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Pop star Madonna and her entire family are in Malawi while she finalizes her plans to adopt a Malawian girl named Mercy James. Meanwhile, the singer took her son David Banda-Ritchie,3, to visit his biological father Yohane Banda (L) on Monday. Upon meeting his biological father for the first time since being adopted in 2006, David did not recognize his dad.

Yohane recounts his visit with his son David Banda-Ritchie, as reported by the DailyMail:

‘He asked me whether I ride horses,’ Mr Banda said . ‘I told him horses are for the rich and he asked me why I am poor. He told me his mum likes riding horses and that he too rides horses.’

But the peasant farmer, who gave David up for adoption when his wife died weeks after childbirth, revealed his son did not recognise him.

‘He asked me who I was,’ Yohane said after the scheduled meeting.

‘When I told him “I am your daddy” he looked surprised.

‘It’s amazing how David has grown; I can’t believe he is the same small and sickly baby we left at Home of Hope.

‘He seems to be a polite boy for he asked if he could sit on my lap. Then he started playing with my nose; I don’t know why.

‘He is quite chatty and intelligent. He asked me lots of questions about lots of things.

‘He told me a story when one day he and his brother, Rocco, rode horses and fell. He told me his mum spanked him because they are not supposed to ride horses on their own.’


Yohane [also] revealed how David spoke warmly of his adoptive parents.

‘He told me his mum plays music and asked me what I do for life,’ he said.

‘I told him I was a farmer. He asked what a farmer does and I explained to him that we use hoes to till the land.

Yohane adds, ‘I sometimes shudder to think that David could also have met the same fate had Madonna not adopted him. I am really grateful to her for saving David from possible early death.’

Madonna and her two other children Rocco, 8, and Lourdes, 12, also met briefly with Yohane.

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  1. I hope she gets the little girl. As black people we should be supportive you know how hard it is for black kids to get adopted? I am not talking about mix kids there get adopted asap. Anyways my point is i am so happy when people are adopting black kids and those who get a home are better then being left in an orphanage. I myself was adopted i am so glad that maybe china will not be the top adoption place but Haiti my home country or any countries in africa. We need love and feel like were wanted. I have no idea why people adopt from china and that country is not poor.

  2. i think is a verry good thing what madonna did becose its good that he know who is father is and what hi looks like i hope she will bring him offen to him so that hi will not forgette what his bagground is

  3. I believe the only reason this little meet and greet was set up was for Madonna to smooth the path to adopt Mercy (which has been cleared). She would have let David call that man anything to ensure that she would be allowed to adopt the other child.

  4. 1.)I was a bit judgmental in my first post so I guess I should try to see both sides and give Madonna the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she just couldn’t put it off any longer. We don’t know the condition of this man or his health. Perhaps Madonna feels like David may never get the chance to meet his birthfather ever again in life. TRUE. People are here today, gone tomorrow. Maybe documenting the event with a photo is the only way David will remember the moment since he is such a young boy right now. IDK.

    2.)Globe-trotting Brad and Angie have 6 kids and they do their OWN co-parenting. Major respect to the two of them for juggling high profile acting careers and their ethnically and culturally diverse bambinos are always in the care of one parent or the other! Correct me if I’m wrong but I never seen a nanny. There is nothing wrong with having a nanny because us “regular” people have babysitters but when it comes down to it, its all about who is spending the most time with the child.

    3.)Even still, I am continually baffled by the need to ONLY go overseas to adopt a less fortunate child. The amount of children in the United States currently living in poverty is heart wrenching. Not every child in our country has healthcare, parents, clothing, or an adequate education to build upon. I am firm believer in starting in one’s backyard before fixing another’s. I have soo many thoughts about international adoption–can’t you tell? :)

  5. I choose not to be judgmental… he is not MY son.. he is Madonna’s. consider the fact that she doesn’t travel to his country that often and what if the chance for him to ever meet face to face with his biological father is forever taken away. he may not be old enough to get it now.. but there are pictures. it is documented. hope all is well when he gets old enough.

  6. I’m tired of everyone saying black babies are not accessories. Clearly only the people saying this believe that. Why are mad at madonna for doing what so many of us don’t do for our own people. Would it matter if I was a poor white person that adopted him would it be an issue. If I had the resources to adopt I would regardless of race because I know several children from different countries who were adopted and are healthy and happy. Many of don’t care about an issue until it involves a celebrity and it’s only to criticize. Madonna and any other celebrity is not only what they do or what the own they are people too

  7. Isn’t Guy Richie his “father”? The poor kid is gonna be confused. Oh well at least they can see each other.

  8. I’m straddling the fence a little on this one…I think its cool she saved his life so to speak yada yada yada…but normally when a child is adopted the biological parents aren’t in the child’s life at all…why she felt the need to introduce his biological father to him at such a young age is quite the mystery to me…like I said all of the adopted kids I no (my boss’ mom adopted 7 children)didn’t even consider getting in touch with their moms until around 10 or 11…but that’s either here nor there…Madonna should stop with this “rich white lady adopting poor black African baby”thing its not her place…

  9. Being an adopted child I love when celebrities and regular folk of ANY race adopt a child of ANY race. However, there is just something about this particular situation ad family that irks me and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

    Even if these children are always with the nannies,trust me, there is no situation worse than foster care. What do you think happens when they reach 18 –park bench. So based on what my friends and I have experienced, I don’t care if she bought him as an accessory, he is better off.

  10. this warms my heart. regardless. he may get to see his dad now but he may not in 10 years when it really counts (which is why is he has guy as his dad)cuz the bio dad is poor and isn’t even sure of his own future. so sure he can feel free to take all the pics now and and cozy up. whos know this mya be lasy time he seems him due to circumstances. sad but something great has come from it. let the woman continue to adopt if she wants. geez!

  11. well to me i am glad she adopted. i amend those who do and from the father’s persceptive david is well manner and smart which mean someone is doing a good job. i think madonnna should of told david about his dad and how he got here. he needs to know about his culture, family, and heritage. im glad he met his dad although he dont know him he has plenty of years too. we need to look at the positive.

  12. I think it is beautiful that Madonna let David see his Real DAd. That tells me she is not selfish. He should know his history and where he came from. That’s the biggest smile I have ever seen on David’s face for someone he did not know. His Dad/

  13. hello there are thousands of kids that need adopting in the USA madonna is a media wh0re. In a few years when madonna is tired of the new kids she will go out an adopt another one.

  14. If I were Madonna, I wouldn’t want him to meet his biological father, at least not now. He’s MY baby. I’m surprised she did that. And then when he came with “I am your daddy,” You are not his daddy anymore.

    He did mention something that I found might say that Madonna doesn’t keep him around enough Black people. Mr. Banda said he played with his nose. To me that felt like David doesn’t see anyone with that kind of nose, therefore it was interesting to him. Maybe she should have play dates with more Black families. Just so he won’t think that being Black is some kind of anomaly.

  15. Something about this bothers my spirit…I appreciate tha the bio dad was ok with the adoption…buuuut…has she not shown him pics of the man, talked to him about his heritage…I’m erked. I’m not into this “black babies are the new accessorie” fad….

    Although I’m sure she loves the David…it feels sooo “extra” to me…

  16. Honestly, was this the right time? Is this the right setting (with media and photos?) Is meeting his birth father at 3 years old really going to make a difference in little David’s life? I feel like Madonna is exploiting something so personal, not to mention this child is too young to understand the concept of biological and adoptive parents. He’s not to the age where he can ask his biological parents, “Why did you give me up,” or say, “Hey, thanks for giving me a better life!”

    Im over celebrities in general with their Savior syndrome.

  17. I so love Madonna adopting from Malawi! Thank you Madonna for stepping up to the plate. I get so disgusted when I hear people saying dumb things about her adopting! I don’t care if she actually hands hard cash over for a kid, at least the child is getting a good home. Go to youtube and watch her documentary on Malawi called “I am because we are”! On one part she tells how she came accross David, how a 9 year old girl who was HIV positive was in charge of taking care of him and 2 other babies. And how when she went back for the second time, he was close to death! But then again, I guess people would rather see kids get pulled in the bush and assulted and have their genitals cut off like a 4 year old boy in the film or turned into a child soldier than with Madonna. Yeah, that would be a better life for them. Stop criticizing and help find a solution so people don’t have to give their kids up.

    • I am actually happy that she adopted David. I feel really sorry that his mother died and that his father is poor but at least Madonna came along and gave him a home. He is really lucky he has another person that can take care of him when no one could. I just wish his mother was still alive so that she watch how his son is doing.

  18. Which one of them called the media to get these photos? I would have thought that this was something private meant to be kept bewteen David, Madonna and Yohane. I don’t see how Madonna can keep screaming for everyone to mind their business when she keeps putting it out there. Could this have been to get some good publicity since only negative things have been printed about her lately?

  19. Madonna has saved this child’s life, she has to be given that credit. And IMO, Guy Ritchie is David’s father. I don’t agree with him being told that this man is his father. This man is Mr. Banda.

  20. I don’t know why they feel the need to confuse this child. Either inform him he has a biological father in Africa and put a photo in his room and than have him meet the man, but not let him forget him and than suddenly meet him, declaring I’m your father. That must be so confusing and can’s be healthy for him.

    I think this man has wrong priorities, blabbing to the press every chance he gets. He needs to keep private things private. Apparently he was too poor to raise David, but not too poor to have another child!

  21. To think children changed Madonna…this is not the first time I’ve heard people say her children are well mannered and well spoken…commendable

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