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twins1Mother gives birth to twins with two different dads [MSNBC]

Rapper Chingy may have impregnated a girl named Tiffany [Bossip]

Meet Mary J. Blige’s bonus daughter Briana [RymesWithSnitch]

Exercising can be good for both mom and baby [Forbes]

US budgets $1 Billion on swine flu vaccine [ABCNews]

Britney Spears’ boys are a handful[FameCrawler]

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  1. I’m with Jeri. Most of you here have probably had sex with 2 people in the same week. Stop fronting and grow UP! Just because you didn’t get pregnant doesn’t mean you should talk crap.

  2. i feel like everyone should just let it go and forget about if she wants her business out there then so be,no one really have any part or say so in this so everyone get along with it and talk about something else….

  3. That was a storyline on grey’s anatomy lol. The lady cheated on her hubby and had twins by 2 diff baby’s daddys. She probly has 2 uteruses like the lady on the show did.

  4. Nasty nasty nasty. What is wrong with people? no wonder the rate of STI’s is increasing when people like this exist, if it was AIDs she was carrying it wouldnt be such news then would it. And a few other things, shes 20, in fact just turned 20 and looks about 45, her man looks better than she does. That is a good advertisment for not popping out those babies too young. And i concur with the comment, why does it have to be black people? Now it wouldnt have bothered me but read the article, as if the multiple pictures werent enough to clearly show theyre black it then says “who are both african american” as though people would be reading it and be like man thats messed up, then get to that part and be like ooooooooooooh theyre black, yeah that figures. Damn people try to pull yourself up from the ghetto.

  5. All of you are funny, Like you don’t know someone in your life or one of your friends, a counsin, nephew, aunt that has slept with one person one day then slept with someone the following or you for that matter could have. The only difference is that it did not produce a kid and if it did, it did not produce twins.

    Don’t act all saditty like yall don’t know, and in this extreme case, it is interesting how a woman’s body works and how it was able to produce twins with different two different men.

    Get off of it, so the hell what!!!!

    • You are sooooooo right. My issue is that she had unprotected sex with two men around the same time. If she was already having unprotected sex with her boyfriend then why didn’t she use protection with the other guy?

  6. As women of color we already get a bad rap in the media, now we have this [person] just out there like she did something wonderful!

  7. Does this mean that fertile myrtle can collect two child support checks? I just hope that she is a good mother and gets her tubes tied.

  8. those poor kids, this is sad, It’s almost similar to a guy having relations with two women and getting them pregnant around the same time, only this is like a chick! both sperm were in there around the same time *shivers in disgust*

  9. I agree w/ all the comments up there. ^ It’s so sad to see this; I feel for the kids when they get older & realize what their mom did. We HAVE GOT TO DO BETTER teaching our kids right from wrong!!!

  10. I don’t know why they’re making such a big deal about the twins with different dads because I could have sworn I saw this on Maury like a year or two ago. I would have thought they’d make a big deal then. *shrugs* On another note I’ve always wondered if that could happen and I guess I needed more of a confirmation than the Maury Show and now I’ve got it.

  11. Okay, I couldn’t resist. Do you think there was no shame in letting the public know because in this day and age, there’s no shame in being promiscuous? Hence droves of people go on Maury to air their dirty, stinking laundry for God and the world to see. Is there’s no shame in having multiple baby daddies? Have we become so immune to it via Maury and countless stories we see on the court shows, that we just shrug our shoulders and say, “oh well.” I’m just throwing this out. I really wonder if these young men and women have anyone at home schooling them. I believe this has to do with the breakdown of the family.

    I just think it tends to be no big deal in our society, especially in the black community. We’ve GOT to do better.

  12. Whew! Four kids at the age of 20. At least she has a man who’s willing to stick by her and raise a child that isn’t his. Hat’s off to men that step up and do that. As for the rest, I’ll keep my comments to myself.

  13. I’ve seen at least 2 or 3 episodes on Maury were their was a woman with twins by different dads… so its not THAT shocking/ amazing!

    What I find shocking is the fact that ANYBODY would let this part of their personal life become national news! You might think your twins are great and want to show them(and their story) off to the world…but by doing that your also parading around the fact that you CLEARLY get around…sleeping w/ different dudes within DAYS (or hours) of each other! Ew.

  14. IN the word of Katt williams of First Sunday: “I don’t think would have told anyone that.”

    Why would tell the world something like this, really?

    Why did it have to be black people? I’m sorry I had to put that, but I don’t need another so called “reason” for someone to look down at us.

  15. “Such occurrences are rare — as rare one in a million, say some. Yet Hutcherson said some studies have shown that 1 to 2 percent of all fraternal twins have different dads. It just doesn’t get noticed sometimes.”

    Exactly…I was about to say it isn’t that unbelieveable. You just have sex with two dudes around the same time and it can happen. It surely isn’t the first time it has happened.

  16. That is just nasty…this is y u have so many men out there who always ? their child(ren)’s paternity. She had sex with her man and another guy within a 5 day stance. But home-girl is lucky 2 still have that man stand by her side and take care of his and the other mans child after lying 2 the poor guy…well make that 2 kids he’s taking care of that’s not his. She has an older child from a previous relationship AND pregnant AGAIN. This girl is only 20 yrs of age with 3 kids 2 baby fathers and another on the way…WOW I give her fiance a lot of credit because most men don’t even wanna take care of the one’s thats theirs. Good luck 2 all of them though.

  17. She didn’t go on National tv with her story. It started on the Rickey Smiley morning show on “Paternity Test Tuesdays”. The father said that one of the twins was not his…she wanted to prove him wrong but he ended up being right. Then the story hit the news stations and has snow balled from there. They are talking about this in China!

    But either way…still NASTY!lol

  18. She did go on national TV with her story Know one knew her name or what she looked like, she put all her business on front street.

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