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  1. I visit this blog all the time and see new pics of Hugh Jackman and his son ALL the time. I work on 34th street in Manhattan, NY, so it was so funny (and totally unexpectted) when I walked right past Hugh and his son on my way to the train station last week Wednesday (May 20th).

    I spotted Oscar first on his scooter about to run me over. And then just when I started to say to myself, “Hey, isn’t that . . .”, I look up and see Hugh next to him in dark shades and a cute hat (the same hat he has on above as-a-matter-of-fact).

    Manhattan is fast-paced and it all happened so quickly, I didn’t even have a chance to say hi, hello, or boo. But let me just share with you ladies: that is one good-looking man! He’s thinner in person and much better looking too – TV/the big screen doesn’t do him justice. Oscar looks the same in person as he does in pics, I guess that’s why I recognized him immediately.

    I always love visiting this blog, so I thought it would be cool to share my citing.

    P.S. – I saw Irv Gotti last week friday in New Rochelle, but he had no kids with him. He was sitting in a hot car looking quite alone and lonely. LoL

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