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simmons-072607-a.jpgHip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons has written a candid letter to the mother of his daughters Ming,9, and Aoki,6. Read below as Russell thanks Kimora, his ex-wife,  for being a great mom:

To all the fathers out there, it’s almost Mother’s Day, so you better start thinking about doing the right thing…Flowers, dinner, breakfast in bed, tuition, something special…

Everyone knows Kimora Lee Simmons as a fashion model, author, the genius behind Baby Phat, President and creative director for Phat Fashions, philanthropist, reality television star, talk show host, top model judge…the list goes on and on. To me, she has been my partner, best friend, consultant, confidant and basically the greatest mother I could ever hope for, for my daughters. I feel so blessed to continue to have such a great personal and professional relationship with her. Every time I spend time with our girls, I credit her for giving them their manners, thoughtfulness, intelligence, beauty and kindness.

A lot of you fathers, if you look deeply inside of yourself, you will find the support system in your baby’s mama, that allows you the freedom to sleep at night. Even though you are partly disconnected from the daily process of raising your children, you can trust that she’s getting the job done. So celebrate your baby’s mama, as I do! I know damn well, I’m grateful for my babies’ mama.

Happy Mother’s Day Kimora! You are loved, appreciated and celebrated!

All my love,


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  1. This is very fascinating. I found the details you talked about very useful. Make sure you maintain the great work; I certainly will come returning to read more in the future.

  2. Kimora hurry up and have that beautiful baby boy!!!!!! I can’t wait to see him. Its good to see ex’s moving on but still getting along. PROPS TO THE PARENTS.

  3. You all are bing ridiculous. It’s a beautiful letter. We all know he doesn’t think of Kimora as a “baby mama.” We know he was only being funny. I admire Kimora, who does an amazing job with her children–Russell is lucky to have her as his children’s mother.

  4. that’s so good. they are both mature for the sack of their kids. he moved on with his life and so did she. Russell and Rev are wonndeerrrfull father! more men should be like him hint *( 50 cent!)

  5. This woulda had more power if Russ didnt refer 2 K as his babies momma but as his ex wife or the mother of his only 2 kids.

    baby momma baby daddy annoys me. Ppl act like it is a badge, s/t 2 be proud of.

    Russ/K dated for 7 yrs b4 they married, then had a 7yr marriage. They did it, their relationship was the convential (“right”) way so y refer 2 her that way?

  6. Nawh… this [guy] is using Mothers’ Day to express his regret! Ain’t gone be no “Flowers in bed, breakfast and so on for Kimora from you, but her Man.” She’s having a kid with dude and didn’t look back when he dissed her. With all this said, it’s still nice to acknowledge the mother of your kids, but this one came with a motive; for real!

  7. What a wonderful letter to a an ex-wife. Those children have some beautiful parents and they are truly blessed .God bless you Russell giving praise where praise is do!

  8. Ok We need more black men like Russell in regards to giving the baby Mama’s props. BI guess Kimora was not as great of a wife as she was a Mother, Or was Russell not a great Father, We it does not matter, As long as the kids are happy.

  9. VERY, VERY, VERY nice gone Russell witcha bad self!!!! I know that’s right she takes good care of her daughters with the help of yo money LOL!!! (JP) she is a great mom!!

  10. I love to see “ex-partners” who have good relationships with each other. I know it’s not possible all of the time, but it’s such a good thing for the kids.

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