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NBA player Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers gave his daughter Gianna (b. May 1, 2006) a kiss following the game with the Memphis Grizzlies on April 12, 2009. Now where have we seen that trademark kiss? Let’s take a look shall we?


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  1. There is nothing wrong with kissing your child on the lips. People that have a problem with that have their own sexual issues. I kiss my 4y.o. daughter on the lips all the time. Puhleeze! Don’t make an issue where there is none.

  2. Not for nothing, but I don’t kiss my son on the lips and don’t allow him to kiss me on the lips either. In my opinion there are some things you just don’t do……….

  3. @Karmettya,BCK let’s you express yourself on this website and we can say what we feel. IF you are his cousin, What we have to say is nothing compared to your cousin and his behavior. Talk to him.

  4. I would appreciate it if yall did not say thing about my cousin and the way that he chooses to express his feelings about his daughter Gianna

  5. Well we won’t harm the baby, after all he didn’t buy the jersey f9r himself. lol But his Mama? She knows what she was doing so I can’t promise. ha. Good going back and forth with you. I’ll look for you in the “Kobe and his girls at the Lakers victory parade” post. It should be up about mid-June. lol Take care.

  6. Okay, Chris, I think we can call it a Truce , but I will check back on the site often and look for you when Kobe retires and moves on. I will be back on the Lakers bandwagon win or lose. Unless they bring La Bron James to the team. Also, if the Lakers don’t win the Championship this year, I will be looking for you to rub it in. But I think yall got a go chance from what I see, Anything can happen.
    Now you Laker fans would not harm me if I have my Boston Jersey on and my little 3 year old son has his on too will ya?

  7. Midnite – I can only imagine what your house was like during the Finals. Luckily my hubby roots for the Lakers as hard as me. :) Kobe has his faults, I know that. But I think he’s really changed for the better and he’s really focused now on the team winning and that’s all I care about. Your husband sounds like a good man, but to even go into a store and purchase a Celtics jersey? omg! I’ma have to kick him out the Laker club too. lol And you can wear your KG jersey in LA, but at your own risk. Maybe carry a jacket or something with you just in case you start a riot. I’m looking out for you girl. You’ve been warned. lol

  8. Oh Yeah @ Christina you would pick another person’s team I don’t care for Great Player, but don’t like him from what I see on the outside looking in. La Bron James.

  9. @ Christina, You Laker fans are a trip, would you believe my husband is and has been a Laker fan since he was a kid, Therefore you could only imagine what my household was like when BOSTON spank that butt in the Finals. my poor little son wanted to be a Laker fan for Dad and a Boston Fan for Mom. And guess what my son like that Kobe Bryant, and I will not deny him that. It’s like him marrying a woman when he gets older that Mom does not like. I will fake it. And support him. As for the Blasphemy I will repent when Kobe in no longer a Laker and come back. The GOD I serve forgives me. lol. Oh by the way my husband loves me so much, He bought me and my son a Kevin Garnett Jersey for xms. But I assure you he did not buy one for himself. You think I will be safe when I go to L.A, and where it in May. I can’t wait.

  10. Midnite – A true Laker fan, even a former one, could NEVER (and I can’t stress the “never” hard enough) root for Boston. EVER. That’s just blasphemy. lol If you hate Kobe more than the Celtics, I have no more words for you. So please stay over there on the outside looking in and go hop on Cleveland’s bandwagon this year. I’m sure they have room.

  11. @Christina Sorry That’s why I love America, I can change my mind, And have the freedom to be a bandwagoner fan, So I will be back. Since I played basketball in college. Only a hater will not admit he is a great basketball player, BASKETBALL PLAYER. I have never been a Boston Celtic fan, but my house was divided last year, I was on the Boston bandwagon, I just wanted them to beat the Lakers.
    This year I am a little worried because I don;t think they can stop that don Kobe Bryant this year. I guess me and Shaq will have to get over it.

  12. Midnite- being a daddy’s girl has nothing to do with the way you were RAISED. I am a daddy’s girl too and I still peck my father on the lips as well as my mother and my grandmother and my uncle etc etc lol- it’s the norm for MY (keyword: my) family.

  13. Midnite, no need to be sorry for me sweetie. I LOVE my Lakers, every one of them. Been a Lakers fan long before Kobe and will be one long after he retires. We Lakers fans are blessed to have Kobe on our team and relish the fact that we’re witnessing a legend in the making. I’ll be able to tell my grandkids I saw one of the best that ever played. Oh and please, don’t come back once he’s gone, we don’t need any bandwagoners. ha GO LAKERS!!

  14. The kiss is a bit to much, I grew up a Daddy’s girl and my Dad kissed me all the time, NEVER ON MY LIPS or like this. To all of you who say Kobe love his child, What;s Love Got to Do with it? He loves his wife, but he still cheated on her.

  15. omg its just a kiss. yall are over reacting if he wants to kiss his lil grl like tht thn so be it. leave tht man alone. yall a bunch of haters. n even if she was 7 thats the type relationship they hve….affectionate. bitter biddies.

  16. @cre8me: I wouldn’t go so far as to say everyone who thinks the pictures are inappropriate must have daddy issues and vice versa. However, pictures are meant to capture a singular moment in time and make it last forever, so to some people who are think everyone is a freak it looks like Kobe went too far. I don’t think so, but he was kind of eating her face there, though. lol

  17. You cant go by these pics. I’m a Lakers fan so I see Kobe and his girls all the time in every one of these instances he kissed his wife, his daughter Natalia and his little one Gianna. So there is no reason to think that Gianna is the favorite, that’s just the one they’re showing in the pictures in this thread. And if your mind automatically went into pedophile mode when you saw these pics, you need to look internally and figure out why. Nothing wrong with a man showing affection for his children. Grow up.


  19. I hope Kobe is keeping himself clean too, we know how he gets down, he better not pass not diseases to that girl.

  20. @ Dee, I think you just can’t please people no matter what color they are. I see black people bending over backwards trying to please white people others races and they still come up short. The kiss may be innocent and just like people come in different colors, people see the kiss different. You see it one way I see it another way. Don’t assume that everybody on this site is BLACK. BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL. ALL PEOPLE ARE BEAUTIFUL.

  21. Give me a break. There is nothing wrong with a parent kissing their child on the lips. There’s nothing nasty about it. Not every man is a child molester.

  22. There is nothing wrong with a parent showing affection by kissing his child on the lips. Just take it for what it is and do not read too much into it. Leave the man alone…if he was affectionate, then people would be saying something else. You just can’t please black people.

  23. You people trip me out! There is nothing wrong with a parent kissing their child on the lips. That is a litte girl who is I’m sure a daddy’s girl. That may be how they show affection in their house, just becuse you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

  24. I agree with some of the comments on here such as CF98 on how the kiss could have lasted a couple of seconds and others who have said it’s just a father/daughter kiss.

    He is not sticking his tongue down that baby’s throat. I personally don’t see anything wrong with it. Before, the argument used to be that he didn’t kiss his oldest daughter at all. Yall are crazy.

    My girls are 4 and 7 and I still give them kisses on the lips. My son is 10. We stopped doing that when he turned 8. I didn’t think it was appropriate for me to do that anymore.

    I really do think some of yall are overreacting to these pics.

  25. Did it ever occur to you people that since its a picture its taken in a brief moment in time and that it makes it seem longer than it really is? For all we know that may have lasted a couple of seconds and the picture makes it seem like it lasted longer than it really did.

    I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable kissing my dad on the lips at that age but it depends on how you were raised.

  26. Wow- we see the individuals who grew up in “normal” families. If your mind automatically went to that place- you need help- I received/gave kisses like that to my great-great granny and everybody down the line- it was normal for US- just because your family doesn’t do it, does not make it “sick”.

  27. @ Suitepuma, Yeah he was innocent when he cheated on his wife, But the kiss on the little girl lips may be innocent but it is a bit to much for the public, do it at home. After all he likes his privacy Right!.
    I like how people will give him his props as a great basketball player, But he comes up short with the attitude and his selfishness. I never saw him kiss his first born like that when she was born, or now. I was my Dad’s favorite, but he NEVER Kissed me on my lips like this in home or public.

  28. Damn, He be all up in this little girl mouth to deep, I know it’s his daughter but I kiss my son a million times a day, And it’s on his cheek. If I had a daughter and my husband kissed my child like that, He would have to lean back. And I am not saying this because I don’t like Kobe.

  29. yeah, you guys are making this into way more than it is. I have a 12 year old and I still kiss him on the mouth…in fact, at this age, I’m the only woman/girl he’s supposed to and allowed to kiss on the mouth. I tell him those lips are mine, not even granny gets them!
    Don’t make such a big deal out of something so innocent, though I do think Ebony’s comment is funny and a little fitting LMAO!

  30. I think we all are sensitive to grown men kissing little girls on the mouth these days(even if its father to daughter) because we are paranoid that anyone could be a perv…

    although this looks inappropriate I’m sure that it’s completely innocent… Daddy’s lil girl won’t always like attention from Daddy so he is gettin it in while she’s young!

  31. My husband pecks our daughter on the lips all the time but it’s NOTHING like this. That first one just looks nasty!

  32. I agree with “itsjust a kiss” and Sam. If it is what you are used to culturally then it is no big deal. I think it is wonderful to see daddies and their baby girls, atleast it limits to possibility that they will feel unloved..that leads to real issues

  33. Sam I agree. Some parents kiss their kids on the lips and some on the cheek.

    I don’t know why anyone would assume that he has a favorite based on a few photos. This whole post is about GIANNA not her sister. Don’t try to make a judgement off of a few photos.

  34. I’m not as fan of Kobe and I think kissing your kids on the lips is kind of weird. But to each his own nd I know he’s only kissing her as a loving father. I saw a clip on youtube of the oldest daughter wiping his kiss away. Maybe she doesn’t appreciate his kisses…lol

  35. I have worked with children for years and if a parent is kissing the child in the mouth like that they (the child) tend to think that it is ok to kiss anyone in the mouth.

  36. What wrong with your guys. You guys haven’t been open to different culture…. There some parents that kiss there parents and children on the lips get over it.

  37. Since when is it wrong to kiss your kids on the mouth. If he wasnt married to his baby’s momma that would be an issue. A simple kiss from his daugther and yall make a deal out of that. Wow!

  38. For all we know, Kobe could have a ritual of kissing his wife and daughters after every winning game. The little girl is not even three yet people!!! Now, if he’s still kissing her in the mouth at age 7 or something then feel free to raise your eyebrows. Until then, leave the man alone

  39. You people are disgusting. It is a simple kiss from a father to his daughter. Maybe if some of you had gotten more hugges and kisses from your father you would not be so BITTER and would understand that a girls first love is always her daddy. Just a thought.

  40. I guess kissing your children with the same mouth that you………..let me stop!!! The kids are so cute, but I really can’t stand Kobe! Great basketball player though.

  41. im not saying he cant kiss his daughter but goodness it seems like too much is being put into these kisses try closing your lips a little more Kobe and i agree with u wow Says that must be his favorite lol

  42. lmao @ wow I know right…(side eyeing Kobe)…uhmmm I luv it when I see fathers showing affection to their children, however in Kobe’s case kissing the little girls on the mouth all the time is a bit inappropriate.

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