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NBA player Kobe Bryant, his wife Vanessa, and their daughters Natalia,6, and Gianna,3, celebrated the Lakers’ win against the Orlando Magic in Game 5 of the the NBA championship yesterday. The girls in matching Lakers’ gear smiled proudly as their dad held his M.V.P. award. Lots more pictures now!



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  1. I Love the dresses! Its the first thing I noticed about the pics. I dont understand what ppl think is wrong with them. The cut up top covers everything but their arms & the length is decent.

  2. My toddler son kisses me on the lips all the time and I don’t care what any of you backward people on here would say about it! I guarantee my life (and my child’s) is going better than most who would make such stupid comments on here.
    Also, the outfits are FINE for little girls, however they do look cheap and poorly sewn for people that wealthy.

  3. Natalia looks more african american and Gianna looks more latina. Both are just precious and equally beautiful. People shouldn’t say one sibling looks better than the other. Especially when there are children involved. No offense.

  4. Honestly I can’t stand gold-diggin Vanessa period whether she “snagged him” or not who cares call her what she is a Video chick that did what she had to do to get him. Didn’t hurt that she had those girls “set for life” lol. She is irritating not because she isn’t black or whatever she gives latina women a bad name, I don’t think y’all did ur homework on ol’ girl. The kids are cute. Somebody needs to help here comb her babies hair. I am black and latina and my mama never had me looking too grown and crazy outside. I have two girls myself and I am kinda put off by those outfits. Cute must mean grown-looking now days. He better invest in smith and wesson cause they are gonna be some good looking girls.

    • I think black ppl are mad cause Kobe didnt stay with Brandy LMAO!!! It was a joke so dont be mad at the comment. I like Vanessa’s dress and the kids look cute and they dont look like Ming or Aoki (which are adorable as well). Just because kids are multi racial doesnt mean they all look alike. Those kid look just like their parents (who by the way are starting to look alike to me).

  5. Jesus I do not think there is anything wrong with him kissing his daughters. You guys must have not gotten enough fatherly love from your dads. Also there is nothing wrong with how they are dressed. They look adorable and his wife isn’t showing anything, her dress is beautiful. There is always going to be negativity when someone is doing good.

  6. awww the lil one is adorable, look at her when hes kissin the older one, shes there claspin her hands… my daughter does that same look, like shes so happy an jus waitin for another kiss for her, i think its nice how gd a relationship they have, its sweet every daddy daughter shud be like that

  7. People are strange. They are his daughters he can kiss them i always kissed my father on the mouth. Why are we so negative. i guess many people dont understand a father’s love is important for those girls self esteem.

  8. Did anyone notice that kobe wasn’t paying that much attention to his wife …. it was like she was just standing there posing …. he kiss the kids but did he even kiss her ?

  9. Maybe you guys have it all wrong about Kobe. Kobe grew up in my neighborhood of Lower Merion, PA. I know people who know him and they said he is a kind, intellectual man, and that he would never do what he was accused of. But who knows people change

    • I am sure it would be 50/50 of the people who like Kobe and those who don’t. I don’t like him from what I have seen from a distance, Televsion and his pass actions. But in no way do I believe he did what he was accused of in that Hotel. I really don’t like the way he treated his family MOTHER, the woman who gave birth to him.
      As for basketball palyer and skill great.
      Oh by the way I wonder is that is Vanessa Mother the one Kobe bought that house for or the Nannie?

  10. his oldest daughter is so pretty

    something nice about vanessa: she seems very loyal and really in love wit kobe…they look good together

    • I would be in love too, If my husband made over 20 million a year, cheated on me not once and just won the NBA finals for the fourth time. lol. But maybe it’s true love.

  11. @Midnite – Oh and as far as passing around the trophy, yes everybody got to touch it. I guess you didn’t see Fisher’s wife all up in the camera after the game when he was being interviewed. All of their families were there. The camera is on Kobe because he’s in front, but as he said it was a “team effort and a team win”. So you can put that selfish card back in your pocket.

    • I did see Mrs. Fisher when they interviewed her Husband, but the selfish card stays out there for now. Your boy Kobe learned to pretend that he was not selfish and it finally paid off. But he is still selfish. I know he is the head coach and Phil is the assistant coach. Did you see that peace ESPN Spike Lee. Kobe was controlling everybody telling them what to do for the camera like he was the Coach. I heard a joke that somebody said one of his teammates were like that’s the most he ever talks to us, He actually knows our name. lol It’s one thing to be the best in the game today, but he takes EGO to another level.
      I thought the Magic had a chance, And yes I did buy me a Magic jersey, But they got scared and could not stop Kobe. He just made it look so damn easy. Pissed me off. So I am off the Boston and Magic band wagon. The sad thing about it, If this Faker team come back next year, I don’t wont to speak it into existence but they will be up there in the semi or finals.
      But it’s a done deal in the history books now, So enjoy it! It’s a day by day process of for me. lol just kidding. But I still don’t like it.

  12. Still hating I see Midnite… tsk, tsk, tsk. Are you still coming to the Laker parade? Make sure to wear your Garnett jersey. lol I told you they were gonna win!! Go Lakers!!

    Anyway, Kobe and fam look so happy! Love to see him with his girls. And they are such Daddy’s girls. That little one Gianna, just kills me how she squeals and runs to him after the games. Too cute.

    • I will have to go back to old post to see if you are the one I am suppose to meet back hear. Yes I still don’t like Kobe and will not be a Laker Fan again until he is gone. No i will not be at the Laker parade, you said it would not be a good idea those You Faker fans would not like that. But you said it would be okay for my little son. After seeing the way some of your fans destroyed your city acting like they had never won anything I will stay home and not watch it on T.V.
      Remember my husband is a Faker fan so in our house we are even now on the basketball page. I gave your boy Kobe his respect I did not do the LaBron James. But I still don’t like him. Regardless yall won. In the words on Shaq! They earned it.

      • Yep that was me. lol I told you the baby would be safe but couldn’t confirm your safety if you had the Celtics jersey on. ha

        Anyway, I’m happy my boys won. They did earn it, worked very hard and it was not easy. It’s been 7 long years but definitely worth the wait. I was super-excited. And as die-hard as I am, I will not be at the parade… Laker fans get too crazy. I’ll be watching on TV. lol

  13. Why are people commenting on him kissing his daughters? They are HIS daughters! And it’s not like they’re teens or in their tewnties. I see nothing wrong with it and apparently Vanessa doesn’t either. BTW congrats Lakers!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Who makes comments about him kissing his daughters? They are his kids and their mother is right there, If she thought it was inappropriate, you best believe she would say something. We know from the past she is no shrinking violet and speaks her mimd. As far as their outfits, 6 and 3 year olds should be the only ones wearing them. And, i do mean the only ones wearing them, they were not made for grown women with bodies. cute family.

    • To each his or her own. I understand your comment. I still don’t like it. He had his sweat and others sweat in his mouth when he was celebrating he put his jersey in his mouth. SO many germs that he is transmitting to his childs mouth, Kiss her on the cheek fo now and after your shower if you must then kiss her on the lips. Now verybody has their thought and That’s mine and I am sticking to it.

  15. Ihave no respect forKobe as aman so it’s hard for me to appreciate his talent on the court. Same for Eddie Murphy!

    • Annabele, you must’ve read my mind. Also, I think that maybe Mrs. Bryant could’ve attired herself more appropriatly as well. Other than that, I’m happy that the Lakers won.

    • Ballgown to a basketball game is a bit much, however those cheerleader outfits the kids have on are not okay for little girls. WAY TOO GROWN!! Not cool- at all. They are little girls, NOT dolls.

  16. Kobe is crazy thorough on the courts, definetly deserved that. Go Kobe, he loves his daughters too. I know that is what keeps them together, the girls.

  17. You know, everyone always comments on him kissing his girls on the mouth. I was watching “Kobe Doing Work” and it showed him kissing his girls after the win and it was the shortest peck and very innocent. I think pictures make things look terrible and drawn out when it really is a less than a second snapshot. Also, maybe he doesn’t kiss the older one as much because at a certain age it does become a little inappropriate and they’re just transitioning her out of that. Just a thought.

    • Yeah but he still put his nasty looking lips on his daughters lips, He’s been sweating touching a dirty basketball, and touching his mouth. I watched the game. No longer a Laker fan, But the Boy did damage and can play some ball. The kids are cute. Not sure I like the outfits, but they make them work. As for Vanessa no comment. BCK says IF you don’t have nothing nice to say.

      • OMG, people who are hating get a life, at the end of the day you know what, she/they are living a good life and haters are hatin!! I laugh when I see people talking like this because it’s sick and sorry… If u but more energy into your life and stop judging people you would probably be happy and living life… Bad mouthin that girl, some of yall prob groupies too, lol… HE MARRIED HER!! Get over it, get a life….

    • Even after they won, Kobe still being selfish. Did anybody else family or kids get to touch the trophy. Besides I did not see any other wives and kids, Maybe they were there and the media just focused on Kobe and his family. When Boston won I say a few wives and children.

  18. Rain I agree. His wife isn’t as pretty as I thought. Looked at the close up of her and little girl and she looks kind of…….I can’t describe it. Just not as pretty as I thought.

    His 6 year old is tall as heck. Look how far up Kobe she comes. Think of how tall he is and she’s only 6. Man O Man Kobes gonna have PROBLEMS!! PAY BACK IS GONNA BE A MUTHA.

      • I think it may be just her makeup. She looks kinda fake. Too much of everything nothing seems to be naturally hers. Not even her eyebrows.

        • I think Vanessa is beautiful, young latina women, everyone needs to give her a break, stop hating on her if ur husband had money u would do the same thing, live her alone. if u anit got nothing nice to say keep ur mouth shut, she does have feelings u know!!

      • That baby ain’t gonna die from a few germs here and there. My goodness. It was a moment a wonderful moment for his family and his team. This is called living and enjoying life. You can’t run to the bathroom and wash your hands and face everytime life is about to happen to you. Hell kids use to make mud pies and eat them back in the day. Nobody died. She can kiss her daddy. Personally I think that’s a beautiful picture.

        I also think the girls outfits were cute and appropriate. But I do agree Vanessas dress could have covered up a little more.

  19. These little girls look like they adore their father as much as he adores him. Natalia is looking more like her mother everyday. Beautiful girls.

  20. i was waitin for you guys to put these on here
    they are beautiful
    dnt really like the parents
    bt i love the lakers
    go lakers
    (the oldest has my name Natalie)

    • In a way, but Kimora’s girls are SO much more put-together! Can’t help but to compare them because they do look similar. But there’s something to be said for having a black (yes folks, she IS black), ex-model as a mother!

        • I didn’t say anything about those girl’s looks. My comment was concerning who dresses them and combs (or lack thereof) their hair! Get It Right!! And race has something to do with it because I said it does!

          • What are you talking about their hair is always combed and they always looked well put together sometimes a little too put together just like Kimora’s girls.

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