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Actor Tom Cruise and his son Connor,14, attended Game Two of the Western Conference Finals between the Denver Nuggets and the Los Angeles Lakers during on May 21, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. See more pictures now

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  3. Now you know that is Tom Cruise real son with a black woman. Why lie and say he is adopted. Still trying to hide the black woman in the closet.

    • Wow I think I’m the only person who doesn’t think they look anything alike. Just because you wear matching tops and watches does not make you twins. They are both goodlooking guys but they do not look like eachother.

  4. Some people say Connor and Isabella are Tom’s sister’s kids, and Suri is Tom’s cousin’s daughter (William Mapother from the tv show Lost).

  5. Yes, Tom done dipped in some Berry Juice (remember Monster’s Ball?) All white men had them some Berry Juice (using nicer words here) It has been a thing of the past for each white man to take a black woman for the night and then act as if it never happened. Look at what happened in slave days. Even with Thomas Jefferson and them. And if a baby happens to be born, well then they will just deny it and make it a part of the family as a house slave or something. It’s been happening for centuries and Hollywood is no different! Look at prince Albert!

  6. I went to a site which had more photos with higher resolution and if you were to melt away the age lines on Tom’s face and then compare the jawline, nose, the flap over the eyes you will find Tom and Conner identical for family members. Many fathers would die to have a son that looked so much like him, skin color or not.

  7. I was thinking the same thing about the similarity between father and son then I looked at the photo of them smiling and immediately I knew that there was a biological link between them the both have the same oversized protruding two front teeth, which can’t be a random accident, so if not Tom then Conner belongs to someone else in Tom’s family.

  8. Conner is definitely Tom’s biological son. It seem’s to me that Tom was doing a little dipping in the chocolate on Nicole and to keep it hush-hush…im sure his mom was paid off and they adopted him so that Tom could have a child since Nicole couldn’t carry one.

    They look too much alike to not be related. Yeah, you start to look like people but if you compare their features, Conner is a spitting image of his father.

  9. I’ll have to look at Zahara again…I’ve never noticed a similarity to Angelina. Wyclef and Rev. Runs daughters look just like them though and I agree that Connor looks like Tom.

    When I was researching Scientology I saw something that said Tom made sure that Connor and Isabella were born in the “Scientologist way.” If that is true, he could have very well provided the sperm to Connor’s birth mother.

  10. I will just wait around for the day that the truth reveals that yes Tom is Connor’s biological father. Truthfully though, I think its true what they say, the longer your around someone you begin to resemble that person. I also think Angelina needs to explain how she adopted Z to be a reflection of her as well..LOL

    • Well, it’s been rumored on another site that Conner is the product of an affair Tom had with a Black woman and to save face, he convinced Nicole to say that they “adopted” him. And unlike like most sites, the site this came from is credible and things they elude to actually end up being revealed to the public later.

  11. Even though Nicole and Tom adopted Conner he resembles Tom so much. He seems to be an outstanding father.

  12. Wow!
    He looks very similar to Tom(picture 1)! Is it accident? Is Connor a biological child od Tom, not only adopted?

  13. If I didn’t know any better I would think that Connor was Tom’s biological son, they have a striking resemblance…glad to see him spending some qt time with him.

    • You must’ve read my mind! Conner has grown in to a very handsome young man… like his father. I wonder why they don’t seem to see much of their mom Nicole.

      • According to Nicole (in a magazine interview), they stay with him because of their Scientology studies and because they prefer to live in L.A. with him than in Tennessee with her.

  14. I think it is a great thing to see a father and son actually enjoying themselves. Tom Cruise is definitely an attentive father. That overrides any celebrity status in the end, He is a FATHER.

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