Johnathan E. McCoy

10-year-old Johnathan E. McCoy is a future leader in the making. Jonathan won an oratorical contest last month for a speech that has many people talking. The subject of his speech: The N-word. Listen to Jonathan’s speech as he tells us why the “N” word should be eliminated.

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  1. What a wonderful 6 minutes that was! I applaud this young man and wish him the very best for the future. I hope his wish comes true well before he is a grown man.

    God bless him!

  2. wow he brought tears 2 my eyes n goosebumps all ova me. he is going 2 be something so big one day. but my question is how do we expect 2 jus completely delete the word when its been around for so long?

    • We can start by not using it so flippantly among ourselves. It won’t wipe the word out overnight, but it’s a start. Quite a number of words in the English language have fallen out of favour over the centuries. It’s high time people started discarding this one.

      What’s ironic is that people want to say that “we’ve taken the N-word back” and it’s now an endearment or whatnot, but they’d beat the living daylights out of a non-Black person who dared to call them that. ‘Taken it back’, my foot.

  3. Absolutely AMAZING!!!…This young man has definitely proved his point regarding the elimination of the N word. I wholeheartedly agree with his opinion and the opinion of many others who believe that the N word should be abolished…Thank you Johnathan for taking a stand and showing so much love for the integrity of our race!!!

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  5. I am sitting in awe of this young man. It makes me so proud when I see younger people articulating their views in such a powerful way. This young man has an amazing future and what makes me even happier is the fat that there are thousands of little black children just like him all over the world, they just need people who expect them to succeed, and healthy/positive environments that stimulate their growth. I am so proud.

  6. This child possess a great sense of pride. His had so much conviction in his voice as he spoke, meaning what he was saying was truly of great importance not just to the people he was speaking to, but also to himself. Job well done and not only his parents, but everyone one should be proud of this young man taking a stand and voicing it so eloquently. Very touching indeed.

  7. Amazing oration. This topic should have more replies than that stupid topic about Usher getting a divorce. Black people can be so backwards.

  8. Im 19 and I wanna be like him…LOL but on a serious note thats our next president IDG a damn what yawl say he gotta bright future ahead of him peace and blessings to this young man!!!!!

  9. This is an amazing young man, however, it is so sad that it takes a 10 year old kid to demonstrate to grown a.. adults why they should not refer to one another as the n-word.

  10. This young man is from my hometown (Baltimore, MD)!!! The pastor is Rev. Jamal Harrison Bryant and the church is The Empowerment Temple. I know that his parents are extremely proud of him. Glad to see him representing B-More!

  11. Wow…That video made me cry.He’s going to be something big one day. And the speech as well as the song was great.

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