Donna Mills(L) and daughter(R)

Actress Donna Mills and her daughter Chloe(born 1995) attended Life Out Loud 4 at the Sunset Gower Studios on June 13, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. Donna is best known for her role as  “Abby Cunningham” on the primetime soap opera Knots Landing.


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  1. The comment about her hair being “damaged” her hair isn’t even STRAIGHT!!! Obviously, from looking at it you can see that she hasn’t chemically straightened it!!! Chloe is adopted. While I don’t think it’s always necessary to state whether or not someone is adopted, to NOT state that they are and let people think that Donna Mills gave birth to her isn’t factual. I remember when she adopted her and Donna made some comment about Chloe talking about their differences like the fact that Donna had blonde hair. It was a sweet discussion. I think it’s GREAT that Donna adopted her. You can tell how much she loves her in all of the photos they take together.

  2. i pulled it up and donna mills is indeed 67 years old…

    michelle pfeifer’s daughter claudia rose does have pictures on the internet as well, as recent as the premier of hairspray!

    great picture though, they look happy.

  3. I remember when Donna adopted her some years back…she was either an infant or a toddler. She has grown up to be a real beauty! And yes, she and Donna COULD “pass” for biological mother and daughter!
    Donna still looks go, even tho’ I would guess her age to be anywhere from 60 to 68…:-)

  4. she really is a gorgeous young lady….
    but born in 1995?? that puts her at what about 14?… i definitely thought she was pushing 18…
    gosh hoq kids look different now!
    beautiful family 😀

  5. why does it matter if she is adopted her hair is damages can you not comment on the person as a whole it is a picture or a beautiful mother and daughter that is where the comment should be

  6. Her hair doesn’t look damaged to me either. I think it’s just the lighting with the blonde highlights in that one picture.

    She’s a beautiful girl though. Wonder if she does modeling or acting.

  7. Why are we as people always commenting about the hair! Where is this little girl’s hair damaged? And so what if it is, she’s a beautiful child, and they make a beautiful family!!!!

  8. Chloe has grown up to be such a lovely young lady. I would like to see a picture of Claudia Rose the adopted daughter of actress Michelle Pfeiffer. She’s about the same age as Chloe I think.

    • Lela, I saw a couple of photos of Claudia rose a while back, and she has grown into a GORGEOUS, tall and regal young lady! She may not be Michelle bio-daughter, but like Ms. Mills & Chloe, they could pass for blood-related moms & daughters. Oh, and Chloe is as beautiful as her mother.

  9. Yes, Donna adopted this pretty, young lady as an enfant. From the look of things, she did a great job. In an interview she stated that Chloe was the best thing that ever happened to her.

  10. I just watched Knots on DVD last night. I had no idea she had children. Beautiful girl, and Miss Mills looks great. I think she’s in her 60’s.

    • If I’m not mistaken I believe that Donna Mills adopted Chloe as an infant.
      Strangely, I actually think that Donna and Chloe look enough alike to be blood related Mother/Daughter :)

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