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-The couple during happier times-

Singer Kelis says that she is broke. “I have run out of money”, she tells TMZ. Kelis also claims that her estranged husband Nas has yet to pay for any pre-natal expenses , eventhough he is well-off.

As a result, the expectant mom has hired a lawyer and is asking a judge to order Nas to pay spousal as well as child support. In addition, Kelis and her lawyer are demanding that Nas pay all pregnancy-related expenses, and one-half of all medical expenses after the child is born. She has also requested that $3,500 be allocated for the baby nurse after the child’s birth, and $20,000 for strollers, cribs and other baby supplies.

Kelis says, “My survival is based on [Nas'] will at this time. If he does not want to pay for an expense, it does not get paid.”

The singer filed for divorce from the rapper in April of this year. The couple married in 2003 and are expecting the birth of their baby boy next month.




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  1. Kelis sweetie sorry. but remember when yu said he’s daughter was’t His during a child support suit with ex, said he need to get a d.n.a. test. In life what goes around comes around.You never know what happens in relationship between a man and woman that’s why we need to butt out. Cause babe he’s doing the same thing to you. You were his legal wife don’t feel to good doesn’t. Goes around comes around

  2. All I know is that a mate is not guaranteed;therefore, enjoy it while it last because if God did not put it together, it is a waste of time. Nas is a great artist, and I really do not know who the woman is so I refuse to say anything but she carried the child for nine months, suffered and went through the valley of death to bring their child forth;because of that, Nas should willingly care for her and the child.

  3. My comment is that Nas did it to his first baby mother and in her book She pointed out how he did her and they child so Kelis should had known from jump her dude/babydaddy was not a good man.He left his baby mother stranded poor and all so welcome to the club Kelis! Nas it’s sad how you say talk so great of Hip Hop but can’t talk nothing of father hood! And his father is close with him so why would he do that to the mother of his kids! SAD!!

  4. omg!!!!! it was notall of this handmade drama when they were together and now that things have turned sour it he say she say as usual. that’s a shame be more careful next time i mean i know that they were married and all but if she was broke and they’re future was uncertain then why the heck would you get pregnant and as for him since he’s since an egotstical jerk then maybe he should v’e been supersoaking quit crying and man up there is an inocent child to pay for adult foolishness once again and by the why mr nasir your music is lame………….

  5. Ooooooooookkk-k-k-k-k..-k..lol! I’ve read enough… Okay first Kelis isn’t broke… she has to seem broke in order to get a rush on money from Nas, because if a pregnant woman in nyc didn’t have money she could get free health insurance. And if she aint to proud to beg via TmZ then well why not hit the medicaid office?
    This can turn against her in court. It depends on the judge. She is owed something Hell yes! To all you woman who say she doesn’t You’re Hating and wished someone owed you support. Being married to a rich person is like being on lease and when the lease is up you’re homeless. That’s how I see it.
    Now Nas… he has appeared to be a level headed person til now.. Someone above stated something like he has to wait til court to give her something…A MAN Wouldn’t Wait for a Judge to say “You have to feed your baby” Not a Man…he loved Kelis.. In my opinion they are both being a bit bullheaded. She wants 20g for furniture for her baby.. When she’s saying she broke.. That’s like living in the p.j’s, getting food stamps, eating shrimp while driving a 2009 Bmw and working@ popeyes..makes no sense..
    Nas come up out the pocket and feed ur wife and kid.

  6. Well, this is a pretty sad situation. Obviously, we haven’t heard Nas’ side of the story (if he has one), but, damn, this is the woman carrying his child. I would think a man would want to do everything to make sure the mother is healthy and stable, both emotionally and physically.

  7. Guess she isn’t so Bossy after all, with all the rumors and blogs going ’round’ the only person suffering will be that lil boy. I really like both Kelis and Nas but they are two people who decided that their relationship has run its course shoot they need to be adults and handle their biz through the courts like everyone else. That man may want to make sure its his seed he’s providing for. There were a lot of rumors of her cheating so we shouldn’t assume the baby is his. Kelis is trying him in the public eye she is the one who is wrong here.

  8. First of all, for her to say Nas hasn’t paid for any prenatal expenses doesn’t even matter because being artists they both have “lifetime medical benefits from AFTRA!” Kelis is being such a loser right now.

    Situations like this just make me reinforce the lessons I teach my daughter and nieces everyday.

    Women just get on my damn nerves with their foolishness.

    Wake up ladies!

  9. Well if she is broke (which I don’t buy) she really doesn’t have anyone to blame but herself.

    I don’t know how many times it needs to be said-”LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS!”

    I’m all for men taking care of their kids, but $20,000 for strollers!? Ridiculous!

  10. Why she worried? When the baby is born she gets CHILD SUPPORT!
    Until then, if she really has no money she can apply for gov assistance and the gov will pay for her having her baby.

    Or Nas will pay for it. Either way, ain’t no harm or worry.

    • thankyou!! like evrybody else who needs help… but we all kno she ain’t our typa broke anyway! she got money, she means jus not as much as she would like… wth! if she sold a grill or two she’d be more well off than most of us lol… broke my ass

  11. I have a hard time feeling sorry for her. Perhaps she should have remained with her husband until the child was born. Women should know by now that men may not always be there when we need them the most. Instead of whining she should get a job and be independent. Then she can hold her head up high and have some pride. I would drag by pregnant belly and wash dishes before begging any man for anything.

  12. Maybe it’s not his kid.

    It would explain 1) the divorce; 2) the hard feelings; and 3) an unwillingness to pay for prenatal care.

    And I don’t understand why everyone is assumig that he is supposed to just fork over money to her. There is a procedure for her to obtain spousal support and back support. Until there is a court order, any money he gives her won’t count as anything more than a gift and he could still be on the hook for back support even if in fact he was supporting her.

    Give a brother a break.

    • I don’t assume he needs to give her all that. When some people get divorced they go overboard. I see he should pay child support and maybe for the child’s birth, but SPOUSAL support no. She is a grown woman, who is a talented singer. She can get off her butt and get a job. All Nas needs to care about now is their child together, NOT HER.

  13. I don’t think that girl is broke, and she had a baby shower that Nas and Kelis co-hosted together, where she reportedly got a lot, BCK did post on it check it out, and she can deliver any day now,so her pregnancy is almost over this is the most you ever heard from Kelis, and it’s only cause Nas told her its over so she filed for divorce,Nas was with her for most of the pregnancy and if he doesn’t want any dealing with her until after the baby is born I don’t blame him, you see the way she is acting running her mouth on blogs, just imagine how those two act in person.

  14. actually, carmen has a court mandate that ensures nas pays for destiny. i think he should pay for the birth of the child. (hospital births can cost 20-40k) i find it hard to believe that kelis is broke. she toured in europe and i refuse to believe all she had came from nas. he will eventually settle with her because it’s in his best interest to do so. hopefully he has a competent attorney because kelis is obviously trying to get everything she can. her career is pretty much a wrap. to think i use to really like her music. should have signed a pre-nup.


  16. i don’t believe it either!

    $20.000 for strollers,cribs (is she having twins!??) and “other” baby supplies. i would have loved to see here baby registry lists!!!!

  17. that is a shame, I mean as a man and a father part of your role is to make sure your child is safe and healthy,if that means by helping out the mother, then so be it.

    Nas is showing no concern for the well being of his child, it’s ashame

  18. i’m not buyin this “im broke” mess, i think kelis is playin the divorcee role which i dont mind.

    oh well, they were a cute couple when they were together..

    • i agree. this all seems like an act. it’s sad when people adopt the “i’m gonna take u 2 the bank” mentality when a relationship goes sour. i was hoping that kelis would be better than this. smh.

  19. You never depend on a man for anything.

    This is crazy that she is broke. I wonder what did she get at her


  20. If this is true, Nas gets no more of my money for his music. No excuse He needs to pay for his child and the Mothers expenses in regards to the unborn baby and well being of the Mother.

    • I was thinking the same thing. He was sooooooo into her-something that we will probably never be aware of had to have happened to make him have this drastic turn-about. There’s still no excuse to turn his back on the care of his child.

  21. And she is married! the bible says that in the last days men will be lovers of themselves, so i’m not surprised.

    • To me men have always been lovers of themselves. At least back in the day they still took care of home.
      And this is who we are to let run our households. Its all good though because they will be held accountable.

      • I think you need to look other places besides the club and/or church. there are still a lot of good men that love their women (yes even sistas). Don’t sleep on men from other races either!

  22. Kelis, excuse me but did you just say that you’re broke?

    (In my Neffe voice)Are you serious??!!

    Ladies, take note: this is why you always need a “Lord have mercy fund” that he knows nothing about.

  23. That’s why you should never depend on a man or woman to pay for your lifestyle. You should always have your own money as well. You are letting him control you like a dog on a leash when all is said and done.

        • U neva let a man know everything> Let them think they have the control when in all actuality u r the one who really have it. Men don’t need to know that u have money for a rainy day because they r gonna want to know y. & then its gonna go into a “you dont trust me” thing.

    • Maybe I’m wrong but when I read statements she’s made, it appears she’s trying to damage his character. Why is everything so public? I mean, child support issues is the typical break up news. All of the other stuff (not wanting to pay for her attorney/pre-natal care) is a bit over the top. I also get this stubborn vibe from him, so at the same time I’m not surprised.

      What puzzling, I read a statement that the baby was her last attempt to try to hold their marriage together. If something is not working out, why use a baby or bring a baby into those problems? There were so many other things they could have tried to work it out. Now she’s pregnant (broke from what the media says) & a single parent. All of those problems could have been avoided.

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