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  1. Msmac…THANK YOU.

    Okay…as the white mom of two black girls with gorgeous hair, her hair looks fine, natural, clean and simple, not over coiffed. I swear people need to lay off hair, if my three month old’s hair isn’t dripping with oil, somebody usually stops me and talks to me about her “hair” FYI all people…white people love their “black” kids and do their hair, may not be the way you guys like it, but we don’t just let our kids hair rat up and fry off…k?!!!

    My 3 year old has HUGE natural hair and I am constantly hounded to get her into modeling with her beautiful face and spectacular hair (haven’t done it…she’s three!!) but it’s natural, never been braided or straightend, she’s a kid…she has moisturized, detangled, beautiful KID hair. Every once in a while I get stopped and told to tame her hair…um no thanks, her hair is gorgeous.

    Oh…and she can recite Good Night Moon by heart, counts to 40 and can spell her name…we spend a lot of time doing things other than her hair.

  2. mrsmac, thanks! I am so sick of people complaining about hair. Zahara’s hair looks fine here. There is no need for braiding or straightening or whatever!

  3. Zahara is a cutie.

    About the hair…
    Torre wrote: “I also hope they come to realize just how important hair care for little black girls is to black people. Why is it sooo important? I’m not sure, but I think it’s because of generations of ridicule from whites and people with differnt hair textures!”

    You’re wrong. I have had natural hair that I do not style in any way, except to wash, condition, detangle and go for 6 years now. I wear a messy afro to work every day, no headband,no twists, no braids, just hair. I have NEVER had anyone of another race make a negative comment or ridicule me about my hair. In fact, they admire it, ask to touch it, and compliment me on my big wild fro all the time. …But black women, they suck their teeth, roll their eyes, whisper about it to their friends or ask me when I am going to get it “fixed” or “done”. The closest thing I get to a compliment from my own race, is “Oh, think how long it would be if you straightened it” or “you can wear your hair like that because you have a good grade of hair”. I never knew hair went to school, studied and got grades, but OK. When it comes to this issue, we are our own worse enemies.

    We are the ones keeping the hair debates alive. And by we I am referring to black women. No one else cares. We have been taught that our hair is broken and needs to be “fixed”, it is undone, so we must always have it “done”. It is one of the saddest things I see on a daily basis. There are mothers out there who spend a hour a day doing their daughters’s hair (and let’s be honest, some do their sons also- with the cornrows and slicked back ponytails). The same women can’t find time to read their kids a book, or sit down and have a productive conversation with them, or cook them a decent meal from scratch; Because once they are done taming the children’s heads, they have to move on to tightening up their weaves or retouching that relaxer. Take all the excess money (weave and relaxers are not cheap) and time spent on hair primping, dedicate it to something truly productive and our entire race would be 10-15 steps ahead of where we are right now. I am going to do a study on this for a research project I have upcoming. My rough estimate is that black women spend at least twice as much time and money on hair grooming. This is a self esteem issue, plain and simple. Look at this photo. It appears to be afternoon, probably post nap time. She is at an age where kids like to roll around, her hair is not going to stay perfect all day. Would any sane person really take extra time throughout the day to take down her pony tail and redo it before getting out of the car? If you wanted her hair to stay perfect that is what you would have to do. What would be the message she would get out of that? Shiloh’s ponytail is just as messy, but no one commented on it. Angelina’s hair is not perfect either, but I guess they are beautiful enough without having their hair “done” or “fixed” all of the time.

    Okay, deep breath, rant over. I just really get so depressed whenever I read these hair comments. Its a sign of real sickness, and we need to address it.

  4. With all of the kids that they have to tote around I am sure that Z’s hair is the last thing on their minds good grief, leave it alone already, the hair thing is a lame thing to keep commenting on when it comes to a child just going to the store…..”give it a rest already!”

  5. These children are fine the way they are.They seem to be always dressed just fine and their hair is fine. I’m sure when their parents got them up, they took care of their basic needs including combing their hair. Kids will be kids and they are not going to be perfect at every given moment of the day especially at their age.At least their parents seem to spend time with them.There are children right now running the streets with their hair sticking up on their heads while their parents can care less about what’s going on with them. I applaud any working parent regardless of their career or money for finding time to spend with their children.Looks aren’t everything.Love is what counts.And they seem to be giving their kids just that because they seem to be well behaved in public.

  6. Zahara has beautiful curly hair. What should they do? Straighten it and put pony tails all over her head with a thousand different shells and hairbows? Now that’s what I call tacky.

  7. It gets oh my nerves when people talk about hair like that. some black people have an issue with natural hair, I love it, her hair when become on it’s own, and I applaud the family for allowing it to do that.

  8. I’d rather Zahara be sucking her thumb than walking around with a pacifier at her age. Since we always see pap pictures of her, it could be an anxiety thing. Ever stop to consider that she picks up on her parents tension? If cameras were always in my face I might suck my thumb too. She could have been sleepy. T

  9. Thumb sucking can be a problem. Hopefully they’re working on that with her. It can be hard though!
    And I think her hair is just fine!!! I can’t believe how many people STILL comment about hair on this sight. These kids are NOT out to impress ANY OF YOU!! Like someone else said, she’s at the supermarket!!! Geeez!
    No wonder our kids are the way they are.. so many negative & judgemental people surrounding them!

  10. Z’s hair is super cute like this but why are they dressing these children like they are in the polygamist ranch?

  11. Realist,

    They might not be full of smiles because paps having been following them religiously for 4 years now. That stuff gets old really fast.

  12. What’s wrong with Z’s hair now.

    It’s in a loose ponytail so she won’t have a receding hairline by the time she’s 5 (like some black girls I’ve seen).

    Shiloh’s hair is hardly ever combed or styled and no one says anything. When they went to the art store a couple of weeks back Shiloh’s hair was a hot freakin mess (it was a crooked braid) but not one single comment.

    I just don’t understand why people have this obession with black girls hair being tightly pulled back.

  13. Everytime I see pictures of them, they appear to favor little Zahara. Maybe she requires or demands more of their attention than the other children (idk). I like this couple (don’t get me wrong), but I always get this we’re not really happy vibe from them. Kind of like we went through all of this to be together & started this big family, so we have to stick it out type of vibe. Hope I’m wrong.

  14. Zee’s hair is PERFECT; (get over your hang-ups folks and start liking the self); shiloh’s hair could use a bit of neatening itself, but no one complains about her locks fly carelessly in the wind. Personally, I can’t wait for zee’s hair to grow into a mile-high afro

  15. T^he hair issue again? I think it looks cute in a ponytail. People should be happy that she was adopted and now is in a good home. When I first saw her after they brought her home she was like 6 months old but she looked like a frail infant. She’s healthy and beautiful and all people can talk about is her hair.

  16. they let her hair be natural. its just naturally out with some curls. its better that way. all that tugging and pulling hot combs and curlers, her hair will start falling out at 25. she’s only 4. shiloh hair is always out and not put together either. i guess they play around too much for all that

    anyways, Z is too cute. they are a cute family

    • they are jus treating all their kds as any white family would; wash and go, cos they are not differenciating between ther kids because they are all their kids, they wont treat z differently because of her race so they treat z’s hair just like shilos. i dnt see the big deal, shes cute anyways

  17. hello people theres more to life then hair. Shes just going to the grocery store. This hair fixation needs to stop. Its part the reason we have some of these highschool girls going to school with hairstyles with more colours in it then the rainbow and higher then mount everest. Perhaps also the reason some these girls dont realize black hair is beautiful and unique

  18. Ohhh! How cute! You’re right KiKi. They are dresses alike. Yeah, I also hope they come to realize just how important hair care for little black girls is to black people. Why is it sooo important? I’m not sure, but I think it’s because of generations of ridicule from whites and people with differnt hair textures! But whatever the case, Zahara’s hair texture is a mixed grade of hair. Not black or white! But I do wish they’d hire black and asian decent nannies so that they’re adopted children can have someone around them that more resembles their own ethnicity as well. And to teach them about their individual cultures, as well as their parents cultures.

    But all in all, I think that Angelina and Brad mean VERY WELL, and will continue to be devoted and loving parents. Even if they do separate one day!

  19. Ahh!!! I love seeing pictures of them…I love this family. Her shirt is so pretty…it is perfect with her hair like that. Also, I agree with “Caratime2″ there is absolutely nothing wrong with her hair…

  20. she is a really cutey – and there is nothing wrong with her hair in this picture. sheesh! she’s going to the supermarket, not to an audience with the queen!

  21. Oh No…I hope they ween that sucking thumb habit away from her….I miss her though, she’s still so precious!

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