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So many of you wished it and now your wishes have come true! It has been confirmed that Seal and Heidi are expecting a baby girl!

Via Ok!

Heidi Klum and husband Seal are going to have a full house when their third child together is born in a few months. And it seems daughter Leni is going to have a baby sister to even out the nursery!

Seal confirms on Oprah Winfrey’s show today that he and Heidi are expecting a girl. The couple are already parents to Henry and Johan together, and daughter Leni, from Heidi’s previous relationship.




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  1. there comes the next supermodel. i bet Heidi is so glad that she is going to have this 6’0″ tall girl she is always dreamed of. Heidi never thought of herself as being tall, even at 5’9″. that is alot for a woman. so meeting Seal who is a stallion at almost 6’4″(6’3.5″ to be precise) made her feel like she has met the one. You go Heidi. She couldn’t be much more happier!

  2. I am growing out my relaxer (I should have never gotten one in the first place) and can’t wait to be 100% natural again :) Natural hair is so beautiful! With that said, I agree with those that say that Henry and Johan’s hair look unkempt, but does someone really have to mention this in every post? When they get older I am sure that they’ll make their opinions known to their parents if they don’t like how they style (or don’t style) their hair. For all we know they could love this look.

    What surprises me is that no one makes comments about the white kids hair that also looks unkempt (not on this site obviously as they are not the focus). I’ve seen plenty of white celeb kids that have stringy hair that looks dirty, or hair just tossed around like it was not combed or brushed- just thrown in a ponytail holder.

    Anyway…congrats on the baby girl (I guessed right wohoo)! I’m glad that the family got what they wanted and I can’t wait to see what she looks like (beautiful no doubt). Wouldn’t it be funny if she were born with straight hair?

  3. you ppl need to stop with the hair combing…do you think ppl in the ghetto comb their hair? naw…i dont see nothing wrong with henry or johan’s hair so leave them the f*** alone gosh..it dont make heidi or seal bad parents because their kids got afros..they are allowed to look however they want..try comin 2 the bronx and telling these parents their hair is unkempt see what they say lmao

  4. about hair. People spend so much time worrying about shallow, superficial things as though it’s important. I’ve never seen a group of people so obsessed with hair. Hair doesn’t define a person so let’s step up our game and worry about things that matter. JMO. Good day.

  5. leave henry’s hair alone! my son’s is a mix between the two boy’s hair. we aren’t mixed but our hair reflects the indian/white ancestry that we have. the key to taming/forming natural curls is: stay away from alcohol products. wash hair with cream of nature, use pantene relaxed/natural conditioner, rinse, put more conditioner back into wet hair (a little for the babies). and simply use a DENMAN brush to comb out sectioned hair. let hair dry. i saw a big difference in my son’s hair.

    i’m beginning to think that everyone who talks about henry’s hair is jealous that their own kids (or themselves) don’t have that kinda hair.

    my baby is 13months old, and he’s rocking the cutest curls….and nope i’m not cutting it anytime soon.

    • You don’t have an IMMEDIATE mix. And thanks for hair information. It’ll be useful for me when me & bf have our daughter. =D

  6. i wonder the age of the ppl who constantly talk abt these babies’ hair? i also wonder what their hair looks like? if they have any hair, or if their kids have any hair?

    heidi and seal’s kids are adorable, hair and all. my son favors the baby boy…and his hair is a mixture of the both. i think most comments about henry’s hair is all about JEALOUSY! neither myself or my son is mixed…but we pulled alot from our indian/white ancestors. i decided to wear my hair natural and finally figured out a technique that also works for my son’s henry-like hair…lol.

    ****remember most white products with alcohol is not good for mixed hair type.
    ****i was our hair with cream of nature conditioning shampoo. concentrating on the scalp. rinse well. then i apply pantene relaxed/natural conditioner. rinse well. do not dry hair tho. next put in a little more conditioner and LEAVE IN wet hair. next take sections to comb thru.

    ****u MUST use a DENMAN type brush. it’s the plastic bristle kind (i always thought it was for white hair) grab sections of the hair and gently comb the baby’s hair forming corkscrew curls. afterward smooth the curls down as they form naturally. u can then seperate them for smaller curls or leave large curls. then let dry naturally. i just touch his hair up with olive oil and a tap of conditioner and spray with a water bottle.

    i’m beginning to think that the ppl who talk about henry’s hair only wish their kids (or their own) hair was like his. don’t hate! lol.

    • if they did wat u are saying to henrys hair, then it wouldn’t look like it does, i think most peoples point, is that its not conditioned/combed i hope heidi reads wat u just wrote, the boys do have lovely hair but its not being treated correctly,

  7. seriously i wish folks stop talking about someone’s hair, it’s a matter of opinion but damn. Just because someone chooses natural hair doesn’t make it nappy geeze

  8. I am happy for them, the hair alone will be wonderful and she will no doubt be tall enough to be a future supermodel.

  9. I think Seal should be responsible for taking his sons to the barber shop. Maybe he’s waiting until they turn 5 or something who knows, anyway I wish them well all around.

  10. Great!

    Now they’ll need a tie-breaker! Kidding!

    Can you imagine Heidi with 5 kids? That means she’ll need… 7 nannies instead of 3!

  11. I am not a big fan of Seal, after he degraded a black photographer. it’s one thing to date out of your race, but don’t treat people who look like you like (it) because of thier profession. It was a disagrace, he called the brother scum, for just doing his job. I was a fan before but I wish him and Hedi well, Glad they are having a duaghter to even things out. No excuse for his behavior to the brother just trying to make a living.

    • You are a racist. He is allowed to call anyone out on what he thinks is bad behaviour. It doesn’t have anything to do with skin colour.

    • I think you are over-reacting to seal calling the photographer a scum. I don’t think skin colour has anything to do with it. Photographers are a pain in the a**.

  12. There is a point when there kids hair needs to be combed the way her kids hair is they will have to shave it all off its called good hygiene

  13. I bet she will be adorable. And just because one thinks their other sons hair is uncombed that doesn’t mean it is uncared for. Most naturally curly hair like their boys is healthiest when not manipulated by a comb daily. I love the boys free growing hair.

  14. They knew they were having a girl anyway! These celebs nowadays can pick the sex, and if they want multiples. That is why so many celebs have twins.

    I hope she doesn’t have the girl’s hair looking like the boys, because they are in need of a haircut.

    • I have to agree with you there, although I have seen many children with their hair’natural’. It is not a good look, I feel sorry for the children as they look so unkempt.

    • I think they are a lovely and loving family. And yes, maybe Seal is not the most handsome entertainer, but apparently Heidi sees deeper than that. I understand he is very romantic, and what woman does not want that? Good luck to them both.

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