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justinesimmons1Reality television star Justine Simmons , wife of hip-hop pioneer Rev. Run, is not only a mother but also an entrepreneur. In the interview below, Justine talks about her blended family, being a mom after 40, and much more. 

On the biggest misconception about her
People think my mothering skills seem easy but before I met my husband I was the total opposite of wanting to be a mom. I wanted to make money, have a nice car and go dancing. The change surprised me. It was God.

On dealing with a man with children and ex-spouses 
I pray that everyone in a situation where your man has children realizes not to take what the ex-spouse did or is doing out on the children. The kids don’t want to be in that situation. They would rather have their mom and dad together but they have to roll with it. Be kind and understanding. Put yourself in their situation. Then ask yourself, how would you want them to treat your child. I give a lot of credit to Ms. Valerie (Run’s first wife) because children only do what they hear and the children were never mean or rude to me. I just opened my arms and gave them love. 
On the tougher moments of parenting 
When my oldest girls left for LA I got really depressed. My children had become my life. They say you must have balance but I didn’t take time for me. I really didn’t do me! So when they left I was empty. My husband always said, “at the end of the day it’s just you and me.”

On First Lady Michelle Obama 
What I love about Michelle Obama is that although she is the First Lady, we see mother. We don’t see that spirit of we have to disown our kids as if people will think less of us as business women. I remember watching television perhaps during the Democratic National Convention and there was an image of one of the girls resting on their mothers’ lap at this very important event. Another person might of said, “Sit up straight. Don’t lie down like that here.” But she didn’t. You see her strength in her boldness and her quiet. 

On mommyhood after 40

I’m much more tired. I don’t have as much stamina. My husband reminds me that’s why God said don’t have them after 40–because they go, go, go! But Miley is doing her thing, growing up so fast and I’m loving it. 

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  1. Babies don’t need to be able to read, they have plenty of time for that later. Nothing wrong with letting a baby be a baby.

  2. I second Justine’s vote on “Your Baby Can Read!” My son will be two this month and has been watching the videos since he was a couple months old. He read his first word at 9 months old, knows the alphabet, colors, speaks in full sentences, can count to 10 in English and Spanish, etc. I definitely credit the program to his development.

  3. glad to see her looking GOOD!! she usually looks ROUGGHHH on their reality show. I was SOOO disappointed in Daddy’s Girls it was like 3 episodes!! but yeah God bless her and her family! :)

  4. for real, evry parent shud take a look at this “my baby can read” i never heard of it before either i’m from the uk an they don’t even ship here, wat a shame. anyone who can, shud make the most of this programme.

  5. KSA: Any baby products you want to tell other moms about?
    JS: I would love every mom to know about the Your Baby Can Read program (http://www.yourbabycan.com/ ) based on the research of Dr. Robert C. Titzer, Ph.D. My daughter Miley is 16 months old and reading words! As young mothers we don’t always know all that is out there to help our children thrive, so all our kids do is want to dance or other things that don’t necessarily help them get ahead in the world. When Miley goes into her room she wants books not toys. If every mom could get this for their kids and give them that strong foundation for reading and learning, our kids will be out of this world.

    Wow BCK, since you didn’t post this very important part of the interview I think I will. I have never heard about this program and may not have if I had not read the full interview.

    When Run’s House first came on, for the longest time I didn’t know that Justine wasn’t the oldest three’s biological mom. I grew up with a stepmother and she did not treat us the same at all. There was no love coming from this woman or her and my dad’s house. On the flip side of that, my bio mom has 3 step children that she has tried to reach out to, and all but one has accepted her. Her mother does everything in her power to make sure that she doesn’t have a relationship with her dad and my mom (her step-mom) despite the many things they have done for this girl. She drives hate into the equation and it’s really sad. My stepfather on the other hand is a wonderful father to me and my siblings and doesn’t treat us differently than his own children. But anyway, having said all that, when I found out that Justine wasn’t the oldest three’s bio mom, my respect for her soared. I really didn’t see a difference in the way she treated her bio kids and her step-children. Love That! It is not easy to do that but it takes cooperation from all involved, both the bio parents, the step-parent, and the children. I think a lot of step-parents can take a page out of the book of Justine and Ms. Valerie as well as Jada Pinkett-Smith and her step-son’s mother. If a blended family is what you find yourself in, this is the way it’s suppose to be. I think you will find much healthier adults (and an much healthier family overall) after they have grown. Much respect to this lady and I love her family. Great depiction of a REAL black family.

    • Well, I have been a stepmother and in this child life since she was two years old ( she is now 16 years old). When I first seen Run’s house I was in awe at the relationship Justin has with the three children from the previous relationship because in my house it is totally different. I agree in order to have a healthy relationship with the step children all parties involved with this child have to be willinig and invested to make that work. In my situation, the mother and her family have a strong influence on the child that has impacted our relationship negatively. I feel like at this point, I have to take care of myself so I try to say least as possible to this child and take a stand back roll. I know it is not the child’s fault that they are in this situation but at what point do they take responsibility for their rudeness and ignorance towards the stepmother. I will never do the step parent thing again because I can not control what is planted in someone’s head about me, I can only control my behavior but it gets to be really hard. I do no like the drama in my home.

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