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Blackcelebkids.com first introduced BCK readers to  two of  Master P’s nine kids in March of this year (Click here for more). Veno and Cymphonique, if you remember, are both talented kids who put education first above all else. The duo are now on national tour with their cousin Lil’ King, rapper Silkk the Shocker’s son.

So far Veno and Cymphonique have performed in several schools and parks in California. Last week they were in Memphis(for the first time) and they had an interview on FOXNews along with their dad Master P a.k.a Percy Miller. Watch below as Cymphonique Miller,12, and her brother Veno Miller,17,  talk about their dad and their musical skills.

Click Here to watch more videos from the interview.

{Thanks Chrisi and Mel Yaah}

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  1. I am not trying to be racist but no offense to ANYONE but i noticed that alot of biracial ppl come out very being very pretty. And not tryin to say that if you aint mixed u aint beautiful. I myself am mixed but i am not light skinned. I do kinda have the hair but it is not long like that it is somewhere in my back. And most ppl wouldnt believe i am mixed because of what i am mixed with since i am darker. But ppl do say I look as pretty as a mixed person then they always relize I am mixed.

    • not all biracial people are good looking, just the majority of them are because they have “good hair”, i am light skinned black with normal carribean hair which can go curly like that… i dont think people should generallize and leave other races out, i am not a hater and i dont want to talk about race because its unrelevant at the minute but don’t generalize one race and leave other races out.. the kid is cute and it’s not because she is mixedrace i see a lot of mixed race girls with nappy hair.

  2. does it really matter…..who babies momma’s are……u can tell
    that they have two different mothers…..and what about the wife of rapper Master P… SHE NOT i am sure she is paid…….

  3. This girl is truly beautiful. No offense, but how is Master P having all these lovely looking kids? Is there some medical centre that only allows the rich in that can guarantee beautiful babies???

  4. Theae 2 kids are by a filipino, and Veno is not his but this guy who passed away in San Francisco named Vernon (Veno) Green.

  5. Do Veno and Cymphonique live with their mother in California and do Master P have some kind of visitation to see them? Is there anymore information about their mother? I am asking because it seems that he does spend times with them all the times.

  6. So i thawt Romeo was cute..Mmmm Little Brother Veno looks nice too.Cymphonique is beautiful. =D Their tour thing is a wonderful.

  7. Dey need to quit! she can’t sing. just cuz ur daddy a rapper dont mean u should be a singer. Romeo was good at it. anywayz, NEW ORLEANZ IN DA BUILDIN!

    • WOW master p kept these two on the LOW!..i’ve heard him talk about the kids he have with his wife but not these two.

      • yeah. you right. im friends wit cymphonique and she lives with her mom. and im also friends with intylyana and tytyana through a couple of my friends and they don’t talk bout cymphonique or veno. but im closer to cymphonique. it’s almost as if they don’t exist and i guess because it’s a reminder of the fact that he cheated. but master p made sure they are gettin attention now cause his other kids aren’t allowed to do this except for romeo. and he is the only one who talks about cymphonique

    • I don’t think that Romeo was all that good. She would buy her album before I buy anything that Romeo did. Just my opinion………..

  8. Her hair is BEAUTIFUL!!! and she has a very pretty smile awww, Percy got some good looking kids, Veno, Romeo, Cymphonique and TyTy is pretty too.

  9. Cymphonique is truely a sweet heart, with an amazing voice. You think your heard her sing good on “If I Were A Boy” check out her latest covers “Halo” and “Run” Whew lol. Oh and her new single “Lil Miss Swaggar” now I’m 15 yrs old. But that song is HYPE!!! Seriously I’m buying an album when it comes out. Veno and Lil’ King are sooo cute expecially VENO, but they got hot new tracks out too on all their myspaces. P has a extremely talented family!!! Madd props to him and the family. I wish them the best

  10. whatever happened to silk the shocker right? Well they are cute and his daughter can sing her little butt off. I heard her remake of “If I were a boy” by beyonce and she killed that, and I heard her sing others and that girl can sing! Romeo is looking cute these days too, and buff.

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