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Aaron Reid (center) and his parents L.A Reid and Pebbles

Aaron Reid, son of  music mogul L.A Reid and singer “Pebbles”, wants to make it on his own. The 19-year-old aspiring producer wants to make it in the music industry without the help of his father or his mother. In a new series titled The Life of Aaron Reid, Aaron gives us a taste of what it is to be a celebrity kid trying to make it without the help of his famous parents. Can Aaron succeed? Watch a preview of  the series now!

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  1. I can’t believe some of these comments! Did anyone see this kid on MTV’s super sweet sixteen? He is obnoxious, arrogant and ungrateful. What exactly did this kid do other than have a rich famous father? This kid needs to learn how to be humble. He needs to realize that he has no class. Money does not equate with class. If that were my child I would die of embarassment and shame. The disgusting way in which he was interviewing the “models” for his party was despicable. He was acting like a 16 year old pimp. Kids like this think the world is theres for the picking. He made a comment about hiring girls who look like they should be on his arm as if he deserves only the finest women. This young un is terribly overweight with bad skin and an even worse attitude. If he wasn’t the son of a rich kid he wouldn’t get any play. Porky needs a wake up call.

  2. He did not come across well on that Sweet 16 show… I believe he has to grow and suffer a little for his ART…

  3. That’s part of being a parent, you work extremely hard so your kids don’t have too. If he uses his father connections, it not a problem 2 me. It’s connections his father built, and if he chooses to allow his son to use them then so be it. Its no different from the Trumps kids, Aaron Spelling child, Paris Hilton parent, and grandparents, or The Kennedy’s..
    I’m glad a black man made a way to make life a little easier for his children, and his children childrens.

    Struggling is no fun, it teaches us true enough, and if we had one wish, it would be NOT TO STRUGGLE..

    • i agree, although he claims he doesn’t want or get special privilages and that isn’t true. His father did work hard so that he would not have to, that’s what a parent should do, give their children better than what they had.

  4. Hey, Everybody can’t be born rich, We don’t chose our parents. Let’s give the guy a chance, The main thing like I said before , He just need to lose a little weight, The mind seems to be right, No drugs so far. One thing about rich kids like Rev. Runs son Jo Jo if they give him a pass on these drug charges and he does not clean his life up. He will get into something again because he will be conditioned to think Dad can make it go away. But the big one will come and he will not make it go away. Ask OJ. So let’s give Aaron a chance and wish him well. Rich or Poor.

  5. With all his connections he should be successful. Time will tell whether or not he has any real talent. Pebbles looks fabulous!

  6. anyone that saw him on mtv’s “my super sweet 16″ knows that he is nothing but a big spoiled baby! everything had to be his way or it would not do. he is just like all the other rich kids that have parents that are able to indulge them in their fantasy of the week.
    and like jojo simmons he thinks that just because daddy was the big music man i can use all his connections and be one,too! puh-lease!

  7. Its good he knows what he wants and is trying to acheive his goals. I went to his super sweet 16 party and even back then he was business and goal oriented lol.

  8. It seems like he has his head on straight and should do well in the Music Business. I would hope he decides to lose just a little weight. Not much, just for health reasons. I don’t want him to end up looking like Jazzy Pha, or Ruben Studdard. Not a negative comment. But he is only 19. Both of his parents are talented. I was talking to someone about his Mother Pebbles, and we were saying if she is on tour singing those great hits. I wish him well. Smart, young, Knows what he wants and looks handsome.

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