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Former Olympic sprinter Marion Jones has a new beginning: she is pregnant with her third child. In 2008, the Olympic track star spent six months in jail for perjury concerning her involvement in a check fraud scam and her use of performance enhancing drugs. Speaking to a roomful of  people at the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Africana Studies on April 23rd, Marion spoke of her regrets and her “new beginning”

“I wish that at certain moments in my career that I really had taken a break and stepped back from the fame, the money, and the success,” she said, “and thought about the decision I was making. One of my biggest regrets is that I did not do that at pivotal moments in my life and my career.”

“I went through so many emotions,” she added. “But when I first went in there was this feeling of relief. People are surprised by that. But it was relief in the sense that I knew I’d done what I had to do. It was the start of a new beginning for me.”

Marion Jones is alreadymom to two younger sons.


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    • She just didnt make one mistake along the way, she made a ton. She was my idol growing up, ya I know we all make mistakes, but hell, she made alot more than one, and lied about them for awhile. You Marion have crushed alot of young woman in this country.

  1. This child is the child of her and her husband Obadele Thompson. Only the first child Timothy is from her then partner of life Tim Montgomery

  2. I used to like her so much but she made some bad decisions and lied to the public. She’s no longer a champion in my book but she deserves another chance at happiness and success. Her other kids are by two track stars one of which I think she’s still married to. Maybe her sons can redeem her legacy in track and field someday.

  3. Congrats Marion,

    She was also my role model coming up as a trackster. It was a blow when the truth was revealed but I definitely COMMEND her for stepping up to the plate and taking responisibility.

    I pray all is well with her and that she has a healthy beautiful baby! (I secretly hope that it’s a GIRL)

  4. Wow, she hit the ground running ;-). Marion, you are still a role model to me. Yes, you made a mistake. Lord knows we all do, but you are a better person for it, and now you have been given a new life and a new life within you.

    You are truly an inspiration. Congrats to your and your husband.

  5. I never seen her kids or husband before. Congrats on the new baby I hope her new day is bright and the baby is healthy.

    • Her husband is a handsome black guy that use to run track, She has one child with him, and the other son with Tim Montgomery who is serving time in federal prison for the check scam.

      Her current husband stood by her side along with her Mohter, He would drive to FT Worth to see her in prison, That’s a hell of a man, I hope and wish nothing but the best for her, She deserves a second chance and a right to be succesful and make a living. She made a mistake I hope othes learn from it,

  6. I wish her and her family the best. She made a mistake, owned up to it, paid for it and is learning from it. I respect her and know she’ll be ok. Keep your head up, Marion.

    • Jas: She didnt own up.
      She lied for years.

      Only when the Feds came and showed her concrete proof did she take the plea deal.

      I wish her a successful pregnancy. Maybe she’ll get a girl!

  7. Marion Jones was my hero back in my old Track days in High School. It is so sad that she fell so low…hopefully her new beginning will be Bright one!

  8. Congrats on the new baby and the fresh start! ;)

    We all make mistakes and have done things that we are not proud of. (Can you imagine the whole world knowing your biggest mistake?!!)We live and we learn, we reap what we sow and most importantly never we never do it anything.

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