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Pop star Michael Jackson and son Prince Michael Jackson II, also known as Blanket,6, were photographed leaving a medical building in Beverly Hills, California today. Michael Jackson was supposedly there for treatment for skin cancer.

Skin cancer is the most common form of human cancer. It is estimated that over 1 million new cases occur annually. The annual rates of all forms of skin cancer are increasing each year, representing a growing public concern. It has also been estimated that nearly half of all Americans who live to age 65 will develop skin cancer at least once.(Read More)

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  1. I significantly like and agree with this strategy to writing: “The truth is that any writing is only one person’s very skewed version of the story.” Not solely do readers have to take that to heart, but as writers, we’d do ourselves a favor by embracing that more totally and openly.

  2. i’ve seen all three of those kids up close and personal. them is his kids! lol blanket is the most obvious resemblence cuz his mama wasn’t blonde hair and blue eyes. prince (jr) has his daddy’s eyes and paris just looks biracial.

    as for the masks…the other day i saw a magazine that had shiloh (jolie pitt) and suri (cruise) on the cover saying ‘best friends play date’ and guess what…they don’t even know each other. what parent wants their kids on the cover of a tabloid? cover them up so they can’t make money off of them. imagine the frenzy that woul dhappen if the masks were off. it’s sad these kids cannot get a chance to be normal around their father when he goes out but guess what?

    when he’s working, they do go out and b/c a lot of the media can’t recognize them when they’re not w/ mj, they don’t get photographed. and that’s straight up anonymity and the best thing he could’ve done for them.

    can zahara and shiloh do that when they’re with nannies? i think not. go ‘head mj and ttyl!

  3. Preach Kelly ,I could not have said it better myself.I do believe those children belong to Michael especially Blanket,he is the spitting image of Michael.Don’t believe the hype about this skin cancer issue,if it were true Michael would have been made it known,I hope and pray it is not,I love you Michael.

    • I didn’t think any of the children’s faces had been seen enough to know who they look like. I don’t think their skin color is the only reason their paternity is questioned. Michael Jackson (as talented as he is, and he is talented) is one weird dude. The questions about the children started when the first was born, it’s nothing new.

  4. I find it disgraceful and unfair that out of all the celeb parents on here, especially the ones who’s kids look white, asian, whatever and NOTHING like their parents, Michael is the only one who gets questioned and the only one who people continue to disrespect and say his kids are not his. Nobody says anything about the fact that quincy jones and lionel riche( and i’m not talking about nicole) both have kids that look completely white, even whiter than michael kids, with THEM it’s “oh the mothers genes were just strong” but with mj it’s ” those aint his damn kids” If that’s not a double standard i don’t know what one is. This shows a lot about the people on here. I’ve realized that people DON”T WANT those kids to be michaels , so they convinced themselves ( even though they have no proof) that their not. Cause mj having kids would be something normal and manly and people don’t want to see him that way. They want to continue to believe he some some kind of freak , who is a ” woman” and not man enough to have kids.

    The people in this country are sad sad sad

  5. Are these his blood children? I don’t think they are his blood. Thats fine if they are not, but I ask why Michael be selfish with your sperm? LOL I wanna see some little Michael Jacksons running around.

  6. maybe the kids enjoy waering them. i’m sure if it was such a big problem to them they wouldn’t wear it. or they could be just used to it. we don’t know how the kids interact with their father behind closed doors. michael does some strange things sometimes but he could be a great dad so idk

    • He does know how messed up his life has been… or I guess did know… that is why he had his children wear the masks. He was trying to protect them. He didn’t want people to see their faces so that they could lead normal lives. Once people saw their faces when they were with him they would forever be known as “Michael Jackon’s children” and as famous as he was that would mean people going crazy over them and wanting to know what it was like being his child. He wanted them to have, not only the childhood that he never got to have, but the kind of life he could never have as adults too. I think he was a wonderful father for trying to make sure his kids could have normal lives.

  7. Tanya I have to agree with you. This is just getting to be ridiculous. At one point I saw the older kids in their school uniforms but with masks on. REALLY!!! I kinda understood the anonymity thing of wearing a mask but then the uniform just gives the pap all the info.

    I’m gonna tell you what somebody is going to write one hell of a tell all book when Micheal passes on. I just hope I’m still around to read it myself.

  8. Michael has to realize how screwed up his life is/was, so why wouldn’t he do things differently for his children. I feel awful for these children.

  9. u see the spot on his hand that could be one discoloration he could be referrin to as his skin disorder BUT why is his whole body lookin like its bleached? See i wanna believe him but looking at him is a well of conflicting realities with this man..he has had alot of surgery so who noes..i WISH people would just love themselves But none the less hes an awesome artist!

    • My friends mother has vitiligo. She use to be just as dark as Michael (she’s Indian) now she’s just as white. When I first saw her picture I couldn’t believe it was the same woman. I had just always thought my friend was mixed. It’s different with everyone. Maybe he just has a more severe case like my friends mom.

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