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Baby Johan,2, seems to be saying, “Yep, it’s me again.” The little cutie and his family were photographed returning to their SoHo hotel after spending family time together in NYC for Easter Sunday. See a picture of Henry as well…


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  1. Nik…Heidi said in an interview the first thing she noticed about Seal was his package. He was either jogging or entered a hotel she was in with jogging pants on & no undergarments. She said she could see his package through the pants & had to meet him. I think she was on Oprah. I was amazed she revealed that.

  2. Hell, forget the nail polish, look how dry and crsty his hands are! His hands and Henry’s hair needs a good moisturizer.

  3. hmmm, nail polish??
    johan looks cute but they both need a comb through they hair!
    my daughter sometimes cries, as did i, but so what, i would never jus leave it, it needs to be done… period
    dunno y bck puts up so many pics of these two all da time…
    probly cos it gets the most attention, what with all da hair arguements we give it..
    maybe we should get over this one heidi an seal obviously aren’t gonna comb it!

  4. yeah, I look at Seal and am amazed at how he pulled Heidi Klum. He must be a really good man. I hope they stay together forever.

  5. SUZ(*Ti Amo*)

    Reread my post – I never said Ive seen White and Asian girls with curly hair (which I have).
    I was making a point that little girls (no matter what race or hair type) will cry while getting their hair done.

    Ever watch *Jon & Kate Plus 8*? (that’s just 1 example obviously)

  6. SUITEPUMA=I’ve never came across a “full” Asian girl with curly hair. Interesting…

    LOL My cousin(European descent)has really tangled hair(though it was straight)so when she was young she would scream and run away when they’d come to brush her hair.

    Johan is a cutie.

  7. @ NikNak… Little White and Asian girls cry when they get there hair combed too lol.

    Its extremely uncomfortable situation for youngsters, especially those with kinky hair. But of course it will hurt more for Black children if you comb their hair dry (I remember those days, ouch!)

    Just because it might hurt the child doesn’t mean the parent should avoid doing it or else their hair will get madded and start lookin like that ^^ and if they don’t want to keep up with it they should shave it off.

    Just don’t leave it alone, you can’t leave kinky hair alone

  8. Cute kids but Henry doesn’t look like he has the hair that you can just “let it be” (unlike lil bro’s), it looks unkept and slept on. His texture is so pretty but least they can do is comb it into a fro, braid it or develop some curls, something!

  9. I bet you those boys will run from a comb. I remember growing up the tears and tears associated with combing our hair. I imagine if my mom let it stay that way that long, I might scream abuse when she finally did put a comb to it.

  10. Johan’s is such a QT pie…(side eyeing Seal)…uhmm I’m all for the the metrosexual male, but something about a man wearing fingernail polish throws me off..hmmmmm lol

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