seem to be saying.  “Not today, Paparazzi , and to whomever messes with us.” 

Model Heidi Klum took her three kids Johan,2, Henry,3, and Leni,4, along with her mother, a nanny, and a bodyguard, to a park  in Los Angeles, CA. The Project Runway mom had a  good time with her kids as they played on monkey bars and lots more.


Celebrity Kid Style:

Johan is wearing a $44 Paul Frank Youth Boys’ Julius Hoodie in Heather Grey, on sale for $39.90 at Oliebollen.com Click for more pictures

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  1. Hmm it appears like your blog ate my first comment (it was
    extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I wrote and
    say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still
    new to the whole thing. Do you have any tips and hints for inexperienced blog writers?
    I’d definitely appreciate it.

  2. @mrsmac i do understand wat u sayin and u are right, my daughter is mixed, she have beautiful hair, sometimes after i wash it i jus oil it, comb it an leave it out, it does look really nice (ppl can tell that its been combed) but the nex day or later on that night wen i come to comb it its painful for her because it has become dry and tangly which is why i find it easier for both of us to braid it in the first place to keep away the tangles, those boys look like they hair has not been combed that day at all they both have beautiful hair tho

  3. Its really sad that we (black people) still have this notion of good/bad hair. Does anyone ever wonder why we are the only ones who use the words “done” and “fixed” when it comes to our hair? It’s like we are taught that if our hair is not relaxed until every ounce of life is chemically burned out of it, or for a male – cut low enough to be almost non-existent, then its “undone” or “broken”. We teach our kids this early too, by confining our daughters hair in all kinds of braids, ponytails and other styles. Women of other races get their hair “styled” occasionally but never feel the pressure to go to these extremes to walk out of their door daily. I know sisters who don’t wash their hair for two weeks in a row, in order to preserve their “hair-do”, now in my book that’s a “hair-don’t”. Hygiene be damned, they have to keep the napps under control. Ladies, if its okay for any other race of people to wash their hair, run a comb through it and walk out of the door, then its okay for us too. We are just as beautiful and acceptable as any one, and in our natural state, Thank you! I wear my hair natural, don’t braid it, don’t twist it, don’t ponytail it or style it in any way. Wash, detangle, shake and go. If I have a special occasion, then I will have it styled. Let these little boys live, and learn to love yourself as you are.

  4. OMG they are soooooooo quite and please don’do it don’t cut the hair of the childrens!!!!!!!! Beceause that’s the way why tey are sooooooooooo quite!!!!!!!

  5. to lauren it is very difficult, u have to use hair oil or moisturiser u cannot do it without it will break the hair, and do it section by section an make sure u oil the scalp also the longer u leave it the worse it gets if u do it daily it not that bad. and don’t feel bad to ask advice if a child hair is oil regular the style don’t matter so much it will be healthy

  6. I like their hair. Why is it that everybody knows better than them. They are the children of Seal and Heidi. Besides I think they do take care of the childrens hair. If they would not it would look different. Also Heidi und Seal: Ihr macht das schon. Eure Kinder sehen süß aus.

  7. I’ve been a Henry fan for a long time, but that looks like it hurts! I may have to call child protective services!

  8. So what if Heidi’s boys have natural hair? It’s a free world! Johan looks better with it than Henry though. I am white, and I don’t get why all African-Americans want straight hair? I have wavy hair, and I don’t want straight hair. Why do I harldy ever see any African-Americans with natural hair?? Hmmm.

  9. Its funny how when a white woman has a biracial child people say, “she needs to learn how to do a black child’s hair,” but when a black woman has a biracial child, no one comments about it except “that child has good hair”! (Why is that, anyone?) Hell, I will vouch for you Heidi, combing mixed raced childrens hair is difficult!!! My daughter has hair like Johan…and I match headbands with her dresses. Don’t come down hard on me BCK readers, i’m open to advice =D

    Adorable Kiddies though

  10. You guys, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. People have different ideas about what looks good and what doesn’t. Why do so many people want Henry’s hair cut or braided? So what if it’s a little uneven, a little different from the neat, trimmed Caesar or fro? Nothing wrong with their hair, it sets them apart. Why do they have to look like every other little black boy out there, with neat lines? I think their hair looks fine as it is, personally- my only suggestion: oil it or moisturize it better. Especially Johan, his hair looks dry in these pics. But other than that, they should their children’s hair as they see fit. I think the kids are gorgeous.

  11. So I have always LOVED these two kids hair, but I think they both need moisturizers in their hair and Henry needs it trimmed down a little. LOL Oh yeah Henry always has the stank looking face.

  12. Really she can do whatever she want to with their hair, they are HER kids and she don’t have to cut it if she doesn’t want it cut. They are cute anyway….. Leave them alone.

  13. She doesn’t have to cut his hair. Heidi needs to learn how to take care of Black Hair. You don’t have to cut. Maybe she needs to read books on Black Haircare or perhaps ask some of her black girlfriends for some info. Why? He looks unkempt. He looks like he used homeless and is now receiving a hot meal. There’s no cutting required. All she needs to do is comb his hair and use hair moisturizer. If she wants to go the organic way, all she has to do is use olive oil. His hair will thank her and our eyes would thank her.

  14. thats ridiculous, no offence but i think most of us find time to do our kids hair before we leave the house in the morning i myself see it as standard.
    i kno some white mothers wid mixed kids find it hard to manage but then surely u wud either cut it or pay for someone to braid it for you?
    i take my daughter to the park and lots of other activities regularly and her hair is always done, as is mine, i could never have my hair lookin all nice an my daughter lookin all unkept i would feel ashamed i also do my stepsons hair regularly cos his mother can’t manage it
    its just something u do!
    on another note, some people like that half dreadlocked look maybe thats how they want it?
    but some oil might help the older one a bit

  15. I see a mom having a great time @ the park with her 3 kids, engaging and attending to them! How many people can say they do this on a regular basis? You know what? When they grow up, these will be their memories, this will help them to express themselves and be great children, students, and adults… They’re healthy, happy, and loved. Prioritize Parents! Perm or Park???? Hmmmm…

  16. These kids are so cute…I love the hair. To those who are commenting that the kids need to comb the hair because of their texture …LOVE YOURSELF.

  17. The kids are beautiful ,but i just wish they would get the babies some carols daughter hair creme or something. Look at Jada and Will Smith sons hair Jayden he wears his naturally but it always looks cute because they take care of it. Come on Heidi twist it,braid it,or something.

  18. @Nita, exactly, I didn’t say anything about good or bad hair. He has a different texture and it looks matted. It has nothing to do with being white,black,red or purple, because as we all know, all of our hair comes in different textures regardless of race.

  19. *eats my apple while laughing at the comments*. BCK, you already know me and Henry go way back but this time I don’t even need to take it there. I’ma just drop this off “shave it off and start fresh”

  20. I knew from way back it was not a good look and people were like they are babies leave them alone. Well it is only getting worse. There is nothing wrong with the texture but it nneds to be tended to with oil and a pic. They have the money. How long will they keep ignoring it. It isn’t white hair. Waking up and going won’t get it. Uggh! Fix it or cut it.

  21. Kandi,
    Who said anything about “good hair”? Their hair looks as though it’s not taken care of. That’s not okay regardless of texture. What’s wrong with oiling and combing hair? I went natural for a long time, but I took care of my hair…that’s the issue.

  22. All of Heidi’s children are beautiful. But I do feel bad about the boys hair. Notice how neat Heidi’s hair is…..
    But who knows.. maybe Henry REFUSES to get his hair done. I know when I do my daughters hair (who has hair like Henry & Johan) she is NOT a happy child. But I force her to let me do it.. lol


    They can be curled, twisted, braided or dreaded, but by not combing it, and leaving it tangled, the boys will never have appreciation for their afrocentri hair. When will people understand that curly hair doesn’t do well with the WIND! That includes the entire spectrum, even if your momma is white or Asian.

  24. Everybody’s idea of good hair is not the same. The older boy’s hair looks ridiculously unkept…needs oil, grease, or maybe even some Crisco….just not a good look. For goodness sake…what happened to cutting boys hair….the notty dreadlock look must be what they’re going for. And the younger son looks like a girl…imo,they need to leave the park and go straight to Pookie and nem and get their hair cut…..please hurry…the lines are long!

  25. Wow, you guys all sound like you’re reading right from the ‘I hate my own hair’ colonialist hand guide to oppressing black people and making them hate their hair. You guys are one step away from saying he needs a press and curl. lol. Leave the kid alone. European-approved floppy big curl hair is not the only kind that is good…just so you know…

  26. Maybe it’s a culture thing but I dont think their hair is cute…at all especially Henry’s! Atleast put some grease and comb it out and shape it up, something.

  27. Johan is so adorable. I do think it’s ridiculous though that they think because the kid is part black, he doesn’t need his hair combed. I’m sure they comb or brush the little girl’s hair.

  28. I don’t care who gets mad or who doesn’t like it but they need to cut or get Henry’s hair done. Henry has a tighter curl texture than Johan’s hair and needs to be done. Glad to see them out and having a nice time.

  29. Johan is so adorable! He looks just like Heidi. I used to wish they would tame the boys’ curls but now I think they will let them turn into dreadlocks! Very cute!

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