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Rapper/Producer Swizz Beatz shared a picture of him and his two boys today. Swizz Beats and his ex-wife, singer Mashonda, divorced in 2008. Together they have two-year-old Kasseem jr(R). Prince Nasir is Swizz’ son from a previous relationship.

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  1. I love this picture! I really was rooting for him and Mashonda. Oh well. I’m hoping Alicia didn’t have anything to do with their break up. I know him and Alicia were together AFTER him and Mashonda split and even then that just didn’t think that was a good look for her. Oh well…everybody’s grown. At the end of the day…it’s all their business to handle.

  2. They are so cute!

    Joy <—– If that’s true that’s triflin! And how old was the baby while Swizz was cheating on his wife?

  3. @ Joy: Alicia didnt break their marriage up. I dont think she was apart of their “commitment”. We put too much blame on the woman. Swizz broke up that marriage because HE was the one who was apart of that commitment, not Alicia if that rumor is even true.

    • Very much true.. MEN and women are capable of saying no to any encounters with people outside of their relationships, rather it be emotional or sexual. I get tired of the notion that men are tempted, can’t help it, were seduced, and so on.. Men are human and know what they want, just like a child pretty much knows what’s right and what’s wrong.. He cheated on his wife and that’s that.. HE broke up their home, not Alicia.. As for Alicia, as stated (if the rumors are true) she should take her pick of the single to mingle with. Pretty girl like her don’t need no married fool trying to spit game, in order to get some. Plus she should have had more integrity on her part to by-pass him for the sake of his wife as one woman to another..

    • @ Ress : Yes Swizz broke his committment.
      AK is @ fault bc she knew he was married & still dated him vactioned w him, & prolly has had sex w him.

      @ Judd : Absolutely Swizz is to blame. However AK is @ fault bc SHE KNEW SWIZZ WAS MARRIED. We all knew he got married in 04 & had his son w M in January 2007. Last yr when AK started dating Swizz, perhaps he told her his marriage was over. Still, since there was no legal separation filed, AK was wrong. In fact, it wasnt until a year after the 2 started cheating that Swizz filed for divorce. So what does that tell AK?

      Also, I feel AK is wrong bc Swizz was in marital counseling. Instead of stepping back until all is right -whether that be he proceeds w the divorce or reconciles– she was STILL DATING Swizz!

      AK is wrong. She knowingly dated a married man!

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