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Actress Lauren London, who is rumored to be pregnant with rapper Lil’ Wayne’s baby, is allegedly not too happy about the impending birth. Just a couple of days ago, Lauren allegedly made this confirmation through her publicist:

“At first we weren’t happy about the pregnancy but now we are fine. Wayne and I will happily raise this baby together.” 

Now 24hourhiphop is reporting that Lauren isn’t at all happy about her pregnancy. This is what 24hourhiphop had to say:

In fact Lauren still is not happy about this pregnancy but Wayne pressured her into keeping it, apparently even threatening to go public with the news that she was pregnant…if Lauren didn’t keep it. Obviously fearing what reputation this would put on her and her career, she opted to do the right thing and keep the baby. But she is not happy with it at all!

“Lauren is letting everyone close know this is not what she planned. She’s mainly worried what effect this will have on her career. She doesn’t want to be stigmatized as just Lil Wayne’s baby mama.” A cousin of Lauren’s said to the press.

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    • Sweetie, this posting was in May 2009. It’s almost a yr old. You are already forgotten about.

      Baby is here & people have moved unto the next one.

  1. This lady is lyin, now come on y would he wnt anotha chick prego. every one loves money y would he wnt anotha person takin bready outta his pocket..smh he was happy cus she jus wnt his money..she aint doin nothin now nor any time soon and she needed sum 2 fall bac on.. she needs jus just sit her a– dwn n do sum.. idont get it y now does she wnt 2 get prego w. this dude.. if he ddnt have bready she wouldnt give 2 craps abt him nor give him a 2nd look w. all them damn tat’s. smh at chu lauren london. n anotha thing ur cousin meant ” ANOTHER ONE OF lil WAYNE”S BABY MOMS ” cus sweety u aint dha 1st cus toya will always b dha 1st noo matta wat.

  2. People always saying what someone should’ve did. Laura you’re a black women. We are born with natural strengths that cannot be denied. Think about your child. Give him or her the best life that you can give. Lil Wayne may not be good on the looks side, but he surely takes care of his kids. And that factor alone makes him a man.


  4. ok i am a lil late but i m a cool dude. ms. london you are far to young and beautiful to be the baby momma of no talent wayne. in ten years you will be chasing him for child support the rapper will not have what it takes to raise your child. keep your head up and continue with your career because i have a son who will be in your corner after he finishes law school he loves you

  5. for some reason, after the released news about Lauren London being pregant I just do not like her any more. Nor Nivea. [if she's really pregnant by Lil Wayne also]
    Honeslty he needs no more children. pretty soon, there is going to be a Toya & Lauren London & Nivea show. :)

  6. Lauren london is stoopid!!!! She aint got time to be actin all mad now she knew what she was doin when she open her legs up to lil wayne so she should of thought about her career and all when she took her panties off for him!!! Thats my opinion!

  7. no man can force a woman to have his baby especially when the man aint in a relationship with you, is in love and with and also impregnated another woman and has 2 other kids. if she didnt want it she could have had an abortion with or without his knowing..she aint stupid!!

  8. This is untrue. Its about three different stories out there that doesn’t seems to match up. Who is her cousin they mention about. Hello! can i get ah name. LOL this is silly to me.

  9. The people on here i really goofy to believe Lauren London had any babies by Wezzy. First of London got class. Its about three different stories and all of them seem lyke BS. How this sound, Wayne threaten her that he’ll go to the public, so she change her mind. Could they come with something better than that. Goofies!

  10. You must be crazy . Are you really serious about this. Why did you sleep with him in tha first place. He is not cute and look whats going on between him and his ex wife. Im just sayin i nevered would of thought that u would have had a baby by him out of evertybody he can rap but he wouldn’t been my first choice.

  11. I agree… I like his music but he does look like a walking STD. And he’s been screwing her off and on since she was doing music videos before she did “ATL”… matter of fact, she was in one of his videos.

    And just because her twitter makes her seem happy about everything doesn’t mean she is. Her publicist is probably updating it for her.

    And what happened to his other baby mama that he was supposedly marrying or married to? Hmm.

    Well, even if her career goes down the tubes, she can live off the millions of dollars of 18 yrs of child support just like his first baby mama. If it was about money- I don’t get it- she use to work for Diddy he’s not all that attractive but a better prospective baby daddy and she was with him for a while.

    Im not gonna even lie if I was in her situation, I spend my nine months hoping that if I had a little girl she’d look like my spitting image… I’d be so depressed to be tied to dude. If Lil’Wayne did bully her into keep it, then he probably just wanted to prove to the public (the unbelievers) that he could and has had her. Otherwise, what well known woman would want anybody to know they slept with him… looking at him makes me itch lol

  12. no co co co co condoms for the lollipops?Ya’ll knew better.And so what if he was going to leak the story if you didn’t keep it?De Nile (denial) is not only a river in Africa.Pressure?!?!?! hmmm,let’s see….career?or unplanned baby?Whoa is me,I can’t decide.great figure with abs vs.stretch marks and “southern boobs”,breastfeeding bra or La Perla? (give me a break about feeling pressure,you knew the deal.

    DISCLAIMER:Not an advocate for abortions but an avid advocate for common sense….WRAP IT UP.Remember,kids,,,,a baby is not the ONLY thing you can catch.

  13. I think yall will do much fine………yall a cute lil couple,but didnt Lil Wayne jus have a son?What happened 2 dat baby mamma?

  14. Lauren decided to keep the baby because if she didn’t Wayne was going to tell? Tell who? That doesn’t even make sense!!!!

    Folks love to spread crap about celebs and “we” love to believe it.

    From what I’ve read on Lauren’s own Twitter page, she seems to be happy and in a really good place.

    Time will only tell if all these rumors are true about her and Wayne being together or splitting up or whatever.

    Sloppy story.

  15. I would be foolish if I believed everything I read, lucky for me, i’m not! I don’t believe that Lauren is pregnant. And even if she is, she won’t be the first woman to have an unplanned pregnancy—and definitely not the last. A publicist usually protects a clients image, not glorifies the allegations. I’m ready for something newsworthy.

  16. She’s been with Wayne since she was a young buck!! They might as well go ahead! He’s her true love! They have matching tatoos!!!

    • i totally agree if she didn’t want it she should have never told him she knew what she was doing and she is too old not to know the out comes of unprotected sex come on now and ta hell with her career who or what is more important her career or her unborn son for damn sure not her career i personally would like to say congrads and also from what i read on another site is that she plans to put wayne through hell as far as his child being that she has found out nivea is pregnant but come on now wayne makes it perfectly clear he loves her but yes no child should be seperated from there parent because of there issues thats not right and in the long run her son will hold a grudge towards her

      • Ok, is it just me but if Lauren terminated the pregnancy and Wayne put her on blast what proof would he have to prove she was ever pregnant? Deny, Deny, Deny! Being yet another Black woman having a child out of wedlock for a dude who not only recently had a child but another on the way isn’t going to hurt her career? I beg to differ. And yes Lauren you’ve already been crowned a satistic ‘Just another baby ma ma’ maybe she’ll get a reality show for being Wayne’s Baby ma ma. Ummmph, she should have aimed higher!

  17. She should have really thought about that beforehand. She knew the consequences prematurely. She surely didnt get pregnant holding hands.

    Lauren will change her mind once she feels the first move of the baby. She’ll fall in love with the baby. I really wish her luck.

  18. Hun? i guess i really don’t see Lil’ Wayne appeal,but i guess everyone to their own taste. I think that Lauren just needs to focus on being a good mother to her child and stop w/any regret she may have,because her baby is growing inside her now and that’s it there is no going back.

  19. I can’t believe she would even get with him. Wayne looks like a walking STD. Not to mention the fact that he has got a habit. Welcome to the world of single motherhood Lauren! Good luck cashing those checks about 15 years from now. Wayne doesn’t strike me as the kind of a man with a financial plan.

  20. This is so hard to believe on Lauren’s part. And I agree with the poster who said that abortion is murder. Anyway, they both have major responsibilites ahead. When you do certain things, then you should expect certain results.

  21. She was worried about him going public if she didn’t keep the baby? Umm, she is keeping it and it went public anyway, so what’s the point? Was she concerned that people would think badly of her for having an abortion? People are going to think what they want either way so she should have made her own decision and not let someone else force her to do something she didn’t want to do. I am still trying to picture her with Lil Wayne..period!

  22. ummm…im gonna be real with the both of yall i never in my life that this wud happen but everythang happen for a reason and me with experience lauren u may not be happy rite now but trust me wen u see the baby it’ll change ur life because wen i thought about i said if there was no one else on this earth that didnt love or care for me i wud always know that i wud have my child rite there always by my side to love and care for me just like i do him and i hope for the best of both of ya’ll and cant wait to see what the baby luks like and both of yall just keep ya head up and next time f u wanna stay safe then wear a condom iight but if it happens again it is what is and dnt ever have an abortion because just think if that was u and ur mom wanted abortion but no one wants to get aborted….lol but foreal god luck and god bless!!

  23. Lauren and Lil Wayne have been EFFIN for years. She can say it was an accident all she want but she know whats up. I wish her a safe and healthy delivery none the less. I’ts crazy that after having one child a 10 yr old and was married to her mom he was looking responsible sexually now Lil Wayne is turning himself into a babydaddy!! This is baby and mama# 3. Don’t you see that your checks are taller than you Wayne?

  24. Im just curious as to this wonderful hollywood career she had before this. I can only recall her being in some rap videos and ATL. Its not like she’s Taraji Henson or something.

  25. Did you know LIL’WAYNE has now 3 baby mamas in that case and also he is making adverts in the USA for a condom brand called stay strapped lol how Hilarious check google and his website for more details you will see a poster of Lil’Wayne holding condoms and saying Stay Strapped whilst stating on the same poster about the risks of getting HIV!

  26. Dang Lauren is the ultimate trophy wife. Trina, Antonia or his other bm aint got [nothing] on her! She should have had a “miscarriage”. How he gon tell her to keep it, forget that. She should not have told him. Many celebrities have had quiet abortions. she wil forever be labeled as Lauren London, actress and mother of Rapper Lil Wayne’s child. Who would want a child with him anyway? He already has 2 by 2 different moms when will he find the time for that one? But she’s only 24, she has her whole life ahead of her a baby shouldn’t stop her dreams. they should name it Londyn Carter if it’s a girl.

  27. I totally agree with Jessica: “Do NOT let a man pressure you into sex, keeping a baby, or marriage. Do NOT!!!”
    If she didn’t want to have that child she should have gotten an abortion. If it’s not too late she should get it! Noone should make those decisions for you. She should be the one deciding what is good for her. Not him! How ridiculous! I wish her the best though…

  28. Lauren will be ok and she will change her mind when she sees the baby and hopefully she will learn from this.

    If she didnt use a condom, then shame on her because not only did she put her life at risk, because getting pregnant is the least of her worries but now she has an unplanned pregnancy to someone who isnt her man and thats never a good situation…

    If she did use a condom and it broke than thats unfortunate but thats why we ladies should always use hormonal birthcontrol as back up because condoms break when not used properly! Good luck to her though.

  29. With her star rising she made a miss step by involving herself with a man who likes to take pictures of himself kissing another grown man who likes to call himself “baby”…..yeah she should be worried about her career – calling in the damage control team….how does that improve her image to Hollywood?

    It was bad enough she decided to involve her career in some form or fashion with Diddy – even tho it was Sean John – Diddy is a career killer no matter what industry it is…..

    Good luck with that tom-foolery Lauren…you’re gonna need it…

  30. Why on Earth would Lauren London have sex with Lil Wayne. Why? He just had a son and his disgusting.

    My black females PLEASE listen to me. Do NOT let a man pressure you into sex, keeping a baby, or marriage. Do NOT!!! Those are major life decisions and you should not let other people make it for YOU since YOU will have to deal with it everyday of your life!!!! Did Lil Wayne swear to God on his life that he would be there for her everyday like he probably told his last 2 baby mommas. Please think before you have unprotected sex, please.

    I’m so disappointed in her and disgusted with him.

    • I agree.

      I always say that any woman who is not married should always prepare to raise a child alone. Children change everything. Couples tend to focus on the children and forget about the communication necessary for a relationship to survive.

  31. Hopefully Wayne’s Troll gene won’t be dominate and this child will have half a chance at actually looking like a human being. I guess Lauren is just lookin for a regular, monthly check to be deposited into her account at the expense of an innocent child. This is the very reason entertainers like Wayne get away with makin babies all over town because these chicks can’t keep their legs closed.

  32. omg lil wayne?? i just cant imagine anyone kissing him let alone having sex with it. lauren could have done better. now she got herself in a mess omg!

  33. To be honest I would not be suprised if he did it on purpose to her… he probably was using his condom that may have never exsisted!! Lauren London to me seems far smarter then that and your right we dont know if this is the truth but Little Wayne and Lauren London are both adults and heck to keep it real he probably slipped her a miki!! Because he can rap but he is but his looks are so WACK!

  34. You’d be surprised at the amount of people who know absolutely nothing about STD’s and STI’s. We can’t assume that Lauren or Lil Wayne are aware of the dangers. She should be estatic that she didn’t catch anything. ( assuming she didn’t)

    • LOL @ Tanya…I ain’t mad at you for giving them the benefit of doubt.

      I personally refuse to believe they know nothing. I think it’s more of “it can’t happen to me” or hoping “it won’t happen to me”. Because if nothing else, they’re both aware of how babies are made.

      Generally speaking: Most men seem to think that just because a woman is fine & appears clean, it’s all good. But just like they’re thinking that. There’s a list of men that feel the same way & probably hitting it as well. Now everybody is getting sick.

      That’s like when that rumor came out that Chris B. beat up Rhianna because she gave him something. I work with a lot of men & listening to their conversation, you wouldn’t believe how many guys said they would have been all up in it also (lips included) without thinking (even my boss). SCARY

  35. A hot mess is all I have To say. When i heard lauren was pregnant by a rapper months ago, little wayne would have never crossed my mind. I think he wanted her to keep the baby because it would make him look good, but what about her? I would have thought about myself and got rid of it personally, but then again I would have never laid down with him for all the money he had and got knocked up!!! I would be too concerned about him sleeping with everyone else and cursing my baby to look like that!!! Good Luck lauren, you were the eye candy once, a girl going places, a beautiful person, and now look. Just make better choices next time.

    • i’m not saying she was right or wrong to get pregnant by lil wayne but why does that mean that she can’t still be eye candy (obviously after she gives birth) or still be going places? babys are supposed to be blessings, i think ppl forget this,its not like she’ll have to live off the state. she can support herself, plus lil wayne financially supports his other kids so why do having a baby have to be a bad thing?

      • I’m not saying she won’t still be all the things I listed above, Im just reflecting on how she was doing in her past and this mess that she is in now. Like she said who wants to be known as just little wayne’s babies mother? Especially if you already had a name for your self. I love lauren as a person and dont want to see her do bad at all. Like I said she should just make better choices next time. I know lil wayne was not the only guy trying to get at her, but she picked him and it was irresponsible to have a baby with him this early in her career. He is going to be fine of course. Men always are, I just hope she and her career will be fine in the end. Lord Bless Them and The Child. Amen.

  36. We’re human (all make mistakes) but if she felt so strongly about this, protected sex should have been happening from the start. Everyone wants to have fun but you have to be responsible for self. Don’t give anyone that power over you. As disappointed as they say she is, she should have known the possible outcome(s).

    As many rumors that go around, she was worried about him going public if she didn’t keep the baby (are you serious)?! I personally wouldn’t have cared what he went public with. I’m not advising anyone to get rid of their child BUT if she felt she was making a mistake (although a child is a blessing) she should have done what was in her best interest. Then moved passed it (& him) as if it was only a rumor, if she was worried about her career.

    He did father a child not to long ago. I like both of them but he appears to be a bit out there. I’m sure the life he’s living right now, he’s not ready to settle down with one woman. He’s doing his thing (travel, drugs, women, etc.). He appears to care for & have a good relationship with his daugther but London could have done so much better being this will be her first child.


    Hopefully, it’s a rumor but if not I wish her the best.

    • I cosign 100%. Again, I just don’t get it. HIV/AIDS is ravishing our communities, yet people have the “it won’t happen to me” syndrome. It’s funny because I read a lot of blogs and whenever there is a thread on HIV/AIDS, you might get maybe 10 comments. It just appears as though we want to ignore the facts. We feel we are invincible.

      I’m glad she didn’t abort the baby, but then again, it’s not my life.

      Good luck, Lauren.

      P.S. She is so pretty. I wonder if she has high self-esteem. Just a question.

  37. Why do women get themselves into these situations? We are smarter than that. We know that if your have sex with protection there is a possibltity that you will get pregnant.

    I do hope the best for her and I am glad that she did not take the baby’s life. Babies are a blessing for GOD.

  38. dashayna do a youtube search on abortion survivor and watch Gianna Jessen tell the tales of her surviving an abortion after burning in her mother’s womb for x amount of hours and consider if you’d say the same thing.

    Abortion is murder straight up and down, allowed within our society and therefore accepted as ok. And over some entertainment career?! Sad.

    But good thing is this one will not be aborted and as someone else stated, her mind will change once the baby gets here.

    • i hear ya on that. i get disgusted to see people be so nonchalant about abortion and killing their babies. If you are old enough to play, you should be old enough and man/woman enough to suffer the consequence. And how sad for that baby to know his/her mama thought about aborting her for her career.

      It’s one thing for a teenage mom with no resources or support and who is afraid of their parents’ reaction, but for well paid actress to just kill her baby over her career. She should look to Tarhaji Henson and other single moms in the field that are doing very well.

      Another reason it is sad because there are so many infertile couples out there eager to adopt babies and we have young people killing babies every day out here! man!

      It’s your body, but once you create a life, you ending it is murder plain and simple!

  39. SMH. I just don’t get it; I really don’t. Everyone up top said exactly what I was going to say, so exit, stage left.

  40. And there ya have it ladies and gentlemen,celebrities are just as nasty and careless as non celebrity people. Save for Beyounce and Jay, now thats a good look.!

  41. this could have been avoided. just like the flip side when men holla that they didn’t want any kids. if no one’s discussing or worried abt b/control…..then obviously you’re open to the possibility of having a kid.

    • machelle…it’s almost like people are afraid or ashamed to speak up about protection.

      I’ve been there & I’m sure most of us have. Knowing I wasn’t in a serious relationship with the person (at the time) & no telling who he could have been sleeping with on the side. After the fact thinking to myself, why in the hell didn’t I open my mouth since he didn’t! Just because we were having “casual sex” on a regular basis didn’t make it ok. Thank god no pregnancy or disease was the outcome but why do we allow ourselves to be put at risk? So I can be real & speak from experience.

      Everytime someone makes a mistake like that, they need to have in the back of their mind, I could have just contracted AIDS. That will be a serious reality check with self.

  42. If she felt so strongly about this, protected sex should have been happening from the start. Everyone wants to have fun but you have to be more responsible for self. As disappointed as they say she is, she should have known the possible outcome(s). Common & sense question:

    As many rumors that go around, she was worried about him going public if she didn’t keep the baby (are you serious)?! I personally wouldn’t have cared what he went public with. I’m not advising anyone to get rid of their child but if she felt she was making a mistake .

    I’m with Just…he did father a child not to long ago. Ms. London why would you want to bring your first child in the world by him? I like both of them but he appears to be quite out there.

  43. If this is true, it’s a little too late for her to be upset about it.

    And the part about her “letting everyone close know this is not what she planned”..girl please!! I was 17 years old and had just graduated high school when I found out I was pregnant. I tried to use that “I didnt mean for this to happen” excuse with my parents and my mother smacked me so hard I heard my neck crack.

    Lauren is 25 or 26 years old. She is years older than I was and I’m sure she knew that naked + NO rubber = swollen belly LOL

  44. I can’t believe she would lay down and sleep with LiL Wayne, He just had a baby by a few months ago, And they wonder why people get AIDS. And then have no clue what went wrong.

  45. Well she should have bloody well used protection then shouldn’t she?!

    Your ‘baby daddy’ resembles a troll. I wouldn’t be over the moon at that either sweetheart!

  46. first off they could have used protection..condoms do pop. second off she should still have an abortion if she wants, call it a “miscarriage”. Third how he gonna force her to have a baby, she young and has a good career in work. He just had a baby. Be happy with that one.

    • dashayna, Wayne just had a kid with snother chick a few months ago. Lauren would be his 3rd or 4th baby mama. Yeah condoms pop but seriously, I think that lil dude is not wearing rubbers with some of these girls. I wish him and Lauren the best with the kid but no one is going to buy that “condom poppin” excuse from guys with multiple baby mama’s like Wayne or P Diddy LOL if this story is true

    • @ dashayna
      Yes condoms do pop but you know good and d*mn well they didnt use no condom..lol
      Highly unlikely in my opinion.
      Guess he used one last year when he got that other chick pregnant too!
      Point being…all of this casual sex is NOT a good thing.
      Ms.London should be thanking God that all she got from this experience is a baby and not an STD.
      Same thing for Lil Wayne too.
      Instead of focusing on rapping, eh should be more vigilant in “wrapping it up”!
      *Note*…I’m not implying that either Lauren or Lil Wayne has any kind of STD, I’m just merely talking about the risk factors of casual sex.
      Obviously, these two are not in a serious relationship.
      Just Sayin’….

  47. I really think that AIDS and other STDS are just a figment of the governments imagination. I mean really- look at how many people have unprotected sex without a care in the world. And morals are sooooo last century. Let’s just forget the way our parents raised us and the values they taught. *end of sarcasim*

    SMH…well I hope all goes well with the baby. I cna’t wait to see what he or she looks like.

    • A figment of imagination huh? Tell that to all the people out there suffering from HIV/AIDs and other STD’s.

      This is beyond ignorant. Sorry, but it is.

      • Just to play devil’s advocate for a moment, it’s quite possible that Ms. London did use protection.

        Accidents happen. Condoms have been known to break and “doubling up” is less effective than using one!

        Even when you are on the pill you can get pregnant! I know someone who was on the pill and had to take antibiotics and that pretty much shut down the efficacy of her protection. I’d never heard of such a thing before that! And apparently sickness and diarrhoea can mess you up as well.

        So everyone (general everyone, no one in particular) who has all the damn answers please stop.

        Now the only certain thing that could have prevented this would have been of course to abstain.

        • Oh and I agree about the protection. They could have been using a condom (even though this post is about Lauren and Wayne I was speaking in general- should have mentioned that lol).

        • Well, when we open up those legs (especially with someone we question) then we just take that risk. Sex is risky; everyone wants the pleasure, but no responsibility. People sling their body parts around like there are no consequences. Oh well.

        • Please! Condoms DO break, and there are some girls out there who are stripping to pay tuition…but most people who say both are hiding behind the fraction of error. There aren’t that many condoms that have broken since they were invented.

          Unprotected sex with Weezy though….classy! That’s only a career booster if you weren’t already famous. The man can hardly put together 3-4 consecutive sentences. At least she knows he’s not sleeping around…lol.

  48. Seriously? With Lil Wayne? I wouldn’t be happy either. They should have used protection. But congrats to them nonetheless.

  49. Did’nt Lil Wayne JUST recently become a new father again with the birth of his second child?
    Why are’nt these people afraid of AIDS with all of this unprotected sex that they’re apparently having?
    That’s crazy…
    And what is it that these women see in Lil Wayne?
    That’s even crazier…
    Just Sayin…

  50. She should have thought about that before she laid down and had sex with him without protection, come on people you know that this can happen!!! I think her feelings will change once the baby arrives, she will love her baby and put this all behind her, cuz one thing I know life goes on.

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