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Henry rocked a “Puma Logo Fleece” while on an excursion with his pregnant mom Heidi Klum, his grandmother Erna , his sister Leni (b. May 4, 2004), and his brother Johan (b. November 22, 2006). See more pictures of Heidi and her baby bump and find out how to get Henry’s Logo fleece. 

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  1. henry’s really cute. he’s just a baby for pete’s sake….so lay off his hair. i always say to the ppl that have a problem with his hair they’re either jealous that their kids don’t have hair like that…or jealous that their own hair isn’t like that.

    i’m sure heidi and seal know what they’re doing. and i’m pretty sure the lil girl is going to be left natural also.

  2. I think this is loving family and the children are adorable. Thats what makes Heidi and Seal’s kids unique (their hair). That’s how people are different! There is no law that says every little boy’s hair should be cut or worn a certain way.

  3. THEM BIRACIAL KIDS(memaniece)i thinks its his parents who decide what to do with his hair and if thay don’t want to shave it or put chemicals in it then it’s up to them, why is it when you have a biracial child black people think thay have the rite to tell you how you should care for there hair you not an expert yourself so keep your advice untill your asked for it just becouse a child has some black in them don’t make them public property. Thay are a great family you hardly ever see them without there kids so just leave them alone you only jelouse cus seal chose a white women !!!!!

      • @memaniece: 1st, their hair is long, u r miscalling their long hair ‘natural’.

        2d: It isnt just be ethnic kids, it is all kids all over. If they want to wear their hair long or short, or mutilate it with chemical relaxers, it isnt none of your business.

        Henry’s hair is fine. Worry about your own kids!

        If u want 2 complain over s/t, complain over Mel B giving her 2yr old DAuGHTER a mohawk.
        This is no cool! Y dont Mel shave her own head? Or her older daughter Phoenix’s head? Messing w kids hair this young isnt good!

      • This was June in NY right? Wearing black attracts heat, & y r the kids in fleeces? U dont wear fleece in summer. B careful of heat exhaustaion/stroke.

    • @chelsia: WRONG u r.
      Henry’s hair is fine. Worry about your own kids!

      Y does Henry get this hate but no comments about
      -Shania’s/Mutt’s son Eja Lange nor
      -Kate/Chris ‘s son Ryder Robinson
      nor ‘s Celine/Rene son Rene Angelil
      letting their sons have hair down to their knees making them look like girls? & dont give me that bull “as a jew i dont believe in cutting hair”!

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