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Singer Usher Raymond is seeking joint and physical custody of his sons  Usher Raymond V,18 months, and  Naviyd Ely Raymond, six months. The singer says that his sons  “are substantially dependent upon each party for support.”

Usher and his estranged wife , Tameka Foster-Raymond, married in 2007 but separated in July of 2008, five months prior to Naviyd’s birth.  According to divorce documents filed by Usher last week Friday, the couple’s marriage is “irretrievably broken” and “there  is no reasonable hope of reconciliation.”

Tameka  has said through her divorce attorney that she was a  “faithful wife and loving mother” during the couple’s marriage.

The couple is expected in court on July 15th.

Father’s Day

Meanwhile, Usher is expected to celebrate father’s Day with his kids. He said last month:  ” I will be spending it with my kids and being around them always makes me happy.”




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  1. Damn they just got married and now it is over. These damn celebs need to stop getting married nad divorice so damn quick, that is not what marriage is about. What they need to do is date for about 5-10 years and then take marriage into consideration.It is a damn shame.

  2. I like the part about being a good and faithful wife. They were married for how long,less than one year?
    “Judge, I have been a faithful wife for the whole eight months and I want my millions in cash.”

  3. I would like to say that it is always best to set aside your differences for the children but the big picture in all of this is what was the agenda for getting married in the first place. A lot of publicity stunts cause great harm when there is pride and a great ( Hope ) for love involved. The writing was on the wall prior to walking down the isle. We will never know what went on behind closed doors and how Usher and Tameka really are dealing with it. Again, They are only HUMAN.

  4. Cinco is so cute. But Usher and Tameka are a mess for getting married in the first place. They knew it wouldn’t work out. Remember when they called off the wedding? Usher’s mama knew best after all.

  5. That’s a man! The children need both parents..(putting down the mic..to clap..(clap.clap.clap.clap)
    Divorce is hard on both parties and should be private but that won’t happen..
    I pray for all who are affected. Her children their children.

  6. What a shame… I really wanted to see them make it together for a long while!! wish them the best and happiness to there beautiful children.

  7. I don’t even think Tameka has sole custody of her other boys so it won’t be such a foreign arrangement to the older children.

  8. “Eff” Usher… this is all b/c he has a new cd coming out later in this year…wish all the best to TAMEKA AND THE KIDS.

  9. Please those babies need to be with their Mom, He going to be on the road, chasing women, those kids don’t need to be on the road. Mom’s are not perfect, but unless the Mom is crazy for real those kids need to be with Mom. And have visitation with Usher as much as possible in a sane environment away from the limelight.

    • children need both parents. his lifestyle was good enough for em while they were married. you are very very judgemental. and he said joint custody not takin the kids away.

    • @lisette they aint call off the wedding, he aint show up. that chick knew what she was doing. she left her husband to get knocked up by usher. she was on a come up. i wouldnt be surprised to see her on another celeb mans arm. usher shouldve listened to his mom, but love makes u do crazy things. and she is much older than him.

  10. Well seems to me like there was an arrangement its over allow the man the space to move on he didn’t know she was even getting surgery! Who doesn’t tell their spouse something like that? She seems sneaky and I wonder if the youngest child was planned. Maybe that wasn’t part of the arrangement. Well his mama told him and he didn’t listen so he has to man up take care of the kids and move on.

  11. Now this explains why Usher didn’t know she was in Brazil having plastic surgery divorce papers say they separated in July 2008.

  12. One thing I don’t get about these celebrity couples is how they seem to date for so long, but, the minute they get married, problems start. It’s not like they weren’t living together in the first place. Makes me wonder if those rumors of an arrangement (2 years, 2 babies) were true. I feel sad for the boys, not just Usher’s sons, but Tameka’s other boys, as well. It must be hard for them to have Usher as their stepdad, but now, when he comes he’ll only pick up his two boys.

  13. ”faithful wife and loving mother”

    We all know that means monnnnneyyyyyy…HE IS REALLY GONNA PAY FOR THIS…

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