Taraji P. Henson and her son Marcel,15, were spotted at the LA Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets game yesterday. The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Denver Nuggets by the final score of 104-94 in game five of the Western Conference Finals.

Taraji was recently featured in Monarch magazine and in the issue, she spoke about her teenage son. This is what she had to say: “I am very hands-on and I want to make sure my son has the energy he needs to go off to school and have a productive day. I don’t have an assistant. It’s all me. Taking care of my son is my number-one priority. It seems like my baby has grown up so quickly and I just want to cherish the time I have left with him before he goes away to college. I am already saddened by the fact that I only have a few years left….Honestly, I have done a hell of a job as a single mother and Marcel is an incredible kid. I believe children are closest to God’s heart, like little angels, and because I take good care of him that’s why I’m so blessed.” (Source)


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  1. Marcel is sooooo handsome an
    Taraji is sooooo beautiful
    they look so cute together, but i guess its jus 1 of those days
    for Marcel, been there an still here
    “teenagers ya can’t live with them, ya can’t live with them”

  2. I finally get to see a photo of Taraji’s son Marcel who she always talks about in magazine interviews as well as talk shows. Taraji has a handsome son and as always she is looking FABULOUS. I could tell from the photos she is enjoying the game. I think she is a SUPERB ACTRESS and I wish her continued success in her career.

  3. He is a splitting image. She seemed to be having more fun than he. I think her spread in InStyle was tastefully done. I really like her, she seems to be so down to earth and I totally agree with her last quote…God Bless!

    • How old are you im 19 this is my rule 13 and over “hes 15” there no longer considered cute anymore…more like annoying I have cousins his age there so freakin annoying…LOL all fun BCK but thats really my rule and no im not jealous!!!!

  4. maybe he’s mad that his mom just posed but nekked tattoo and all in instyle magazine for the whole world to see her goddies,idk,jmo

    • Mom is getting paid & I’m willing to bet she talks to her son about her projects. I think he would be more upset if she was doing it for free. But I doubt that’s the reason he’s looking all serious. He’s a teenage young man, going through some changes right now (that’s all).

  5. She looks great!!! Ok correct me if I’m wrong but does her son not look like hes having fun? Maybe its just me or maybe those pics were taken during half time. I don’t know but I’m glad to see them out together.

  6. Man, her son is such a teenager! He has floor seats and still looks miserable!

    BTW, I just LOVE her. And she is working those shoes.

    • LOL… I was thinking the same thing!

      That was me a few years ago- doesn’t matter what it is or what you do, there is NO PLEASING those moody teenagers! Haha

    • MONIQUE you took the thoughts from my head! I wrote something about that but erased it before I submitted my comment. Was trying to stay positive (lol).

      I have a teenager, so I totally know that (to serious) look. They live, eat, & are clothed for FREE. Real problems haven’t even started yet. I told him to get up at 4 am, be at a job by 6 & buy my clothes & take care of me, then he’ll have a reason to walk around all serious.

    • Yo Monique just want to know what kind of shoes you will be wearing on tonights show! cause you be rocking dem hills like fo real girl.

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