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A rather pregnant-looking Jennifer Hudson took to the stage to sing at the DNC fundraising event on May 27th. The pricey event raised an estimated  $3 million for President Obama and his administration.

Jennifer, who has yet to confirm or deny that she is pregnant, “sang beautifully”, onlookers report.



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  1. Jenn is pregnant. it has been confirmed. she is about 7 months along. congrats to my idol! Look at pop fix. LOL!

  2. stop talking shi about her please stop wih the negaive comments shes been hrough enough she’s happy and who cares about her hair, it’s different, i love her and david congaulation on there baby

  3. Eff the ‘do no wrongers and holy rollers’… they’re usually the biggest hypocrites! Regarding confirmation, use your eyes… hint, whenever a woman of child bearing age has a stomach growing horizontally larger each month for several months, she’s probably pregnant. Jennifer does not have to say a thing to anybody about it… cause at the end of the day, ain’t nobody except Jennifer and David are going to be taking care of it. You’ll get your confirmation 2 days after the baby is born when Jen and the baby are back home. Furthermore, no one has stopped to think… with all she’s been through, they are going to protect this little blessing like never before. Luv Jen, luv how David has shown brothers how to be a real man and stand by their woman ‘for better or worse’, hate the hair, and hate the clothes.

  4. I am so happy for Jenn!!
    Good for you girl for keeping private!

    However, I concur with the comments above. Please fire your stylist and choose your own clothes! It will make a difference.

  5. I usually refuse to believe celebrity gossip and wait for actual comformations from the celebs themselves but these pictures really make me want to believe that Jenny’s pregnant.

  6. Jenn is amazing and I’m guessing the baby is going to be born singing b/c she is just performing through the entire pregnancy! I am super happy for Jenn and David!

    • I like Hudson but that hair is not right. She’s probably tired from the pregnancy but I know she can afford a nice standby wig for events.

      Jennifer please fire that stylist. I could have done a better job (hair/dress) than that & that’s not even my line of work.

      • Okay! U see what I see to huh?!
        I like JH, but I have NEVER liked anything that she has EVER worn! Doesn’t she have a Glam Squad? She needs less “YES” people around here. She has the potential to be one of the most talented and well coiffed stars IF she upgraded the ensembles!
        Hit me Up Jen, my best Friend Carlos is a super-stylist!

  7. Oh, she mos def looks pregnant. After all she’s been through, I’m happy that she has a good man who stuck by her side. What a strong woman she is. Love ya, Jen.

    • if she wasn’t ready for the world to know she would not have been at a very public event. now wether she will confirm it is another story.

  8. “A rather-pregnant looking Jennifer Hudson” Dang what more confirmation do y’all need? Wow Jenn will go down in history as the first celeb to go through her entire pregnancy in the public eye and while on tour and never have it officially acknowledged!

    Many congrats Jennifer & David! I know that baby will bring you immense joy!

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