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SPL85105_002 Pop star Madonna is still determined to adopt 4-year-old Mercy James  after her failed attempt to do so this month. In a statement published in Malawian newspaper The Nation on Sunday, Madonna wrote about her desire to  provide  “a loving family environment” for Mercy.

“I want to provide Mercy with a home, a loving family environment and the best education and health care possible,” Madonna said in an e-mail to The Nation, a Malawian newspaper. “And it’s my hope that she, like David, will one day return to Malawi and help the people of their country.”

 She adds, “Though I have been advised that I cannot publicly discuss the pending appeal regarding my desire to adopt Mercy, I do want to say how much I appreciate the level of support that I have received from the people of Malawi and my friends around the world,” she said.

Judge Esimie Chombo turned down the singer’s adoption application because she didn’t meet the country’s 18 to 24 month residency requirement. In addition, Chombo says that though she was tempted to approve the adoption, she didn’t so because then ” anyone could come to Malawi and quickly arrange for an adoption that might have grave consequences on the very children that the law seeks to protect”.


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  1. All you so called do gooders objecting to Madonna giving the children a life, should go and live in Africa in the conditions these poor children are forced to, then let me hear what you all have to say, Madonna is a angel on earth God bless her

  2. Madonna needs a reality check, if they allow her to adopt children against the country’s laws then others will want to do it too. Laws are there for a reason, just because you are a celebrity doesn’t mean they don’t apply to you. I don’t get why she can’t adopt one of the 500,000 children in the US foster care system. Many of them have no family at all.

  3. ummm first off madonna need to stop trying to take these people kids if the grandma of lil mercy doesnt want her to be adopted then leave it a that y madonna got to go all the way to a diff. country to adopt a child when there are million of kids in this country in foster care and all she need to really quit

  4. madonna needs to stop. why keep focusing on this country when you dont adhere to the rules of that country? this is a power trip she has some real issues

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