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Nicole and Sophia Richie, the daughters of legendary singer Lionel Richie, have been spending some quality time together of late. Just recently on March 7th, the sisters were in West Hollywood to promote House of Harlow of Kitson, a jewelry line named after Nicole’s daughter Harlow Madden.


Speaking of little Harlow, click to see a picture of Sophia and her niece Harlow…. 


13-month-old Harlow enjoyed some quality one on one time with her Aunt Sophia at a fair this year.


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  1. What is wrong with you naives and doubters that are making silly comments indicating that Richie’s children don’t look black? First of all, there is no ethnic group called Mexican. Most of the so called Mexicans are mixed people of Spanish and African, and Native Americans, in order to unite Mexicans and reduce psychological insecurity, they were instructed (brainwashed) not to discuss it but to identify Mexicans only, especially not identifying their African link as African were denigrated by the Europeans. Data has shown that 10% of the so called whites in America today can be classified as blacks according the definition of black in the United States; which means that their parent of grandparent passed as white due to intermixing and it was never discussed to avoid loosing white privileges accorded to the White in the United States. Because of this, generations have passed and some children were never told. I saw Mohamed Ali’s daughter in Florida, she looked white and when I saw her children, they looked as white as the whitest person any one can describe, though her husband is white. I will suggest to all the naïve whites to test their DNA because they may never know what they may find. The testing kit are allover the Internet.

  2. Sophie does look like Lionel.I for one am glad that people can see that you can look damn near white and actually be black.Maybe some of yall will back the hell off Michael Jackson and cut him a break,and give that man his rights back as a father.

  3. Sophie does look like Lionel.I for one am glad that people can see that you can look damn near white and actually be black.Maybe some of yall will back the hell of Michael Jackson and cut him a break,and give that man his rights back as a father.

  4. Rayne, Rayne…it’s pouring where am standing cause i don’t know where to begin with you. Are you aware that Sophia is Lionel richie’s biological daughter. Just because she doesn’t look black enough for you doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be featured on this site. I am appalled at your comment and can’t believe you could make such a statement. And fyi, BCK features any child of African descent; BCK doesn’t care how “black” they are.

    It’s pouring rain…. take care Rayne

  5. Neither Nicole nor Sophia look black, especially not Sophia. Why are they featured on this website? Simply because their adopted father is black, Lionel Richie?

    • @Rayne… actually Lionel Richie is half black half white and his biological daughter sophia’s mother is white so thats why she looks mostly white. because when a mixed person has kids with a white person their children mostly tend to look more white, idk why its just genetics. Also nicole richie’s father is half black half mexican and her mother is white that’s the reason she looks the way she does, kinda like with Mariah Carey

  6. Sophia’s hair might not be dyed. A lot of biracial and ‘ginger’ looking black people’s hair highlighs just like this from the sun. so dont be so quick to judge people…

  7. Is Shelia E’s mother related to Dr. Jeff Gardere, the famous psychologist/writer who frequents the talk shows? I saw a picture of Juanita Gardere once and she and Jeff look as though they could be related; cousins or something.

  8. When Nicole was expecting Harlow she felt a great need to reconnect with her biological mother, which she did and they now have a relationship which Brenda sanctions. But Nicole never voiced a need or desire to reconnect or develop any tyke of relationship with Michael whom she categorically denies is her birth father. I wonder why? Is it because she knows who her father really is? And she has stated it’s not him. If she has some Mexican ancestry why does she deny that. Michael’s mom, Juanita Gardere is Black. But who is Nicole’s mother? The public has been told that Nicole is adopted and the child of Lionel’s friends who could not care for her because they had drug problems. As far as a physical resemblance to Sheila E and Michael is concerned, that’s not too big a stretch because I have seen plenty of biracial people who are not related but they look as though they could be.

  9. Nicoles hair is not naturally that blond if you llok at old pictures from when she was a child you can tell that she has a little black in her

  10. Nicole looks nothing like LIONEL RICHIE – his bio daughter does though!

    Nicole Richie’s mother is light skin black and her father is part Mexican and black (with straight hair).
    Nicole has curly hair, but she keeps it straight and blond. Nicole looks EXACTLY like her paternal grandmother, same build and face.

    Little Harlow has curly hair because she got it from her mother.

    Lionel didn’t [ay anyone, Nicole looks just like the Escovedos..

    • Is Is Sophias hair naturally straight and blond or did Nicole take her to her own hairdresser? I cringe when I see these white people enjoying the wealth of this black man Lionel Richie when so many real black kids live in poverty Lionel Richie Quincy Jones and the others like them should be ashamed of themselves!!!

    • sophia has the strong square-jawed face of her mother she will probably not be a pretty woman but bleached blond hair and money can make up for a lot

  11. No one will really know the truth unless Nicole & Lionel & Michael reveal who is the actual dad. I know it’s none of my business but I am dying to know.

  12. michael is really her father and the reason she looks biracial like the siste is becuz her dad is black and mexican so th3res a mix but anyway they look happy 2 gether

  13. Why goes Nicole still insists that Michael is not her father and that she is not related to Sheila E? Nicole would still look biracial because Michael and Sheila E are part Black. There has to be a reason why she denies any kind of relationship with them.

  14. I don’t believe that Nicole is Lionel’s biological child. Look at a pic of Nicole’s bio dad and sheila E and compare it to Nicole. She looks just like them except she’s lighter.

  15. It’s possible that Brenda didn’t know the truth for many years. By then she would have bonded with Nicole. Lying Lionel didn’t want to lose his goody-goody public image and half of his fortune. Rich people are weird anyway so who knows what compromise they came to.

  16. No wonder Nicole was unhappy. You can have everything you wish for and still be unhappy considering your family circumstances. I bet Nicole has witnessed a lot of drama in her life and I am happy that she has turned her life around. Parents can really screw their kids up.

  17. @ Queenie: That’s interesting but why in the world would Brenda be willing to raise Nicole as her own? You’d think that every time she looked at the child she would be reminded of her husband’s affair. From all accounts Brenda and Nicole are very close, like best friends. Stranger things have happened though.

    Anyway I forgot to say in my first post that Harlow is so cute. She’s looking more girly and more like the Richies.

  18. Nicole is turning Sophia into her running buddy the way Paris was. I’m surprised that Sophia’s mom allows her daughter to associate with Nicole considering the bad feelings between them. Perhaps they have buried the hatchet, I hope so for Sophia’s sake. I hope Nicole writes a book too and spills the beans.

  19. That’s true! She frequently says that she knows her father and that she has known him all of her life. Hint, hint. Did Brenda forgive Lionel’s first affair? Hmmm, his second affair with Sophia’s mother she did not forgive and to this day Nicole dislike’s Lionel’s second, ex-wife, although she adores her half-sister(?) Sophia. I am inclined to think that she loves Sophia because blood is thicker than water. Has anyone ever seen a picture of Nicole’s mom? I have often wondered what she looked like.

  20. I truly believe that Lionel has been fooling the world all these many years. I truly believe that Nicole is his natural daughter and he paid his good friend, Michael Pete Escovedo, to claim paternity. He also paid off Nicole’s biological mother. Michael is part Black(his mother) although his dad is Mexican. So he thought he could get away with it. This rumor has been swirling around California for years. Rememeber say, ten-13 years ago when Brenda threatened to write a book about this entire sordid mess but Lionel’s lawyers got to her first. Many people have said that Michael is Nicole’s dad, however, Nicole adamantly states that Michael is not her biological father regardless of what is written on her birth certificate. I hope she writes a book about this because she obviously knows the truth now. No wonder she had so many emotional problems to deal with.

  21. Funny how they kind of look alike even though Nicole is adopted. Are we sure Lionel isn’t her biological dad? lol

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