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Usher Raymond V and Naviyd

Via InTouchWeekly

 In Touch can exclusively reveal that Usher and his wife, Tameka Foster, are divorcing. “The Grammy winner has been living apart from his wife for nearly a year after almost two years of marriage,” the insider exclusively tells In Touch, adding, “Usher’s primary concern is for his children. He is a great father and just wants to do what is right for them.” The soon-to-be exes have two kids together, Usher Raymond V, 18 months, and Naviyd, 6 months. And the insider says that it’s more than just talk — the divorce papers were filed in Atlanta this morning. The couple has faced problems in the past. In November 2008, In Touch reported that Usher was flirting with girls at a party in Miami, and even asked a model what she was doing afterward. And in February, In Touch revealed that although Usher flew to Tameka’s side after she suffered cardiac arrest from cosmetic surgery in Brazil, he “had no idea that she was there to have surgery.”


The happy couple in 2008

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  1. A woman with kids needs love and wants and desires a man too. Aint’ nothin wrong with a woman with kids.

    anyway, I’m not a proponent of marriage but I’m sorry to hear they are divorcing. I thought Tomeka and Usher are nice people, but a nice and decent person doesn’t fit every nice and decent person.

  2. This is sad news, indeed. Now I guess all the small child mentality having “women” out there can rejoice and jump for joy.

    My heart goes out to the children involved in this.

  3. Um yeah this proves it, I knew they were headed for the doghouse, just by seeing them, I tried to be optamistic. If I a total stranger can guess they wouldn’t work out, then that says something.

    People get married for the wrong reasons, it has nothing to do with Image, self enhancement, or bastard children. Marriage is supposed to be commitment, love, and dedication, not because of anything else. When will people get that.

    • i just read that it has been confirmed but that he hasnt filed yet but he is going to..maybe they tried to fake the media out but they getting divorced

  4. None of us know the whole story, so it’s not fair to sit here in the comfort of our homes and offices and speculate about who’s to blame. How can you look at a picture of a person you never met and discern their motives? Come on! Divorce is never easy and it’s unfortunate (if it’s true). I wish them and their children the best.

  5. I heard this story is not even true and Usher did not file any divorce papers in Atlanta.Before this website fall into the trap of reporting rumours as facts they should check the facts first.I know there are some of you who are rejoicing about this so called break up, but please understand that there are children involved,and Chilli is not taking Usher back,her beauty alone couldn’t hold Usher or even make him marry her for that fact.If Usher’s marriage to Tameka has done anything,it gave hope to the single mom.

    • Uhmm, it’s true ,honey. just cause it wasn’t filed as planned doesn’t mean it is not true(did you read the update). This site is not like other sites-they don’t just print rumors. People said the Madonna Mercy thang was a rumor and guess what? It’s true. Lauren London-true. I just don’t like when people try to pigeon hole a site that’s trying to be postive.

      Anyway, there is a truth to every rumor as they say but we will wait the Usher thang out-the truth always comes to light, so to speak.

  6. LOL…Usher’ mom didn’t like tamika from the jump but sadly he didn’t listen…I dont care what anybody has to say but this is my opinion…she got usher right where she wanted him and she’s heading straight to the bank. I don’t have a problem with men hooking up with a woman with kids, but more than two children they need to stay FAR FAR AWAY. Women we know that we can be vindictive when we want. All that said I hope that they can be adults and do what’s right for their kids.

    • Preach Joylyn! Vindictive women…couldn’t have said it better myself.

      I believe those “rumors” about her. He tried to defend that whole mess of a relationship for as long as he could (probably to shut her mouth at the same time). It’s alright Usher, you made a mistake.

      To all those feeling sorry for Tameka, it’s nothing personal against women with a ready made family finding a meaningful relationship. Unfortunately, some relationships don’t last & everyone deserves to find love again (kids or not). No one can control who they fall in love with either. BUT I feel it’s sort of selfish for a woman that has a ready made family & has already experienced marriage, to pursue a man that hasn’t.

      In Tameka’s case, what was she (a so called stylist)? Come on, I could have dressed Usher in a t-shirt & jeans. She didn’t have any real substances about her to me. She came of as a female to lucked up on a dollar (his dollar). There are a lot of celebrities that marry regular women that I don’t feel that way about. It’s just something about her that wasn’t right or real. She had that, “I came up” look all over her face.

  7. funny how BCK tried to make this into a story about the kids when in fact it’s just a gossip story pertaining to Usher divorcing Tameka! LOL!

    • Well, divorce affects the kids the most and if this is true, then the kids are involved. Custody battle etc..i love seeing kids pics but this is still relevant so…

      • True. I guess this is just some gossip I would expect to find on another trashy site, not BCK. Divorce definitely affects all of the family members. Just didn’t wanna read any negative rumors…. Beautiful family. God bless!

  8. She walks away with two kids and perhaps child support and alimony. He walks away with a potential custody battle and the agony of so many “I told you so’s” What a hard lesson to learn.

    Hope he had a prenup

  9. not surprised at all, didn’t think tameka was on the up and up in the first place. i hope he got a prenup cuz she’s going to the bank!

  10. im so sad to hear about this if it is true. why now after they have kids in this union dont anybody think of the children?? and all the drama before they got married usher even firing his mama showing disrespect to his fans who support him from the start of his career just to make tameka happy, now they getting divorce? if it is true i hope this is it for the both of them especially for tameka she now have 5 boys by 3 different men enough is enough girl just raise your kids leave the men alone for now!! SMDH.

  11. Can’t say I care. Some people just get together, breed, and their relationship is over. It’s stupid. Not without strategy, though, on her part no doubt.

  12. I should feel sorry for usher but i just can’t. I KNEW IT !! the girl is clever, she has two (cute) sons by him so you know she’s leaving with half of his money. I just hope he was not too p***ymatizied and got her to sign a prenup!

  13. Well, even though some fret over Tameka’s age, act superficial over Chili’s beauty, or sit back and foolishly question how a man could love a woman who all ready has an ample supply of kids, I feel that it’s sad when any black family fall apart. The fact that few are biased in our questioning of the less importance supports the statistics as to part of the reason why black families aren’t intact.

    Only a REAL black man could love a woman who brings children into the marriage. Only a real black man wants to stand by the mother of his child. And only a real black man looks within or admires what he has all ready on the out instead of chasing the ideal image of what black female beauty is said to be about, i.e., long hair, light to caramel, and etc. We could all learn lessons from Usher and Tameka.

    I will miss this couple because I admire the person Usher had become as he evolved from a boy into a man and made choices accordingly. What ever happens, I do so wish both well and hope Usher continues on his journey of emotional growth.

    • Well said,I couldn’t have said it better myself. People kill me how they can jump for joy that Usher has “came to his senses”. How do you people know Tameka is such a horrible woman? Because of the rumors you’ve heard? If Usher chose this woman over his mother, that was HIS choice, not Tameka’s. Tameka could NOT make Usher do anything he didn’t want to do. He has to be his own man.

  14. Ummm…damn?! I feel sorry for the kids. But they are young so they will most likely bounce back. Most kids are resiliant(sp?).

  15. I am against staying in a marriage just for the kids. If you’re unhappy with your spouse and no love is there anymore… you really do need to get out. Dont make the rest of your life or at least the next 18 yrs miserable.

    • I so agree with you. Not only because the individuals are unhappy (& everyone deserves happiness) but because those negative vibes flow through the home also. So if the home isn’t at peace. How can the children be happy?

      Marriage is a beautiful thing but some people get so stuck on are they married, are they married. Generally speaking, some people get married for the wrong reasons. They’re more in love with the idea of being married, then the person they’re getting married to. Half of these people get married & really don’t know the person they’re marrying. By the time they find out who they’re really dealing with, they’re miserable & want out.

  16. Funny how some people holla put a ring on it,set an example for our kids and the relationship ends in D anyway…sometimes it’s better to raise your kids single & amicably. That may be a better example then divorce.
    Good luck to them all.

  17. Dang, I hope that this isn’t true…I really wanted this one to work. Anyway, may God bless them and their beautiful family.

  18. well what a crying shame…
    im not surpised we saw it coming, just feel sorry for those children!
    lets just hope the split is amicable and drama free –

  19. I’ll leave the rejoicing to everyone else. This is very sad. I know Usher will do right by his babies, and that’s what’s most important. Best of luck to them both.

  20. oh please yawn,yawn… why is everyone surprised by this news
    it was just a matter of time…its just a crying shame that they have brought two beautiful boys into this world… only to be apart.
    I’m hoping it will be an amicable drama free split, those poor children!

  21. Not surprised…This was for Usher anyway…She didn’t trap him, he wanted children…never really a wife….Chilli said it best..he betrayed me in a way that’s imagineable…Think about it…I’ll wait…umm yeah….

  22. We can’t talka about how good she looks after 5 kids when we know that she’ll do anything to get that figure – including get some bargain basement plastic surgery in Brazil.

    I knew they were done when Usher claimed not to know Tameka was even in Brazil or what she was doing there. Why would someone undergo surgery and not tell their spouse? Even more telling, Usher left before she was fully recovered.

  23. I really wish people would consider how much divorce affects children. They had a rocky start from the beginning. I guess mama knows best and he should have listen to his mother.

  24. This is sad, but IMO, this couple never looked liked they always meshed well. Even when they were happy, something always seemed not in sync. They didn’t look like they belong together. I know you cant go by that, but when I see Boris and Nicole or Will and Jada or Beyonce and Jay, I always feel like these couples give off a vibe that they are in tune with one another. God bless their kids, hopefully they will not suffer during this time.

  25. Unfortunate comments in this thread makes me wonder what kinds of relationships other people have since they are so quick to judge Ms. Foster and Mr. Raymond. This is a sad time for all of them.

  26. I’m not surprise. She was too old for Usher (even though, he likes older women)…she just looks to damn old and all that drama they had b4 getting married. Not surprising at all. Besides, Tameka knew what she was doing, why do you think those babies came soooooo early in the marriage. (CHILD SUPPORT!!!!). She has about three boys already…now she’s set at least until Naviyd is 18/19 yrs old.

  27. It was said a year ago that they were having problems and would be seperating. People close to Usher always said that they were not right for each other.

    I wish them all the best.

  28. Could have seen that one coming. But good luck to them. Hope for the best for the children. Divorces are always worse when children are involved.

  29. Whaaaaat? Awww, say it ain’t so! Is this really true?! I can’t believe it…..they JUST got married! And they have those two little BEAUTIFUL babies!

    I mean, really: is anybody staying together anymore? Whatever happened to the sanctity of marriage? *sigh*

    • I am pretty sure Chilli is happy. Usher should have known better, his mother never liked her and she has to many kids.

      • whats her having kids got to do wth anything, she looks good for someone who has 5 kids so don’t hate, you dont know what you gonr look like after 5 kids.

        • Well if you were reading the story. She has had plastic surgery and nearly died. Thats why she look so good after having 5 kids. She’s not getting back in shape on her own, she’s having her body altered which most of us can’t afford.

        • PLASTIC SURGERY makes most people look good, if you have the right money or should I say, (USHER’s money).

    • Being that she was his stylist, I sure she was there to hear the ups & downs he went through with different women. So she used all that info to her advantage (stroked his ego)! Made herself appear to be everything those other women he encountered wasn’t to attract him. But you can only put on a front for so long & the real you will shine through. The same thing it took to get him, is the same thing it will take to keep him. His mom seen right through that. That’s why Tameka had to get rid of her. Power of the “P”! Tameka put it on his young behind, had his nose wide open. Anytime you can make a man get rid of his momma (LOL…wow). She’s about to get paid & I’m sure that was all apart of her plan. Not saying she didn’t want to stay married to him but those babies sealed the deal. Damn shame!

      Guess Usher’s alert was disconnected on this one. Something just wasn’t right about her from the start. Hating has nothing to do with it. A blind man could have seen through that.

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