The infamous "pink sneakers"

In this POST, BCK readers saw a picture of singer Solange Knowles and her son Julez,4.  Readers were drawn to Julez’ sneakers which appeared to be predominantly “pink” in color. In the picture above, readers can now see that the shoe is actually orange, green, yellow, and brown with a hint of pink. Here is how some readers reacted to the sneaker:

ce says: Pink is not a color for males a real men do not wear pink I do not care about anyone making a comment about my statement

Tanya says: Pink is just a color. just like green, yellow, and red. who says that a boy cant wear pink? so girls shouldn’t be allowed to wear blue? grow up people!!!!


  • From the 1920’s until the 1940s, pink was considered appropriate for boys because being related to red it was the more masculine and decided color, while blue was considered appropriate for girls because it was the more delicate and dainty color, or related to the Virgin Mary(wikipedia)
  • Though most men won’t wear a predominantly pink outfit, many wear pink button down shirts with suits. Further, since the 1980s, when day-glo fashions ruled the day, and shows like Miami Vice influenced fashion, pink became a much more acceptable color for men and did not necessarily denote a lack of masculinity.(Source)
  • After WWI, blue was used extensively for men’s uniforms. Therefore, blue became associated as more of a masculine color. From the 1940’s onward, pink was pushed as a woman’s color. “Think Pink” was the marketing slogan to convince women to embrace their femininity. (Source)

BCK Says: It seems that the saying “Pink is for girls” and “Blue is for Boys” has changed over the years. Do you feel that this saying should still hold true in 2009? Is pink for girls and blue for boys?

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  1. He is a BABY…..let it ride. Color is in! He is what 4 an he know is color…..can you crayon box…what kid would not want a nice pair of colorful sneakers….

  2. its just a color im a man i wear pink sometimes nobody has a problem with that, this is some chidish crap so what if he wear pink so what, im a real man and i wear pink i got the same shoes as julez i wear them all the time so what if you man can’t wear pink or any girl color than girls shouldn’t be able to wear boy color which is most of the colors like blue,green,red,and any other color like that

  3. Some of y’all sound so old fashioned. To me they are fly. The fact that the base color of the shoe is black makes it obviously a boys shoe, plus that’s just how it is nowadays with some of Nike’s men’s and boy’s spring/summer colorways. The designers get real creative and YES pink is sometimes added. It can be okay and fashion-forward AT TIMES, which is the case in the above picture. No need to get upset!

  4. Blah! He’s not wearing a pink easter dress… cause if he was then more then pink would be a problem… have you seen Solange dress her self she’s very 70’s with a dash of 09 Leave Juelz alone.. He does what his momma tells him.. He was at the park not @ a photoshoot.. Those colors are so childish and kids need to be childish.. Buying gucci shoes to kick rocks in is for billionaires. Not babies… grow up peeps… and leave Solange and Juelz alone….I’m so proud of her doing it, and doing it well!

  5. Idk or care who started this trend but its stoopid. I have twins a boy and a girl and I wouldn’t DARE put my son in some pink ish. I think that’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Girls are adorable in pink. Men looks soft. Has anyone ever seen a pink suited GI Joe? Or what. Pink reminds me of Barbie and everything else girly. So if a man feels he wants to wear pink its his choice of course. But you look like u wanna b a chick 2 me. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it!!!!!

  6. There is a place for ignorant people……………I just can’t figure out where!!! It’s a color………..get over it.

  7. The fact that something so trivial even needs to be discussed is ridiculous. A color is a color and a parent or a child’s choice of color in regards to clothing or shoes has no bearing whatsoever on the child’s future sexual orientation. A “boy” is no less a boy if he wears pink and a “girl” is no less a girl if she wears blue. We should really stop attaching all these silly “gender roles” to children at such a young age. The (illogical)statement “a real man” doesn’t wear pink disgusts me. Since when has a man(or woman’s)choice of clothing color been indicative of their character or validity as a person,regardless of gender. *sigh* The sad part is that many of you are passing these ridiculous views on to your children.

  8. I think if men who wear tuxedo’s with pink ties to match with his date is okay then why can’t men wear pink on a regular day. I am for men wearing pink because pink is a nice color. People think that everything nice goes with a girl and boys should be hard. It’s rediculous this little boy’s mother is a rock/pop star what are you doing with your time besides judging her son’s dresscode. It’s not about what you wear. It’s about who you are when you wear it!

  9. People! This is the current trend right now. Styles from the 80’s have made their way back, which both woman and MEN, girls and BOYS are rockin’ right now. Geesh!

  10. I don’t think any color belongs to either gender alone. Anyone should be able to wear any color they prefer. I know I wear blues & greens, which a lot consider boy colors, and I would wear pinks & yellows on my son, but my husband like many other males feels pink isn’t appropriate for boys.
    Why should a boy miss out on a really great shirt just because it has pink in it??

  11. DanG! I am late leaving this comment, but so what! I like How many people on here have said, “They are just colors,” or, “Why pay attention to color(Sneakers)?” Lol, I bet that the ones that are saying that are the ones with the egg splattered on their faces for previously saying, “Why are they dressing this boy in these girl colors?”
    I know because I was going to leave a comment like that, but since Solange is cool, I thought I’d leave her alone.

    And the Nike SB Dunks are hot!

  12. C’mon peeps there just colors i know alot of guys who wear pink every type of pink and im wearing blue right know as we comment. Theres more important things to worry bout than what color our kids wear. YaDigg!

  13. No I dont think pink is girl color and blue is a boy color.But I dont think I will be painting my sons baby room pink even tho it’s just an off red. Also my boyfriend probably wouldn’t like it.

  14. We have been conditioned to believe that pink is for girls and blue for boys. Now T.V and ads say boys can wear pink and I personally know grown men who ran to the store to buy pink shirts. We also see men wearing toe nail polish. Do what you want. But I will not be putting any pink shoes or clothes on my son. We he is 18 He can make his own decisions.

    • i honestly think that only a REAL MAN will wear pink, because he feels secure enough in his own masculinity to wear a colour that is predominently looked upon for females, so i think real men would wear pink! any man who won’t, feels insecure lol

        • i did not say a real man will ONLY wear pink, i was just sayin that any man who does is obviously not bothered about wat ppl think of him

      • this is a blog to state your opinion I am not silly a real men do not wear pink my opinion you do not have to agree leave it be

        • Ce if that’s what you believe about a real man then your man has some REAL insecurities about his sexuality because a REAL MAN is confident enough to wear any color. So grow up and open your eyes because your REAL MAN may just have some closet issues.

          • i have a real man, you people act like we are discuss your children this is a blog we are not going to agree with everyone learn how to agree to disagree. peace

        • you keep mentioning a real man yet when someone ask what you consider a real man you don’t answer. so my question is do you even know what a real man is?

          • yes sweet i know what a real man or men is. once again my opinion stands so please stop buggin about my comment focus on something else peace. this goes for everyone

  15. Ok is this really a topic of discussion.Where is it written that girls are the only one that can wear pink. Come on people get a life and talk about something important.

  16. The very ones who complain about boys wearing the color pink are the same ones who sit and complain about black men “being too hard”.

  17. I remember back in 2002 or 2003 when alot of guys were wearing pink socks, pink sneakers and anything they could find with pink in it. i think it was during the Cam’ron era.

  18. You’d think he had on a dress, pink church shoes and hair bows with the way people react. It’s sad and clearly a representation of how judgmental black people are in general. You’re ignorant if you don’t think so. You don’t go to sites featuring white celebrity children and see them saying “OMG, look at her son wearing pink shoes.” Why? Because our white counterparts understand the importance of self-expression and individuality. First it was Heidi Klum’s son’s hair, now it’s Solange’s son’s shoes. Get a life. They are children. It’s unfortunate that some of YOUR children will have your ways of thinking because they will be products of their ignorant parents. Leave the babies alone. It’s SHOES. We have bigger problems to worry about as black people, than being judgmental. We are so oppressive it’s sickening.

    One of my college professors made this statement (I’m not sure if he read it somewhere, or it was from him, but): “The only minority in this country is the INDIVIDUAL.” That means people being an individual is very rare, hence making it a minority. Try being an individual and stop being judgmental to fit your own warped paradigms and stigmas.

    • Wouldn’t you consider it a bit judgmental to put a whole group of people in one category, i.e. “It’s sad and clearly a representation of how judgmental black people are in general,” or “You don’t go to sites featuring white celebrity children and see them saying “OMG, look at her son wearing pink shoes.” Why? Because our white counterparts understand the importance of self-expression and individuality.”

      According to these two statements, according to you blacks are such bad people, but not those white folks. They do it right. These statements are more disturbing to me than some dang shoes. But I’ve noticed that SOME black people tend to think of themselves as being inferior anyway. I’ve been guilty of the same type of prejudice myself. I decided to try to change my way of thinking. We are not all the same.

      I know I’m off topic, but I don’t care. I had to say it. Proceed.

      • Absolutely not judgmental, more like realistic. These are my observations. I didn’t say ALL black people, nor did I say ALL white people. But, if u can sit here and honestly argue this, then I’m sorry. I made my points, and maybe if you take a few minutes and observe, you will see them.

        • Yes, indeed, you did make your point and I made mine. I don’t need to take time to see, I’ve already made my assessment. End of story. Thank you.

          • Lol. Do you feel better? End of story, huh? Sadly, it’s not. There’s much to be done with our people’s way of thinking. For some reason you took my comment personal. Maybe it’s to do with your own past feelings of inferiority. I don’t know. But there’s no need to be childish and end your comments with the “I got the final word” type comments like “End of story. Thank you.” I mean c’mon. I didn’t say anything that isn’t true of our people. White people love our ignorance and it takes US to redirect that ignorance into wide acceptance of differences. That’s ALL I was saying. Have a good day.

    • Tight…Everyone has a right to say what’s on their mind. Just because you disagree, does that make you right?

      Since we’re putting “some” black people in a catergory, is it safe for me to say, when you don’t agree with most black folks you have to be a hater (that’s everyone’s favorite). You have to be wrong or you have to be ignorant. Every stop to think, we have our own mind & we won’t always agree with one another. I don’t have to tag along with the majorities opinions to validate any statement I ever make. I’m also mature enough to understand that, not everyone will agree with me. If you go back to the first picture, his shoes looked completely pink, which I didn’t find cute for a little boy (say what you want).

      “It’s unfortunate that some of YOUR children will have your ways of thinking because they will be products of their ignorant parents.”

      WOW…I teach my son how to be an “individual” (with tact), NOT A FOLLOWER. I don’t ever want him to be afraid to speak his mind (because of individuals like you) to please someone else.

      One thing we can agree on, our people do have bigger problems than pink shoes. Unfortunately, you went above & beyond when you categorized, jugded & name called all in one breath. Since the white folks don’t speak their mind the way the black folks do, maybe you’ll feel more comfortable over there. I’m sure that statement sounds ignorant right? Because your free to be on any site you please. That’s the same way I felt about your statement. Now you have a good day.

      • It really has nothing to do with “speaking your mind.” It has EVERYTHING to do with how OUR people think in GENERAL. Call it categorizing, judging, whatever. Whtie people love the “hate” that we spread to each other. I believe it’s a shame that we’re too stubborn to see that. It has nothing to do with me being comfortable with people that don’t speak their mind, it has to do with me being uncomfortable with people that criticize CHILDREN for being INDIVIDUALS, for something as simple as the lil boy’s SHOES. I’m not even sure why this topic is being do drawn out, or my reply for that matter. I said what I had to say, and I said it with “tact.” As a matter of fact, everything you just said just made my point even more valid. Thank you, though. :) And God bless your son. Do me a favor, though. Team him that there is a thin line between speaking his mind, and speaking about things that even freaking matter. And the color of someone’s shoes is not one of them.

        • I’ll leave you with this. I suggest you take a look in the mirror & maybe you’ll get a better understanding of why your message was drawn out. You did exactly what you claim “white folks” love to see (show hate towards “OUR” black people). We all gave our opinions about a pair of shoes. You on the other hand, directed your comment towards individuals because you showed discontent with what you didn’t agree with. If you thought you were teaching someone something (through your message), that’s like a teacher trying to teach a student & calling them stupid at the same time. How effective do you really think that method of teaching would be? Don’t answer that, I really don’t care. Just wanted to put something on your mind.

          The shoes are really irrelevant but this is a post, so “we’re free” to comment on it the way we view it! If we were all working on our “bigger issues”, none of us would be here wasting time in the first place. I get bored at work, that’s why I post. Not sure what your excuse is.

          The point of my message (that was directed towards you): Individualism – independence and self-reliance or a social theory favoring “freedom” of action for individuals. Judging what someone said as ignorant because you didn’t agree with it, now that’s a form of oppressing “OUR” people!

          Freedom of speech sweetheart.

          Lastly, if you think only black people make ignorant comment, search the web a little more. I’ll give you one…Kim Kardashian site (browse it a while). Check out some of the “subtle” (& maybe not so subtle) insults.

  19. I wouldn’t put those shoes on any of my kids. Not because of the pink though. I think they are just hideous shoes. If someone was to wear them though, I think they could go for a boy or girl from this picture. I just wouldn’t have my kid wearing them.

  20. i think its asinine to think that if a boy wears pink they will be gay. as if. my boys wear pink all the time, and it doesnt take away from their masculinity. come on people!! we have wayyyy more important stuff to think about.

  21. I think people overract WAY to much!

    I didn’t get what the problem with Solange letting her son wear pink shoes.

    1. Because it is HER son, she can dress him how she pleases!

    2. The idea that color of your clothes does not MAKES you act femimine of masculine is RIDICULOUS.
    Girls wear blue ALL THE TIME! That doesn’t mean those girls are going to grow up to be really masculine…and just because a boy happens to put on a pink shirt does NOT mean a switch in his mind flips on, and makes him feminine!!!

    3. If anything, I think it is a good lesson in him becoming an individual! If Julez is okay with wearing pink shoes, and doesn’t care if people think that color is for girls…than good for him!

    Life is alot less stressful when you aren’t spending your time worrying about what others think of you!

  22. I was the first to comment on the Pink shoes. I don’t care what anyone says, they still look like shoes a little girl should wear.

  23. It dont really bother me plus we know Solange is “different”. I myself wouldnt put those shoes on a boy. People say it just a color but I bet Nike made those for girls. I dont really have a problem with it she can dress her kid any way she wants.

  24. I say the same pink it just a color. My son has 2 pink shirts by rocawear that are maded for boys. My son also has some shirts with purple in them so now your going to say purple is only a girl color! Get over your self it is just a color.

    • Hey Fab…I didn’t see the pink nails. Where can I find that at? But what about Pharell carrying that purple “PURSE” in the airport a while back. He was also pictured with some rainbow colored shoes. He’s a man, maybe it’s all about style to him. But is that ok?

      Most of yall can say it’s ok if you want to. Yeah it’s just a color, I agree. But what part of his outfit went with the shoes? NONE! It’s bad enough he hangs with mom most of the time (from what we can see) & she’s a girly girl. Kids mimic what they see.

  25. Those are very popular shoes, they’re Nike dunks and they don’t even have that much pink. People are getting all riled up off of nothing leave the boy alone. Acting like he stepped out of the house with an all pink ballerina’s tutu on…geez!

  26. I think they are just colors and it doesn’t define who u are and wearing a button down or polo thats pink doesn’t make a male gay its how they carry themselves, how they talk, act, or do that could consider them gay. Because a gay guy doesn’t just wear pink flamboyant clothes, he could be a hardcore thug and wear dark colors and be gay.

  27. At the end of the day, is it really important? They are just children. Leave them be. Let them have fun. There are so many other issues we should be concerned about. Our children are being beaten and killed daily by demented adults. That’s where my passion is, not the colors they wear. JMO. If others think it’s important, so be it.

    • I totally agree Terri. We have far worse issues to deal with for & about our kids, than the color of their clothes!!!

  28. People need to grow up I put pink on my son. Whatever colors you feel looks nice on your kids put it on them. It’s nothing wrong with it.

  29. i wouldn’t dress my newborn girl in blue cuz you know at that age it is sometimes hard to tell a boy from a girl. And vice versa for the newborn boy. When the child starts to grow more into their features and you can tell the gender difference then i dont see a problem with dressing a lil boy in pink as along as it is boy clothes and not girls.

    • Why? Because girls clothes might turn a boy gay? Seriously!! I think that’s why people are afraid or pink or girls clothes or anything else of that nature, because they’re homophobic!

        • “You is really dumb”

          Reread that statement & think about who sounds dumb. If you don’t knock it off & pick up an english book.

          • lol @ stop, u got me really laughing out loud

            n please ain’t nothing finer then a dark man in a pink shirt, just wanna jump his bones

            but we talking about kids, and yea u can dress a kid in doo brown ain’t nothing

  30. the reason for my dislike of the shoes has to do with them not matching his outfit… i dont care what the colors are just like memaniece said its just colors. I’ve seen more dudes wear those shoes than females.


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