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Former Heavy Weight Champion Boxer Mike Tyson with daughter Rayna (right) and his youngest daughter attended a screening of “Tyson” at the AMC Loews 19th Street on April 20, 2009 in New York City.


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Tyson’s family members Rayna, Amir And Gina with entertainer Nick Canon.  In all, Tyson has six children: Gena, Mikey, Rayna, Amir, Miguel, and Exodus. Rayna and Amir are from his second wife and it is documented that the rest of his children are from several different women.(Wikipedia)

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  1. the baby in the picture is not Exodus…it’s his latest baby Milan. from his wife now Kiki, which he marries shortly after Exodus passed. For those who are making comments about Mike’s weight..so what he gained weigtht. what yall expect him to be young and fit all his life. The man is getting older. He lived his life already.

  2. That poor man has been threw more saddness, that poor beautiful baby, im not sure that is the right one if the date on the picture is right, the baby would be four years old not a little baby she would be a toddler. Any who, rest in peace sweetheart, she is with the angels now. And this new ex con wife of mike, i hope she isnt just using him for some future fame and fortune. Cause mike isnt in the best shape of his life right now, and i hate to see another black woman/sistha (or so-called sister) take him down the wrong path again, and destroy the second half of his life. His wife looks like a model or some kind of she, she , poop poop girl. Not the type that would give mike a second glance, if he wasnt ex champ iron mike tyson. I loved his new docurdrama “Tyson”, so sad, i watched it about five times, bought it booth leg on the street for $5 bucks. Watch ur back Mike, i think that new wife of your’s is out for future bucks, you might have coming to you, keep you head held high, and sorry for your loss, may your sweet cute baby, rest in peace… :)

  3. I find the picture with Nick Canon hirarious. Notice how he is not touching the Tysons daughters in the stance. I wouldnt touch them either with thier old man nearby.

  4. Mike has another daughter. She was on the Tyra Banks show. She looked like the female version of Mike she was speaking about being overweight.

  5. wat the hell is dat on his face ? lol i didnt know he had a tatto on his face almost looks like a moko (maori tatt) i wonder who did it, he has packed on the pounds but he is old, but he still aint finished making babies! lol

  6. I was so focused on the adorable baby that I really didn’t pay attention to him at first. When I look down at that belly, I was like WOW! He is living very comfortable from the looks of it.

  7. he seems like he’s a good dad that spends quality time with his kids.thats great.they are all beautiful kids.that youngest of his is just adorable with her chubby cheeks.her and daddy are going neck and neck as to which is the fattest,lol.

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