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Pop star Madonna has released the first photo of her and four-year-old Mercy James, the child she hopes to still adopt. In this undated photo released to Reuters on April 13th 2009, Madonna cradles a sleeping Mercy. Madonna has appealed against a High Court decision earlier this month that said she could not adopt Mercy because she was not a resident of Malawi.

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  1. she so wonderful i think its so great what she ding these children in africa need love they have nothing and for a famous women that is white to aedopt a black child is so wonderful, maybe black celebrity women should start adopting kids why is it just white women that is steping up and adopting these kids. i think its a blessing for mondanna to adopt this child god bless her. and the baby girl

  2. Look at that sweet baby. It’s easy to see why Madonna would want adopt her. I just feel so badly for that little girl. Living in an orphanage can not be good; every child wants to have a family that they live with and are part of every day. Madonna is deeply invested in Malawi through her charity Raising Malawi, so there’s no way Mercy, or David, will lose touch with their kin or their roots. All that should be taken into consideration.

  3. If any child is in an orphanage that means the parents are poor and cannot take care of their children.I was adopted from Haiti from an orphanage that meant my mother was poor and could not prove for me. So who cares if the grandma wants the little girl that child would die if she was not in the orphanage.

  4. I agree with everything Monique and Mixtrymama said.

    For everyone who says that Madonna should just follow the rules, I have a question: Would you want to live in Malawi?

    Rules are rules, but come on!

  5. tight2def, since I do not personally know Madonna, I have no idea what her plans are for letting her keep intouch with her biofamily. Nor do I have personal knowledge of how much time Madonna has spent with the child. I seriously doubt anyone posting on here does. I just hopes whatever happens, it is what is best for this little girl.

  6. Of course she wants that particular child, that’s the one she’s already bonded with and loves. If she did regard the child as a handbag, like so many on here ignorantly assume, then she would have no problem picking up and moving on to the next.

  7. if madonna wanted the baby she should FOLLOW THE RULES period. she knew the rules when she adopted david but she thought she could waltz into the country and do the samething again when she is ready. its like she is buying a car. i dont feel bad for her on bit. she new the rules when going she had 18 months to get it together but she was too busy on tour and getting a divorce.

  8. They need to just give her the child, period. Anyone that’s saying they’re doing this for media attention needs to focus on the bigger picture. All stars have amazingly huge egos and guess who gave it to them? WE DID. So, let’s stop acting surprised when they do things for attention. It doesn’t matter if that was a motive, the fact is they are committing to a child in need for a LIFETIME. Point, blank, period. You can call it “trendy” or “attention-getting,” but it’s still helping provide an otherwise statistical child have a better life. We are all driven by some self-need, but that should not overshadow the good deeds she is doing overall. What have YOU done to help someone in need lately or ever? Giving her the child is my stance. And @ Tess, Madonna plans on letting her adoptive children keep in touch with their biological family.

  9. There are more important things in a child’s life than money, it’s who is the best person to take care of this child so she doesn’t loose her identity and heritage. Maybe, Madonna should set her up in a house with her Grandmother and money for a good school, if she wants to help. I can say this from experience, my son’s father walked out years ago and now he is talking with his biofather. There’s so much he wants to know about his Dad and his Aunts and Uncles. Even though he’s had a greatly life and a father figure in his life. I see things I should have done differently myself now also, like keeping in touch with his paternal grandparents and family. Children are not collectibles.

  10. How many publicity stunts will this woman pull at Mercy’s expense? I do believe that she really wants Mercy but she is going about this the wrong way. Running to the media every 4 seconds to make yourself look good is not going to make her your child. Throwing money at the country and not following the rules won’t either. She knows what she has to do yet she refuses to do it.

    Money can’t buy you everything and fame can’t get you everything you want.

  11. Madonna should be allowed to adopt this child. Whatever anyone may think about Madonna, this child will never have the life and future that she would have if the adoption doesn’t go through. She does have a grandmother…if her grandmother were able to raise her, she wouldn’t be in an orphanage.

  12. I wonder if this trend in the stars adopting children from developing countries is not some sort of way to get increased media attention. I think the purpose is probably to make themselves appear as “compassionate and aware citizens of the world who are contributing by ‘helping those who are less fortunate.’” And for the most part, it works. Not a day goes by when we do not hear about Madonna’s matyred trails or read an article speculating about the Jolie-Pitts.

    Why such a fixation on children from Malawi? I think that there are several American children who need homes. Children who look just like Mercey and David…and Madonna. Children who are probably from neighborhoods close to where Madonna grew up. You can’t adopt Malawan children Madonna, so sulk about it like we all would in that situation. then you give up and try again, but this time not you do it legally. You don’t go and release one of the most insincere photos i’ve ever scene in my life and turn that baby’s life into a media circus just to that you can get a lil sympathy.

    Lastly, doesn’t this baby have a grandmother? A grandmther who has stated explicitly that she wants to keep her granddaughter. I did read that somewhere and if it is true, it makes Madonna relentless pursuit a lil bit scarier.

  13. I have no doubt that Madonna really wants this child. However there shouldn’t be special rules for Madonna. Just because a judge bent the rules the first time that doesn’t mean laws should continually be disregarded for celebs.

  14. I doubt Mercy knows what is really going on around her. If Madonna wants to really adopt her, why not just buy a house or rent one so she can fulfill the adoption requirements? Also why have the press all around you and this child? She is a child, not a tote bag.

  15. very tru monique, i heard that the lil girl was so upset and confused as to why she was left there, everyone was expecting her to go home with her, even lil mercy maybe they shouldn’t have put the childs hopes up? i think madonna was trying to bond before she took her,
    on another note, if she wanted her that bad maybe she should live in the country 4 the required time?

  16. Just give this lady this poor child. Clearly if anyone was capable of taking care of her she would not be in an orphanage. People are so selfish in wanting to show the big, bad white celebrity that she can’t swoop in and take children. Well, you did that but at what expense. This child will probably never know great education, college, career, or all the other things we fight to give our children everyday. How loved do you think this child feels knowing that someone wants to give her a home and a family-life but the government ain’t having it? But hey, you sure showed Madonna.

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