Legendary NBA player, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, is pictured with with his son EJ,17, his wife, Cookie Johnson, and their daughter Elisa Johnson,14, at the Introduction of CJ Denim By Cookie Johnson at Nordstrom on March 28, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. Magic also has an older son in his 20’s named Andre Johnson.

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  1. Cookie & Magic , it’s so nice to she how grew up !!! the last time i saw u guy’s together was 1979 when magic u came to the townhouse in encino cali newcastle st. it’s been a long time … i think u even took the bus there … and i gave the key’s to my new ride … boy you came a long way but please get out alittle more i love hearing about all that good press use’s get , give us more ; Lv & Life … kenn…

  2. hello magic and cookie you all a beautiful family well i wish you all the best which i know you all are happy but i happen to be a single parent it is very hard for me i have writen magig a couple of times for help but didnt get it but i am still one of his biggest fans me and my mom and five kids we live in mississip[pi right now but we use to live about six miles from the forum well by by

  3. family man? he has a older daughter from when he was a teenager that he has nothing to do with despite her attempts to have a relationship with him.

    • Deschl’s Comments were Stupid , First his oldest (Daughter and Son )Children Help run his Multi-Million Dollar Corporation also he has no trace of Hiv in his system he had the money to spend on all the latest treatment at the time to keep it In check , thats how he was able to come back out of retirement the NBA would not have let him come back

    • Deschi,

      I thought i was the only one who remebered his eldest daughter. I am a fan of Magic on the court, but it doesnt erase the fact that he had a daughter when he was a teeneager that he has never been a father to finacially or otherwise. I still have an article from years ago, where he attended an event at his daughter’s school and she cried because he didnt’t acknowledge her as his child. Your comments are anything from stupid. You simply stated a fact that many people don’t know. I have tried my best to research this child on line, and when you google his children she seems to have never existed. I applaud the mother of his eldest child, because she raised her daughter, and did not use the media to bring shame to Magic, or unneeded pressure on her child. She loved her daughter enough to let Magic have to live with his decision not to be a father. It was said at the time that he was encouraged by coaches and others in his basketball life to leave this young lady and his daughter behind, because they would interfere with his career.

  4. Lovely family. But I’m mad with Magic Johnson. His partnership with Jackson Hewitt, and his recent partnership with RentACenter, have really disappointed me. Both are no good for the community, which is a complete contradiction to what I thought Magic stood for. He seems to be willing to partner with whoever pays and will put his face all over the place. Maybe the economy is getting to him and he needs the money or maybe he misses the fame? I can’t help to wonder why companies still go to him for endorsements–he’s over exposed, partnering with Best Buy one day, and RentACenter the next, Washington Mutual one day, then Jackson Hewitt, Abbott one day, then Aetna the next. From what I’ve heard, Magic Johnson ultimately does what he wants to do, regardless of his advisors and regardless of what it might mean to his reputation, so for me, the buck stops with him. I hope he will take responsibility for these bad business decisions and bring the Magic back.

  5. PEOPLE, pleeeze get your facts straight!!! Magic contracted the disease almost 15-20 years ago. At that time, he could afford the drugs where alot of insurance companies weren’t covering the drugs because they were so expensive so only the wealthy could afford them. So the drugs coupled with the fact that he was healthy and in shape,worked out routinely and had the best doctors he could afford helped him fight the disease and that’s probably why he’s still alive today. Please research and educated yourself on HIV.

  6. Lovely family…their son is his twin (big boy) & Cookie is a pretty lady. I think in these cases the women don’t contract the disease because they weren’t having sex with them anyway (on the road all the time). Look at Easy E & his wife. She held the wife title but others held the “position”. I tell you money makes some woman put up with a lot.

    • Their other son, Andre, is even cuter. I just saw him on TV One Access, today, 29 Dec 2010, Channel 328 in New Jersey.

  7. Love her man..haha she love them millions. I mean if you can forgive a man who cheated and got AIDS or HIV watever..you a stronnggg women

    • @dulcedaisy she didnt have to stay with him for money. she was gonna get paid big time anyway because he cheated, and if they live in california she’s entitled to half his money already. so i believe she stayed because she loves him!!!

  8. I might sound stupid but um does he have HIV if so does his children have it? My mother always told me there is nothing like a stupid question.

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