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Actor Hugh Jackman says that adoption laws in his native land of Australia are too restrictive .

“The adoption laws in Australia are too restrictive,” Jackman told The Sun newspaper in Britain last week.

Years ago, Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness had wanted to adopt a child from Africa or Asia but found the task impossible with Australia’s laws on overseas adoptions.

“Of course, checks need to be made. But they had a very negative approach.

“It was like they were trying to discourage you.

In the end, the Jackmans ended up adopting Oscar, eight, and Ava, three, from the United States.

Jackman says that he sympathizes with pop star Madonna, who recently failed to adopt a second child from Malawi.

“There are 130 million orphans in the world – who is looking after them? If you are a citizen of the world, on some level they are all our responsibility.

“And if you have got parents who want to adopt and there are children who need a home, it seems like a no-brainer.

To naysayers who believe that Madonna is trying to adopt to get attention from the media, Hugh says, “I challenge anyone who thinks you adopt a kid for a publicity stunt.”

“Any parent knows that would have to be the most intensive publicity stunt in the world. I am sure she is coming from a good place.”


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  1. Why didn’t he just adopt from Australia? Both he & his wife are Australian…I’m sure there are a lot of orphans/foster kids looking for parents in his home country. I’m all for adopting, but I don’t understand why people don’t adopt from within their own countries. It’s faster, cheaper, and less restrictive. It’s like people don’t realized that there is a great deal of poverty and orphaned children within the USA. Plus, I don’t feel bad for Madonna. She KNOWS about the laws of Malawi, after all the trouble she had with David. Plus, Mercy appears to have a father that didn’t know she existed until now. I don’t think that the act of Madonna adopting is for publicity, but I do think the choice of country is purely for publicity. Picking Malawi once was bad enough, but twice is just plain crying for attention.

    • lilkunta reply to MOE

      Moe: Did u READ the article? Hugh CLEARLY SAYS WHY they didnt adopt from Aus.
      & tho he adopted US born kids they’re being raised in Aus with Aus culture & will have coooool Aussie accents.

      Additionally since most of his work is done is US, when doing the homestudy it is easier. If he wanted to have an Aus homestudy done he’d fail as he is in the US/Canda 8 months of the year working.

  2. I’m glad they decided to adopt from the US. I’m not against adoption, but I think that we should first look to the so many unwanted children that are right here in the US.

  3. I think it is great that people are adopting kids and I do hope Madonna can adopt another child because they need homes. At the same time, im glad many laws are very restrictive or else you would have some people going and just picking kids like you pick puppies from a pet store only to decide that that wasn’t what they really wanted. People who are willing to follow the rules and be persistent…as frustrating as it may be at times, really want the that child.

  4. I completely agree there are way to many children in Foster Homes across the world. If someone wants to adopt them what’s the problem. I do believe in doing mental evaluations though. Let’s not forget Mommie Dearest. Joan Crawford was a piece of crazy work.

  5. Funny, how all these strict laws are they’re to protect children. When most of those children are not being protected at all, some of these kids deal with horrific issues being an orphan or foster kid.

  6. I applaud him for not giving up when the adoption process in his native country became difficult. He appears to be a loving and devoted father. How can anyone express discontent with that.

  7. I dont sympathize with madonna because SHE KNEW the laws of Malawi. She thought she would breeze in and take this child and call it a day.

  8. “It was like they were trying to discourage you.”

    I agree with that statement! Some of these adoption laws are ridiculous and seem as if they are there only to prevent you from adopting. One country says that you must promise to live there until your adopted child is an adult (Madonna has it it easy with only 18 months); others have huge age restrictions (and then they wonder why teens don’t get adopted). I’ve even seen a few that deny certain races from adopting. I understand that they want to keep children with people that are “the same” as them, but if those people are not adopting, why not give someone else a chance?

    Still, I would never try to adopt from a country where I could not follow the rules.

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