Here’s a peek at Hip-hop star T-pain’s baby boy. T-Pain, whose real name is Faheem Rasheed Najm, says that his son’s name is Kaydnz Kodah Najm. T-Pain and his wife Amber welcomed their third child together earlier this month. See a picture of T-Pain’s daughter Lyriq and son Muziq NOW!


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  1. Ok, first off, this baby is a doll! HE has a stupid name though. What else did I expect from a trashy rapper like tpain though?
    Sad that black music is now characterized by crap like his. And sad our children’s names have become so stupid and ghetto.

    And the sad part is Black men in show biz are not marrying white/non black women because they are falling in love. They are doing it as a trend. It’s really sad that black people have a warped sense of beauty…it’s not just light skin. Black is beauty too! I wish more people would see that. I’m not even dark skinned, but I think it’s beautiful.

  2. yes black love is beautiful but what I’m trying to say is that it seems kind of akward that these black celebrities are choosing women that are lighter skin. I always thought that dark women are more beautiful!! HMM Strange!!!

  3. i think what Natisha was sarcastically saying is that so many black celebrities have babies outside their races, and it just seems so many bi-racial children are coming out of it all…I think people are beautiful no matter what color but Natisha i feel where you coming from,black love is beautiful and like none other, but to each it’s own!

  4. The comment above wasnt a racist comment, It’s a fact that is proven.Most black male celebrities prefer to be with lighter skin women because they dont want their children to go through the harshness of being a dark skinnwed African American…. I’m telling you being Dark skin African American is HARD!!!

    • No it ain’t. I’m dark and it hasn’t been hard for me. Probably it was hard for u bc u were dark and ignorant.

    • I’m dark as well and I have no problem with it- you know why because I don’t let the ignorant comments and thoughts of others rule my world -“Say it loud – I’m Dark and I’m Proud!” was the mantra my mother blessed me with. Besides, my husband is a black man with a pale skin tone and was always teased for not looking black enough…so it’s only hard if you let it be hard.

  5. Why is it always a black woman commenting on the color of ones skin…Racism is very disgusting and I dont tollerate it in my house or around my Bi-racial kids…BY the way are beautiful..CONGRATS t-pain and family on some of the cutest kids ..

    • It’s not always black women commenting on the color of the skin, when my children from my first marriage were born, the white relatives would always remark on which ones were lightest…

  6. Yeah the last baby has a difficult name. I understand the first name but the rest, I dont know. However they are beautiful. Congrats to tpain and his family on the new addition.

  7. WOW!!!!!!! …his kids are really cute,and thats saying alot for t-pain,thank god those kids took after their mother!!!!!!!!!

  8. And hopefully by the year 2040 we won’t have any more ignorant folks making stupid comments about the color of someone’s skin.

  9. It looks like by the year 2040 there will no more darkskinned black people. Wow!!!!Look at these black
    celebrities and their children…

  10. The children are adorable but the names are awful. No one can pronounce these made up names and it only makes the parents look as if they are not smart enough to spell correctly. It is no wonder that children grow up using nicknames. Names are important and are with us until we die.

  11. Cute kids…what is that new baby’s name?
    Kaydnz?…What does that mean and better yet how in the world do you pronounce it?
    That name does’nt make any sense at all, just a bunch of letters thrown together!
    Just sayin’….

    • Cadence (Kaydnz) has to do with music as well

      Cadence: a melodic configuration or series of chords marking the end of a phrase, section, or piece of music (wikipedia)

  12. Cute kids! And the little one is sucking his thumb-just adorable. However, am I alone in wishing T-Pain would contribute respectable MUSIC, LYRICS (and CADENCE) to today’s music scene? Instead of just NOIZE? Thanks in part to him my children can’t even listen to black radio.

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