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L to R: Phoenix Chi, Angel, and Stephen

Angel Iris Murphy Brown,2, the daughter of singer Melanie Brown and actor Eddie Murphy, was spotted leaving the pool of the Palms Hotel with her family over the weekend. Mel B is currently appearing in the Las Vegas revue called Peepshow at the Las Vegas Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino. See more pictures of the family including Mel’s daughter Phoenix Chi,10, and her husband Stephen.


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  1. Angel is THE CUTEST little thing ever!!! I would just kiss her little cheeks all day, if she were mine! Stephen Belafonte (Harry IS his father), appears to be an extremely attentive “step-father”: as far as I’m concerned, Stephen IS Angel’s REAL father. He is the man who seems to love Angel, devotes his time to Angel, cares for and supports and protects Angel. THAT is what a REAL father does for his child, whether that child came from his loins or not.

  2. Well deadbeat dads r everywhere. Just cause he has money don’t mean squat. Money can’t buy brains or manhood. He is 1 loser out of millions. Screw him, when lil mama gets older she can tell him where to shove it.

  3. LMAO!!! Like the Color Purple. ‘Till you do right by me, everything…” Eddie is a fool if he denies this baby. He made her whether he feels ‘tricked’ or not!!! Get it together Eddie!

  4. She is so gorgeous! Eddie Murphy is such a loser for not taking care of his child! I hope everythig he does fails until he acknowledges and become a part of his baby girl’s life! I’m SO happy his movie was a flop!

  5. I am SOOOOOOOO glad Eddie’s movie tanked this wknd! Sorry for the cutie co-star but she is still young.

    • right the little girl can bounce back, but who would go see a movie about eddie and his daughter when he dont even claim one lol

    • By the time she is 5, she will definitely know that Eddie Murphy is daddy and be able to tell people what she think of him.

  6. She is sooo freakishly cute. Beautiful Baby. Can’t believe she’s two already. Time is going by so fast I know I’m getting old.

    I hope she’s calling Belafonte daddy.

    What’s up with him saying he’s no relation to Harry Belafonte??? He’s his spitting image.

  7. I hope Eddie is seeing this little girl. She came from you and a part of her is you. She is such a cutie. I saw him in a TV interview and he was talking about his youngest child making him some fruit or something. He excat words were my youngest daughter, Bella, he said her age and I am thinking your youngest daughter is with Mel B. idiot.

  8. She is soooo adorable!…I hate to say it but everytime I see her adorable little face, I always think of Eddie. Deep down I hope that he IS taking care of her in the way that she deserves.

    • I recall sometime ago Pheonix’s dad was suing Mel for custody…from the looks of things I would say he lost.

    • Yes he see’s her all the time.You just don’t see pictures because he is not famous and most people forget Mel even has a older daughter.

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