neffepregnant2009Singer Keyshia Cole’s sister Neffe has confirmed that she is indeed pregnant again after given birth to a baby boy just about a year ago. The reality television has revealed in a new video blog that she is pregnant with a baby girl.

Neffe first revealed that she was pregnant back in March of this year. She told Sister2Sister magazine: “I’m pregnant and I got an attitude with [my fiance] and i don’t want him to … touch me right now—or ever because it was not supposed to happen this way. Now I’m trying to figure this [stuff] out, ’cause I just had Jaylen.”

She later retracted her statement that she made to Sister2sister citing that “she originally thought she was pregnant because her body was going through crazy changes”

This baby will be the first for Neffe and her fiance Soullow. Neffe is already the mother of four children: Brianna(pictured), Christare, CiCi, and Jaylen(pictured). Rapper Soullow also has children from previous relationships.

**These are recent pictures of a pregnant Neffe. The middle picture shows Neffe’s youngest child Jaylen, her best friend Dariel, and her daughter Brianna.

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  1. I applaud Neffeteria. I am a single black mom with 4 children. I had a few marriages. It was not easy. But praise be to GOD I made it. I now have 1 son in the Navy, my two youngest are in college, and my oldest is gainfully employed. Most of the comments that I read here are very negative. I agree whole heartedly with Msshug. Neffe is trying to take care of her children on her own with out holding to Keisha’s coat tails. Love her or hate her, you have to admit Neffe and most definately Frankie were the stars of Keisha’s show. Now they have their own show, so yes they have their own money now.

  2. It’s so easy for people to get on blogs and talk about the speck in Neffe’s eyes when you have planks in yours. The difference between her and a lot of others is that she is on TV. Despite her jacked up upbringing, Neffee was married and her first 3 children were in the context of that marriage. Secondly, it’s evident that her fiance does care about her. Further, she has made steps toward indepence from her sister. She moved out of the house her sister bought into her own that she purchased with Soul Low. In addition, I’m certain that she gets some pay for being a part of the past and present show. She also published a book and is actively making efforts at self improvement. Her progress started she openly admitted that she had a problem. Yours remains hidden and therefore no progress is made.

  3. My boy D is blowing up all over the blogs….I’m so happy for him and he looks great!

    I have no comment on Neffe. My momma always told me that if you have nothing good to say, then don’t say nothing at all.

  4. This is sad! Neffie, your a female and mother to daughters. You sound disgusting saying your mad at your baby daddy and don’t know what happen? Set an example and practice safe sex,and stop depending on Keisha’s talent and fame to support your children. Better yet get a education and Job and please don’t think of getting a reality show for you mix matched family. It will not be Run’s House or Cosby Show, it will be an embarrassment to black family and pride,

  5. can she stop having babies………… who is footing the bill? Keisha. And what message is sending to her eldest daughter????

  6. She doin’ it like she a jack rabbit! All them mouths to feed in THIS economy and then she had the nerve to say she has an “attitude” about her pregnancy predicament like this is all homeboy’s fault? LMAO! Come on! To each his own but if that dude don’t wind up marrying her and remaining faithful then she gon’ be stuck on gum havin’ to be tied to him for the rest of her life. Like mother like daughter though. Don’t Frankie got 7 kids by 7 different men too?

  7. I have to admit that I do enjoy (most of)Keyshia’s music. However, she and her family have proven that no amount of money can buy CLASS. How does one explain to their children that they were fathered by multiple men? And in very close proximity? I guess Neffie is following Frankie’s footsteps in that regard. Smh.

    • you got that right. I, for the life of me, don’t understand why they would want to air that laundry for the nation to see. But that’s just me.


    • As Black American women, we are just stating opinions. When you put your life on a television show, hey, it’s open to commentary. That’s the way it works. She could have all the children she wants, but when she publicizes it, we can have our opinions. Don’t you agree?

      • yes i totally agree but when ppl start jus assuming your a bad mother because you choose to have more children then what they think is acceptable to them its kinda frustraiting to see ppl calling her a bad mother and everbody knows people are entitled to their own opinions but insulting her parenting skills is kind of over the line and disresectful if you dnt know the person or ever met them because reality tv isnt always real they edit alot of stuff out

        • but Lovin Life We would not know what kind of mother she is if she was not willingly and openly sharing it for the nation to see. She, to me, seems immature and selfish. I don’t say that she is not a loving Mother, but it does seem that she may not be a caring Mother. Her actions and conversation with her children leads me to think that maybe she needs to give up being a breeder so that she can have time to nourish the children that she has. Some people love babies because they are like dolls, but have little attenion and nourishing to offer once they leave the “baby stage”. I mean it appears that maybe she is hoping to capture the love of “the man of the moment” by having his baby. That to me is immaturity. Maybe had she spent more time with the Therapist that her sister provided for the family, she could have gotten to the root of her problems. You have to have time for children as well as love. How can you provide that time if you are always going through the childbearing stage while trying to win the love of a man in a relationship that is not even, yet, secure. You end up alienating your other children while selfishly trying to keep the man of the moment in your life. Can’t you see that? What about these children that you keep insisting she loves. Just because you give birth does not mean you know how to nurture. It’s like the men say to young Black Brothers, “just because you can make a baby doesn’t make you a Father”. The same thing holds true for our women. Too many of our Black children are left without guidance and companionship. Neffie, herself, was one of these children as she so plainly stated in some of the episodes. Someone has to break the cycle. Our Black children are golden and they deserve much more than some of them get. That’s all I’m saying. And what I have said is what I perceive from the show.

          • Do you remember the episode where her daughter wanted to go to public school and she wanted her to go to private? Does that mean shes not a caring mother? Or doesnt care how her children grow up?

        • If it is edited then as a responsible adult, and mother, you have the necessity of asking to agree to the final cut before it is aired. If you do not, then you are not being responsible, especially if your minor children are involved. That was one of the reasons that Keith Sweat did not want his children on the set of HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA, remember?

  9. Onnum2, I like to read the opinions of others (otherwise I would just write my own and ignore the rest). I am not trying to debate you, just trying to see what you saw that I didn’t (hence my reason for asking). Sorry if I made you feel like I am trying to argue as that was not my intention. Again, just wanted to know why you thought that.

    Ceeya, nope nothing is serious. I am just curious as to why she feels the way she does. If my terminology led you to think otherwise, that was not my intention.


    • That wannabe rapper is probably there because he thinks that Keisha will help him if he is with her sister and the father of her child. I’m still waiting for Rosa to give me that link where she saw Neffie as “GORGEOUS”

      • Khrish Hill,

        I usually don’t comment, but to me you have something negative to say about anything positive someone else say. Let Neffe live her life and you live yours………. you have to much time on your hands.

  11. Dang Neffe! I was hoping you take some YOU and YOUR KIDS TIME. You know bond with all of them strenthen communication and foundation because the girls are getting Big. I just knew after her son she would be on some birth controll let me get me ish! How many kids does Soul Low have? Whats his relationship like with them? I mean she gotta know that part of the attraction to her Is HER SISTER AND THE SHOW dugh! I can really see keyshia being sick of ish like this and always ending up with the tab its unfair. I really think keishia thought everyone would grow and get money insted they are the primetime black Springer Show. I wish Neffe the best children are GODs miricle gifts. We gotta cherish our bodies Its starting to look random Neffe sorry.

  12. This is why black people are talked. Lowered to nothing more then a baby mama or baby daddy. No respect for yourself.

  13. Neffe can have as many kids as she wants, but it just bothers me to see women having unprotected sex with various men, as if they are above AIDS, HPV, Herpes, etc.

    It makes me bitter because I know people who are cautious about their partner and use condoms, and still get an STD. Then there are people out there not giving a damn either way, and spreading contagions carelessly.

  14. Why not? What about octomom? What about the lady down south who has 18 children. She has a baby each year! But Neffe is planning on using Keshia Cole’s fame to support those babies. I have mad respect for Keshia Cole, but I do not want Keshia to be used by Neffe!

    • I agree with you. I watching the show Neffie seemed like it was her who was the famous one. You would think just out of consideration for herself, she would want to stop advertising her bed partners by using some form of birth control. It’s quite strange to hear a woman nowdays say she didn’t know she was pregnant and she is angry at the man. I wonder if she would continue this way if she did not have financial support of Keisha. You try to help out your family, and belive me, there is a star in heaven for Keisha, and they just lay down on you. Some people been down so long, getting up just don’t seem to cross their mind.

    • It takes a little bit more than love with children. It takes patience and temperance and spending time with them (quality time.) I don’t doubt that she loves them, but love alone is not all that’s needed.

  15. Neffe should learn to love herself she just had the baby boy not that long ago. A man is not going to fix any emotional issues. She clearly has some she is always yelling. She should realize she is worth taking time for herself. Then add the man and other babies. Well a baby is a blessing none the less Congrats.

    • AMEN!

      Plus, I really feel like he’s using her to get his thing started but Keyshia wasn’t messing with him. I’ve read in another article they’ve known each other before the show. But he probably didn’t think twice about her until Keyshia & the show came into her life. Why all of a sudden does he want a relationship once she’s on the show? Real suspect to me.

      I really feel he was trying to get in there, hoping to get a hook up through Keyshia. Keyshia most have seen straight through that because I’ve never seen her speak up on him (maybe I missed it) or back him in any way. She has some connections to get him where he need to be. Keyshia’s probably looking at him like another loser in her sister’s life but don’t want to hurt her feelings.

  16. This woman has absolutely ZERO self-control and is living off of her sister and broke baby daddies. She literally makes me sick to my stomach.

    • first of all jessica and khrish neffe and frankie are getting their own show and doesnt everyone on the show get paid to be on the show plus she wrote a book. So doesnt that mean she has some money. plus the show is 30mins. they dont have time to show if she has a job or not.

  17. Neffe is absolutely gorgeous. I really hope she finds the right man to settle down with, ties her tubes and start enjoying life and her kids.

    • Please link me to the site where Neffie is “absolutly gorgeous”. I must have missed that one. Keisha is absolutely gorgeous, Neffie, I haven’t seen that picture yet.

  18. Is that a man holding her son in the middle of her eldest daughter or a woman. Then she got the little boy on girl looking sandles. Lord what will these babies be doing in ten years. GOD Bless and help Neff, More

  19. Can she AFFORD a 5th Child??

    Does she have a job to ensure that these children are well taken care of because they’re not her sister’s responsibility.

    • In one episode Keisha’s finance person was trying to explain that to Keisha. If you recall, he told her that she had to stop spending all her money flying family and friends around and all that stuff. He was telling her that she needs to start investing. I think that as a sister, who wanted to have her family around her, she has done a fantastic job. But she needs to learn that “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink”.

  20. Wasn’t she havin issues about the last baby she had??? Whew a lil bit much but if she’s happy,”GOD BLESS THAT CHILD”.

  21. There is a procedure called “getting your tubes tied” Stop already! Get a career first and stop gaining exposure for who your sister is. What does this make 3 baby daddies? You didn’t even let little man get out the way. You and your fiance need to to go ahead a tie the knot and stop playing. I hate it when people call their other half fiance for years. Just stop bringing these kids in the world making them unhappy.There are better things you can do, love the ones you already have first before you go making another.

      • Blue I dont assume, they had a reality show didn’t they? In my opinion those kids didn’t look happy to me. And I know a happy child, I have one myself. I’m not saying she doesn’t love them, I hope she does, but instead of keep bringing babies in the world make sure that the ones you have are loved and feel loved first. It has to be miserable for kids to go from a group of 3 to five right before they know it. I feel like having a baby just wont fix anything, I mean she has four and her fiance has kids too.She should have waited in my opinion, and been more careful. In all essence I hope everything works out, he sticks with her and they will live happily ever after.Just a thought…

        • Reality shows are not all “reality”. The producers edit these shows to make them look a certain way so that people will watch them. Bottom line Neffe’s kids are rarely featured on these shows so we have no way of knowing if they are happy or not. If Neffe wants to have 12 more babies we should not be so opinated toward her. I wish the best for her and her family and lots of luck with her marriage to Soullow.

        • I watched the show and the ONLY time I saw a child look unhappy was during the argument between Frankie and Neffe (rightfully so). Like Ms. B said, they were hardly on the show…when they were they did not appear to be unhappy at all. I remember Brianna being so happy when her mother got to see her dance and when Star was so excited to tell her mother about their new house.

          I do think that Neffe exposes them to too much (like the argument between her and their father and all of the swearing) but those kids never looked unloved or unhappy. You only assumed that they were and I see no reason for that assumption or did I miss something? Can you back up your claim with any examples?

          • Blue I did not put my comment on to debate back in forth with you. I posted what I said because I have a freedom of speech and thats how I feel, that they didnt look happy to me. I am pretty sure that you may not feel that way, but we are two different people. When its all said and done if you dont like my comment, just dont read it! At the end of the day it’s not that serious, it’s just my opinion right? No Im not going to back up my opinion with any examples I dont have time for that, but if you lived with a mother that unstable who screamed yelled and cursed all the time, maybe you would be unhappy too.(just my opinion). Focus your time and effort on someone else’s and opinion and move on from mines.

          • when did people start having to explain their opinions to someone? Like onnum2 said they didnt look happy to her. She simply stated thats how she veiwed it. U act like u are a spokes person for the neffe camp. Y are u catchin feelings, like they yo kids or sum?

          • Swagsurfin, why can I not ask her to explain her reasoning with examples? I watched the show and since I didn’t see what she saw, I wanted some examples of times when the kids were unhappy. Is that in some way wrong? I am not disrespecting her, just asking why she came to that conclusion. She doesn’t want to list any and I’m cool with that.

            I am not catching any kind of feelings but it seems like some of you are and took my post the wrong way.

          • Blue, I feel that its that serious. A person is entitled to their opinion. If she felt they were unhappy then thats just how she felt. Even if she gave u examples you probably wouldnt see things her way anyway. Like Khrish Hill said a kid doesnt have to cry or pout to be unhappy.And what episode were her kids not on, I remember seeing them on each one, if they weren’t it wasn’t many that they weren’t on. If you saw neffe, you saw her kids. I agree that neffe being the type of mother she was then, loud crazy and just pure off the chain, its a good chance those kids are unhappy. If she has changed then great, but per the last season she was still acting the same, and thats what the public saw. You and onnum2 had paragraphs going all because she said she felt the kids were unhappy. Like she said thats how she felt and that was her opinion. If I were her and you kept writing comments to me about the same thing, I would feel the same way she does.

          • Krish I mentioned the time she fought with her husband in my post but I didn’t see when she did the fast food restaurant thing. That’s all I was asking for, examples and you gave them. I don’t understand why that was so difficult. I am not trying to take anyone’s opinion from them I am simply tring to understand why you feel that way and now I do. I mentioned in my post that she exposes them to too much and we seem to agree on that.

            swagsurfin, Krish gave examples and I actually DO see why she feels the way she does. That was my goal from the jump was to UNDERSTAND. Why else would I ask? And my first reponse was to onnum2 and others jumped in. No one wants me to comment about her opinions but you can comment on mine? I really don’t see the difference? This is a place for discussion where we can share our thoughts and people are free to respond whether they agree, disagree, or are searching for understanding (which is what I was doing).

    • I’ve often commented on that. When you start having children you should be more at the married stage that the fiancee stage. I see all these stars doing that and it seems so stupid. In reality it’s just another “baby mama” or “Baby daddy”.

  22. I had a feeling this rumor was true. She kinda address peoples comments on her myspace.

    Based on her past experience, I hope their relationship/marriage last being that she’s having a child with him. Although none of us know how our relationships will pan out. I like Neffe, so I hate to view her as a woman that feels she has to have a baby by every man she’s with. I’m not saying that’s the case, I’m just saying.

  23. Why does Jaylen have on sandels that looks like they are for girls? her daughter is just growing up so ast she is a beautiful young lady!!


    • You got that right. Does she have her own job or will her sister end up supporting her. Man, some people never seem to have a cut off point.

      • Wow it’s funny how some people seem to think they know everything about everybody but if you look at the facts she was married with kids before Keyshia Cole became the superstar Keyshia Cole. So Neffe keep doing you if your happy than what does it matter what the hatters think just let it motivate you. Peace, Blessings and Congratulations on the new baby. Ya Best girl Tay

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