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Life in the Fab Lane star Kimora Lee- Simmons invited OK! to her L.A. home on April 19 for a baby shower that she claims was “last minute”.

 “I’m about to have a baby,” says Kimora, who’s due in June. “I’m ready to go, so it was kind of last minute and low-key,” she tells OK!.

The  last minute and low-key event had servings of Sliced prime rib; lobster; crab; shrimp; caviar; poached salmon; macaroni and cheese; a fondue fountain with white chocolate, fruit and marshmallows; red velvet cake; Jamaican rum cake and strawberry shortcake to serve about 50 guests. Among the  50 guests were Stevie Wonder and his wife, Kai, Holly Robinson Peete, and Kimora’s daughters with ex-hubby Russell Simmons, Ming Lee, 9, and Aoki Lee, 6. 

Although Kimora hasn’t confirmed that she is having a baby boy, She tells Ok!, “We’re
leaning heavily toward the blue team!”

Crazy cravings: “I’ve been eating a lot of spicy food. I put jalapeños in everything.”

Shapes and sizes: “With the girls I was wider in the belly. Now I’m narrower, but if I turn side-ways I can’t fit through the door!”

Dream dad:“Djimon is a spiritual person, and it’s a big deal for him to have a baby. When he first saw the heartbeat at the ultrasound, he said he felt very humbled.”

Big sisters: “The girls say, ‘We’re going to dress the baby up!’ Djimon’s like, ‘No, you’re not going to be pinning tulle to the boy!’ ”


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  2. I like Kimora and all,BUT they don’t know for definate if they’re having a boy but they have blue all ova? Hmmmm….but can’t wait to see the child either way.

  3. Kimora seems to have such a glow of peace about her with Djimon. This is so wonderful for her and the girls…May the Lord God of peace be with them always in His love:)

  4. Kimora lives for the last minute functions that always turn out oh so over the top and elegant. I can’t wait to see this gorgeous baby boy, I can imagine what eye candy he will be when he’s older.

  5. I Love Kimora and Djimon!!
    They are a beautiful couple and that baby is gonna be just as beautiful!! Lil Boy would be nice, she could release some of that male energy!!!

    Trust me…my Godson helped me become a lady!!!

  6. I am praying that they have a boy, to balance the house just a little…lol
    Hopefully she and i have the same due date in June :0)

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