It’s a boy for NBA Hornets star Chris Paul and his girlfriend Jada Crawley. The couple welcomed their son Christopher Emmanuel Paul ll on May 23rd, according to coach John Calipari’s Twitter feed.

This is the first child for Christopher and his girlfriend.




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  1. Chris Paul is my favorite player i pick number 3 in every thing i do or play hes inspired me to never give up and in 2k 12 i always pick clipps and i want to be as good as u when i get older and just 2 tell u im 11 and got the best defence in my state and get mvp almost every year!!!!!!

  2. Oh how negative! You sound like such a hater who was probably a groupie who got shot down by Chris in HS! lol GEt a life, sweetie!

  3. Why are we so judgemental? We tend to assume that everyone desires to live the life we do or the life we were taught to pursue(marriage, kids, etc ..in that order). Everyone does not subscribe to those beliefs and marriage clearly isnt a surefire indicator of love OR committment for that matter. Lets not be so judgemental people!! Lets stop assuming that others are “just like us” or desire to live their lives in the same order that we might…everyone has the right to live productive and positive lives the way THEY see fit and for many, that might not include marriage, children, etc. Besides, with the divorce rate being over 50% in this country, marriage doesnt have the sanctity it once did.

  4. Cute! I saw them at the All-Star weekend this year. They looked realy happy and in love. I heard they were planning to get married. I hope so because they are a cute couple and Chris seems like a great guy.

    • Planning to get married is not th same thing as being married. I guess standards seem to be changing. Its wonderful they have a child but why would they not get married. I guess its really none of my business how people live their lives.

  5. Congradulation to Chris and Jada on there NEW BUNDLE OF JOY. And to Charles and Robin wishing all the BLESSINGS on your FIRST grandbaby. NEW YORK

  6. Im starting to think folks dont believe in marriage….First come baby carriage and then marriage. Not judging but I have to agree with you “Lovely”

  7. i hate to be judgmental but do NBA players not know how to get married?

    but anyway his girl is cute and does favor angela

    i wish this couple the best

    • lol, nope just the mentality of some men. But I hear that they are planning on jumpin’ the broom in the future, so congrats to them and their little blessing!

    • why would they? does that guarantee to stay together? does that guarantee they love each other?….sorry…didn´t want to attack You…but if someone doesn´t believe in marriage…why would they get married…in the end it´s just a piece of paper….I´m sure if God sees people are comitted to each other the child….he doesn´t care wether or not they exchanged rings

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