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A pregnant Nicole Richie attended the “What Comes Around Goes Around” Fall 2009 Collection Launch at Space 15 Twenty on March 18, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. Although the mom-to-be has been described by her father Lionel Richie as being the “Perfect mom”, Nicole says she is “not perfect” but that “I feel changed in the sense that I’m older and any woman who’s a mother obviously experiences change.”(source)


BCK Says: What do you think? Has Nicole come a long way?

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  1. nicole ritchie herself has said that she is black latino, being that her father who was in lionel richie’s band is the brother of sheila e. (escovedo) who is also her biological aunt. sheila e. is a black latina.

  2. Who cares it is not fair that mix race people should marry blacks. Why do there have to choose? I am having a mix baby and likely he will marry white because i did not grow up around blacks and i live around all whites. I know my history and our amazing culture. people who say i am not black that act white and what is acting white means.. I am Haitian i know my history and more then most Haitian do and there were raised by there parents. Anyways my point is who cares negro Americans are harsh just because your mix with black does not mean your black look at the Latin countries there embrace there roots instead of choosing.

  3. How many times has she been featured for someone to say… ‘why is she on here’. It’s not your site and if you don’t like it, you can jog on isn’t it.
    Sheesh, well she’s come a long way from the Simple Life Days and it’s good to see her matured and not with Paris Hilton. Joel as the best damn thing to happen to her.

  4. Who really cares what races she is made up of. Does the fact that she has a few more drops of black blood make her more “acceptable” on black forums?. When her child looks at her, when her man sees her all they see is someone they love. Whatever, wherever she came from, she’s here. And she ‘aint going nowhere.

  5. The troll is always in full force when talking about Black/biracial celeb’s. One would think a Nuyorican would know better. Your negative obsession with African Americans need to stop. Get Yo Life together Chance.

  6. Socializing with people other than black = denying her blackness? Seriously, I have heard her self-identify as black on more than one occasion, she does more community service for blacks than most black people, and she frequents the major black-centric in Hollywood. Please get off your high horse. Being black is not about who you love or who your friends are. Instead of stripping her of her “blacknees,” why don’t you folk go to an urban after-school program and volunteer. That will show me how black you are.

  7. Oh my badness!!People stop fricken complaining who the site shows!! It has been said Nicole is partial Black, so therefore she should be on the site.Whether it’s true or not WE, THE PUBLIC do not know.

    *Here is the copyright :2009 BLACKCELEBRITYKIDS- Black Celebrity Kids,babies,and their Parents

    It says Black Celebrity kids, babies & THEIR PARENTS. It doesn’t say that the child has to be “full” Black, and it doesn’t say the parents have to be Black. It just says the children’s parents whether they’re biological, adoptive or step have to be celebs & the children at least be some percent of African American, Carribean, African(whole damn continent) and even Afro-Latino(if BCK considers them counted)descent.

    Okay that’s all. Oh yeah pregnancy suits here.

  8. Who is Nicole’s mother? Anybody know? Anybody? I sure would like to know. Few years back when Wanye Brady tried to foster a reunion with Sheila E and the rest of her family, Nicole refused to play along citing Sheila E’s brother wasn’t her real father. She is friends with Sheila E though. So even with the Escovedo name on her birth certificate that still makes her biracial(black & Mexican).

  9. The man who is supposedly her biological father is half black & half Mexican, though Nicole describes herself as black. However, she is technically biracial. She is no more hispanic than she is black so if Michael is her father she is only 25% Mexican as well. I’m sure everybody knows this by now even if they don’t want to admit it. She certainly tries to wipe the Mexican side out by not accepting it at all if Michael is indeed her father.

  10. @Tobehonest

    Rumor has it that her biological father is biracial (African American and Hispanic)…making her 25% African American.

    And from what I’m reading on these posts, it’s also rumored that Lionel Richie is her true father but passed her off as his friend’s in order to cover up his love child (Nicole)…so if that’s true, then she is of African American decent through him.

    It is ALSO rumored that she claimed to be African-American on an episode of The Simple Life during a camp retreat…you can probably youtube that.

    Either way, who knows and who cares. As we can see, she’s is multiracial but uniquely human.

  11. tobehonest–I think she is half latino and half black. One of her parents was lionel richie’s band members.

  12. She’s techniquely not even black. She was just adopted by a black parents. (Lionel Richie and his then wife). Her birth name was Nicole Camille Escovedo. She is actually latino. Why is she on this website?

  13. Sukei I’m one that speaks my mind also but I don’t agree. I like Nicole but what I see with Nicole is she choose to socialize with her white side more verses her black side & that’s fine (her choice). It’s also her choice who she falls in love with. I really believe that’s why she lost all her weight & changed her style, so that she would “fit in” more. Her new look is more mature though. This is cute, glowing picture of her.

  14. Nicole looks amazing. I would hardly call her huge though… maybe late first, early second trimester. She’s made a 180 though, motherhood sure will do that!

  15. sukei…I disagree with you. You are who you are. She can’t help being born od mixed race. If she fell in love with someone who happens to be white, what’s wrong with that. I’m happy for her. She seems nice. I’m glad she isn’t really close to Paris anymore & got her life together.

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