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-Iman and Alexandria in September 2007-

Almost a quarter-century separates Supermodel Iman’s daughters Zulekha and Alexandria. When Kevin Sessums,a writer for Parade magazine, remarked on this major age disparity between her two daughters, 53-year-old Iman responded, “God! You’re making me sound even older than I am. People talk about the miracle of birth. No. There’s the miracle of conception. I did IVF, but nothing happened. So I began to think of adoption, and then I got pregnant. It was definitely a miracle.”

The miracle birth that Iman refers to is the birth of her second daughter Alexandria,8, with whom she has with her husband, rocker David Bowie.  Zuleka, Iman’s first daughter from her first marriage with former NBA star Spencer Haywood, is now 30 years old.

So how does motherhood differ for the legendary mom now almost a quarter of a century later?

“The difference between rearing a child in your 20s and one in your 50s is one of patience,” Iman says. “I was at the height of my career when I had my first child, and I took her with me around the world. Then I had to root her in school. It was difficult to leave her behind. Now this one thinks she has it tough because both her old parents are at home with her all the time. When Lexi was about 4, she first saw a picture of David as Ziggy Stardust [one of Bowie’s flamboyant stage personas]. ‘Why is his hair orange?’ she wanted to know.” Iman laughs. “The makeup didn’t faze her.


Iman and Zuleka-Picture taken in 2009


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  1. Iman punishes one daughter by leaving and punishes the other one by staying! Zulekha needs to get over it; a lot of people had less than idea mothers. Beautiful people don’t always have beautiful children; sorry that none of her daughters got her perfect model features and chisled features!

    Alexis is stunningly cute…I hate to intrude, it is hard enough growing up, but to have people in the world sitting making judgements about you and your family is very sad. The couple might smother the child because of their guilt over their other failures as parents? Give the kid some freedom to discover what she wants to be or she will rebel like David did in his early career.

  2. hi, guys. I am a Somali. Never thought pple would give alot of attention to color, race, or personal issues than our avarage naive Somali old generation. I agree with you guys tasked volunterely about commenting of what you hear or see. That gives me or you or anybody of a conclusion that modelling is nothing but exotic race show than the clothing or the gudgets they show around for sale. Note that quote from me if you are wise enough.

    To my African kins please take it easy we are all black and african, it is God’s creativity that differs us(genetics) that i even not same exact feature with either of my parents and so do you among yourselves(blacks,whites, oriental and many indegenious people). To those who have low self steem, be yourself and natural who ever you are. don’t wonder you heard me well……..no excuses…………

  3. I always thought Iman was rather strange-looking and she sounds like a man. Her daughters are attractive, though.

  4. I’m white (random sampling of European descent). My ex-husband has equal parts black, French, Chinese, and Vietnamese ancestry. The end result is my daughter. I’m not saying that I’m an expert on these things, but I’ve never gotten the impression that White people were looking for a blond-haired, blue-eyed baby for a sense of perfection. The truth is, I’ve never met a White person that even knew my daughter was mixed, unless they saw our family dynamic or had been told about it. Whereas, black people have stopped me while I was walking down the street, brazenly asking what she’s mixed with. The only Asian people that ever ask about her heritage have been Chinese. There’s apparently something about the inside corners of her eyes that can be identified as Chinese by those expertly familiar with Chinese eyes. Those people seem to find her Vietnamese heritage distasteful, but that’s unrelated. People who have been more aware of the differences in her appearance have predominantly been Black; they were unafraid to talk about it. And White people… have just seemed clueless. I can’t tell you how many white people have told me that my daughter looks exactly like me. I have light blue eyes, fine, light brown straight hair, and pale skin. My daughter has dark brown unusually shaped eyes, coarse dark brown curly hair, and a nose & cheekbones almost identical to my Asian mother-in-law. Not to mention that she has much darker skin than me. When White people do remark on my daughter’s background, they usually say something like “Really? I never would have guessed. But I can kinda see that now, she’s a little like a tanned Audrey Hepburn.” They might say a “tanned Bjork.” But still. Audrey Hepburn? Weird. Must be the only brown haired, brown eyes woman they thought of as exotic. With White people, it’s seemed like they have viewed my daughter’s racial ambiguity as falling within the default arena of “White.” A

  5. Iman’s little girl is cute because all little kids are cute. It’s her hair and skin coloring you guys are raving about. Be honest. The worst person you can lie to is self.

    I agree with the posters who say the bi-racial kids are raved about simply because they are bi-racial. To the woman who says whites also rave over bi-racials more than they do their own white children, wrong answer. Bi-racial is never going to be accepted as white for one (although a bi-racial will be accepted and oftentimes embraced and put on a pedestal by blacks), and secondly, whites as a group love nothing better than they do ANY blue-eyed blond, which is the opposite of black and bi-racial.

    All different races are beautiful but not everyone sees that. Personally, I especially like the black African look… the dark skin, full lips, coarse hair, high cheekbones, great natural bodies when maintained. And I can even admit that I prefer this look because that’s what I see in the mirror. No apology.

  6. WOW! They are so beautiful….Iman you and your daughter are so inspiring! Thank you for all you’ve done for women of color and representing us so well. Your youngest is way too cute…smile

  7. MixtryMama..how do you know the ppl’s on BCK are black that are leaving comments…i would have to say you’re contradicting yourself..as in streotyping…any a race of ppl can have those feelings regarding iman’s kids

  8. stunningly attractive??!!.. never seen those two words beening use together, but iman divorce her first husband in the 80’s..left her first daugther with her ex. to continue to pursue her modeling carrer,it was reported she didnt have a relationship with her as achild

  9. Both daughters are attractive, but Lexi is cuter because she’s just a natural beauty and she’s a little girl, not because she’s mixed. Children usually are cuter than adults, FYI.

    As for people thinking mixed children are more beautiful than black children, that’s not true as a rule and I think everyone already knows that.

    However, no one mentioned how mixed children seem to get more positive comments than white children also. In my husband’s side of the family, they are enamored by my son and even white people in stores say he’s the most beautiful child they’ve ever seen, and then they look at my husband’s white nieces and nephews and say, “Oh, they’re cute too,” with much less enthusiasm, as a pity compliment. But I suppose that’s okay to the black folks on here who believe that it would be racist the other way around.

  10. Both of her girls are stunning; Zulekha is lovely and the little one is very cute. Iman makes gorgeous children!!!

  11. Why is it every bi-racial person is always said to be beautiful?? When that ish is so very far from the truth! You surely don’t hear the same thing about a black person (with no direct mixture)…I know its all about that brainwashing that has been taking place for the longest time…teaching black people to hate the black skin their in..PERIOD!

    So I say Zulekha is the BEAUTIFUL ONE of the two!!!

    • I do think that Alexandria is beautiful (as is Zulekha who could actually be a model IMO), but I do agree with you. If there is a mixed raced child, no matter how they look, people will claim that he or she is beautiful.

      People will even have a baby with a certain race because they think that their child will automatically be beautiful. Sadly, my friend who is dark skinned wants her children’s father to be Italian because she thinks they’ll have “pretty babies.”

      • i have a friend like that also blue, she looks for white men with blue or green eyes so she will have a mixed child with light colour eyes, i agree its sad, i would like to say that i’m sure once any child is born their mother will love it but i also have a friend who complains that her own son is too dark and next time she will go for a lighter skinned man!! smh

      • Blue I agree, Diana’s Ross’ daughter Rhonda says that her mothers friends would always compliment her bi-racial sisters completely ignoring her, gushing over them saying they could be models and such and she said it had a affect on her. My own neice would only date white guys until she finally had a blond haired blue eyed baby that her and my sister rave about, I hate to say this about the baby but all he does is whine and cries no personality like my other nephew who is black. This is a form of self hate in my opinion. And I would say Iman’s younger daughter is no great beauty she is cute like all kids but no great beauty, and the last tee hee hee about the backhanded comment on Michelle Obama is who got the best man Michelle got the president of the united states, she got a bi-sexual has been rocker.

        • deschl, that piece was funny, big time Laugh, heee! hee! haa!haa!
          last line about Bowie, funny as hell. So freaking true. I too wasnt feeling the hate, about the first lady, Iman, or He-man shouldnt have gone down that road, she is Ethiopian. How would she feel if someone speculate that she might not even have a all of her private parts, because of female genitaila mutilation that is so practiced in her culture. I also think she hides her first daughter, for whatever reason, because i didnt even know that she had a grown daughter until she gave birth to her second daughter 8yrs ago.
          one love

          • I’m Somali so I think it’s ok for me to say this. Iman is a Somali woman. Our culture does do FGM (female genital mutilation)unfortunetly. Most likely she did have it done. She came from a high class family so she probably received the less severe types of FGM (there are three types)If you check out somali history and slavery in the country you will understand why the older Somali generation are racist (pretty much to all races, the most to West African decent). The racism is subtle (kind of like Canadian racism compared to American racism) It’s behind your back. The only way a somali woman can marry outside her race is if he is white and if not than atleast rich or religiously known “Shiek”. I think there is a social stigma connect to slavery and there is a lot of self hate displayed by dark skinned girls (in my culture too). I didn’t grow up in Somalia, I grew up in Toronto, a place where you see a lot of different cultures and back grounds. So luckely for me I feel attracted to all races. I’m currently dating a liberian guy raised in America. I also feel that Iman is from an old time when somali people thought like she did (for example her comment on Michelle Obama) But thankfully because of the younger generation like myself, mindsets are changing. Also check out Arab slavery, and why they changed the game. (slavery used to be based on class until they changed it). riveting stuff.

    • i agree with blue, and i understand what u are saying luvleel, but the way u say it makes it sound like u are doing the same thing that the people you are critisicing are doing, i.e saying zulekha is the beautiful one because she is darkskinned, i do happen to think zulekha is beautiful but i think that because she has such beautiful features and bone structure, not because of skincolour, i’m not trying to criticise, i just feel that we all have to stop looking at skincolour to define how beautiful people are, (like u said)

  12. Recently my granddaughter gave me some Iman makeup. I must say it’s truly wonderful. It gives a smooth flawless natural cover. I love it.

  13. Both daughters are beautiful.
    Lexi looks just like her daddy David Bowie without his make up its same exact face:)

  14. Wow, Zuleka is really looking fab. She’s lost a lot of weight. Good for her. I’m glad they’ve worked through their differences. Life is way too short to keep looking back at the past. Awesome!


    • no, i am NOT justifying what she said to her older daughter.

      why must someone think they’re ‘white’ if they have (what you consider) a contrary thought? black people don’t think/do ill-advised things in your world? must be nice…

      • Yeah, I don’t get it either, why would every rude black person would see her/himself as white? Can’t black criticize other blacks? Are white ruder in your opinion? You’re so intolerant!

  16. Iman is physically attractive and both of her daughters are equally beautiful.

    But Iman has made comments that let’s me know she’s drinking way to much of her own juice. She just seems to look down on people she doesn’t feel is as glamorous as her and her husband. Maybe I’m hating but I’m not feeling her anymore.

  17. “…Maybe looks in the mirror and see’s herself as white…”

    i have NO idea where that came from.

    both of iman’s daughters are very pretty/attractive.

    i’ve also read the same things about iman’s relationship with her older daughter. as hard as those things sound (and undoubted were to experience), anyone who has watched antm or similar shows should appreciate the mindset that she was probably under at that time. she may not even be totally over it now, but i’m believe she sees things in a perspective she could not have possible had at the height of her direct involvement in the modeling industry.

    that being said, i’m glad it looks as though their relationship has evened out and hope they are as close as they seem in the picture.

  18. @ Blue, I believe she said and did this to her daughter, After what she said about Michelle Obama. Maybe looks in the mirror and see’s herself as white. Her oldest daughter looks nothing like the young one. I wish BCK would put up her picture so I can see if they get OH SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL.

  19. Cute daughter, But Mom gets no love after what she said about Mrs. Obama. Saying she is not a great beauty. Maybe in Iman’s eyes. I just think it could have been left alone. Like Iman without the fake long semi blonde hair, Michelle Obama is a natural beauty.

    • I caught that too.

      Her supporting arguement was ridiculous too. Something along the lines of “I’m such a great beauty that the only way I could move is down” and “Mrs. Obama can only move up”!

      Couldn’t believe what my own eyes were reading. Anyway, both women are glamourous. To each their own. Just wish that Iman would have thought before making that ill-gotten statement.

      • I read that article and didn’t get that Iman was insulting Mrs. Obama. I understand that comment, actually. Michelle Obama is stunningly attractive, but she’s not a “great beauty”. There is a difference. Often times a stunningly attractive person fares better than a person who is just plain out beautiful. I don’t even know how exactly to explain it (obviously), but I agree with the statement. And for the record, I don’t think Iman said she’s such a great beauty that the only way she could move is down. I just didn’t take it as a slam against the First Lady.

  20. Wow, little Alexandria is such a beautiful little girl. David and Iman must be so proud. They’re a great combo:-)

  21. I have heard those rumors about Zulekha as well. I believe them too. A model’s jet stream life is just not suitable for a child. Both girls are beautiful.

  22. There has been so much gossip about Zulekha and Iman’s relationship, none of which is good. Most say that Iman was never a mother to her and has always favored Lexi. Does anyone know if this is true?

    • Hey Blue…I don’t know if it’s any truth to it but I don’t think Lexi played a part in their relationship. Being that her oldest was in her twenties by the time the youngest was born. They may be suffering from issues between the two of them. That could be the reason she had another child so late in age. To make up for the relationship she didn’t have with her first.

      Her story line reads, her first traveled with her. Being a working mother myself, it’s hard to give your child 100%. She was probably being pulled in every direction & unable to give that undivided attention she needed. A child doesn’t always see stars & lights. They see plain ole mommy & unfortunately some think you have a money tree or ATM in the backyard (lol).

      • Thanks for you reply Realist :) I didn’t mean to infer that Lexi had anything to do with the realtionship between Iman and Zulekha (I realized that I worded that wrong after I hit submit lol), just that Lexi has always been treated better than Zulekha ever was.

        “She often told me I was as fat as a whale.”
        “Zulekha, Iman’s child by basketball star Spencer Haywood, claimed the model was a horrible mother who made her life a living hell.”
        “Zulekha also claimed that Iman left her home alone without food while she went partying, and even went on a ski trip to Aspen and forgot about her.”
        Those are the kinds of things I have been reading about Iman in regards to Zulekha. I hope that things are really as you say and that she just couldn’t devot her time to Zulekha because of work.

        • Your welcome Blue…I also believe there is some truth to those statements. From the statements made, it sounds like very personal issues between her & mom. Hopefully they’re ok now.

          I also had her & Beverly Johnson’s daugther mixed up. When I pulled up the pic I was thinking, wait…I’ve never seen her (lol).

    • zuleka said iman was a bad mom and she wasnt a mother at all she wasnt really their for her growing up.
      zuleka said iman force her to stay skinny and cause, her to have low self esteem. she favors her mix daughter who she had with a white man they have been married for 20 years.

    • yes, zuleka said iman was a bad mom and she wasnt a mother at all she wasnt really their for her growing up.
      zuleka said iman force her to stay skinny and cause, her to have low self esteem. she favors her mix daughter who she had with a white man they have been married for 20 years.

  23. I didn’t know she had another child. Let alone a little girl. I haven’t seen her first child since she was a child/teenager. Wonder how she’s doing. Would luv to see a pic of her.

    • I am sure iman realize other races make similar comment directed at black models .Oh they just stick one in the group
      ,they are not as beautiful as the others ,so that is like making similiar comparison to Obama’s wife
      think ,poeple probably made those comment when she was a model at the time.

    • I am sure iman realize other races make similar comment directed at black models .Oh they just stick one in the group
      ,they are not as beautiful as the others ,so that is like making similiar comparison to Obama’s wife
      think ,people probably made those comment when she was a model at the time.

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