Knicks Curry New York Knicks player Eddy Curry has gotten custody of his 3-year-old son Noah Curry, but not without a fight from the boy’s grandmother.

Yolan Henry, Noah’s grandmother, fought hard to keep her grandson and almost didn’t turn the young boy over to his father per the Judge’s order. She explained to reporters last week Thursday, “I have spent the last few months trying to help my grandson adjust to life without his mother, Nova Henry, and baby sister, Ava. Noah clings to me every moment of the day and cries when I am not in his sight.”

Yolan says she plans to appeal the court-ordered decision because “[Noah]  has seen his father twice his entire life …”  She adds, “They never knew my granddaughter and since she’s been dead, [Eddy and his family] haven’t seemed to care.”

Henry has had custody of the toddler since her daughter and infant granddaughter were murdered in their Chicago home in January.





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  1. The mother wanted the children with Eddy (for whatever reason). She must have felt on some level that he would care for her children.
    Situations like these are very sad, but it wasn’t Eddy that threw this child’s life into a state of chaos. It was some lunatic murderer! In any case, the child needs to be settled somewhere quickly and it sounds like the Currys are prepped to step up.

  2. I’m sad the little boy was taken from the the only family he really knew and loved. I know he is so confused and sad. I feel better that he is with Eddie’s mother rather than the wife. Hopefully she is a reasonable woman, and will work with the other grandmom as far as visitation issues.

  3. I hope Eddie Curry will let that child see his grandmother, He will regret it if he don’t. She is a part of his Mother and he will want to know his Mother’s side of the family. This is so sad, His sister and Mother murdered, Yeah, I know he dumped this little boy on his Mother, fast forward 20 years and I wanna read what happened to this child in his childhood, and what kind of relationship he had with his Father. Also the GrandMother should have GrandParents rights under the law, to see him.

  4. Well, Nova and Eddy signed documents in both paternity cases stating that the kids would go to him, if something happened to her.

    That’s why Nova’s mom did not have a chance of getting custody, due to signed documents.

    What has not been put out there in the media, is that Noah went to Eddy’s mother, NOT EDDY. This child went to a stranger, because pops did not want to pay support. When Noah got transferred, Eddy was already back in New York living his life. He could care less, as long as he doesn’t have to take care of him!

    Remember, he is the man who stopped all child support the day after the murders. He didn’t give a shyt if Noah was eating, had clothes etc.

    That shows you that anybody can make babies, it takes a real man to step up and do the right thing.

  5. Can his stepmother love him as much as his grandmother because that’s who essentially will be raising him.

    This man is the NBA –he will BARELY be with this young boy throughout the year.

    I think it’s pretty screwed up for the courts to take him from his grandmother but it was to be expected. If one parent dies, of course the other parent will be granted full custody. As we all know, tho, the courts aren’t always right.

    The father should feel BAD about taking him from his grandmother. It’s not like he was actively involved in his life before, or at least not enough based on the distance and the fact that the child is a product of the other woman.


  6. I agree with Lauren & Katrina 100%
    Uprooting a child from a stable environment most familiar to him can cause some major emotional scarring. Fortunately, because he IS such a young child, he has resilience, and with time, can heal. Its an ageless argument whether the best interest of the child is to be with a family member or the remaining living parent. I hope Eddie’s motives are pure and that he and the child’s maternal grandmother remain civil for the boys sake.

  7. I’m with you, Realist. I wonder how the wife feels about this. I hope they’ll give Noah lots of love and help him to transition and grieve.

  8. I don’t understand why the judge would make that decision. There has to be more to this story. I hope there’s more to this story. My heart goes out to that little boy. This is definitely a tragic situation. This is a reminder that we need to get our affairs in order while we’re alive.

  9. What an unfortunate situation. The grandmother is all this little boy knows and now she’s forced by court order to hand him over to the remaining living biological parent? I hope Eddie sincerely wants to play the role of father and also allow his son’s maternal grandmother to see him whenever she wants.

  10. I thinks it good that he has custody of his son. It will teach him responsibility and he needs to be involved in his childs life more.

  11. This story is old, and I know the parties involved and Noah will be just fine. There will be no appeal.

    Leave them alone, and let them heal.

  12. he never claimed the girl and barely saw his son yet the court felt it was better for the boy to live with him. taking him from the only home he really has ever known. nice. while this man has fathered 2 kids outside his marriage and has a legal case against him saying he sexual harrassed his driver.. nice. way to go legal system. i know a few fathers that need to have custody of their kids but he doesnt fit the mold.

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