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According to reports, Debbie Rowe, the mother of two of Michael Jackson’s kids, has the right of way to get custody of her kids.

Via TMZ:

It has been widely reported Debbie Rowe gave up her parental rights to Paris and Michael Jr. That is not true.

During the custody fight that Rowe had with Jackson in 2005, she attempted to give up her parental rights, saying Michael was the greatest father ever. Retired Judge Stephen Lachs, who presided over the hearing, initially ruled her rights were terminated … but then Lachs reversed his decision.

Here’s what happened. We spoke with Lance Spiegel, the lawyer who repped Jackson at the time. Spiegel says under the law, the Department of Children and Family Services must conduct a parental fitness investigation before parental rights are terminated and that didn’t happen with Rowe.

So Rowe has never given up any of her parental rights. As a result, under California law, Rowe is now presumed to be the person who will get custody. The only way Rowe can be denied custody is if a court determines it would be “detrimental to the children.”

As for whether Rowe will ask for custody …. our sources say you can bet on it. We’re told if Rowe gets custody she will get “a huge amount of child support from Jackson’s estate.”

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  1. And another thing, I am tired of hearing about michael’s white nose and white skin! He was HUMAN! A gentle, generous, kind hearted, child-like, HUMAN-being. He was a child of God, just as I believe we all are.

    May you rest in peace my brother Michael. You are in Jehovah Gods hands and he will do what’s right by you!

  2. I have not seen Debbie Rowe even say she wanted the Children, isn’t this all speculation and media hype!?! I think she and Michael were friends and he chose her for a reason to carry his children. I fell sorry for her and wrap she is getting. I for one do not want to judge her, since that gets us no where! I’m sure she is grieving!

    I hope Michael’s children stay with their Grandmother, Kathrrine with limited interactions with Joseph. I hope that Rebbie plays a large role in their lives and their Nanny goes where they go. I come from a large crazy family and I know it will have to be a collaberative effort to help kathrrine, and that’s is what families do!!! They will be fine as long as the media ” just leaves them alone!”…including debbie Rowe!

  3. Debbie Rowe should be given HER children back.Regardless of what the will says im sure he never really thought he would die so soon after it was written and it dosnt say Debbie should never have them either.She is the ONE PERSON who gave Michael something he desperatly craved at that point in his life and it wasnt persciption drugs.The fact that he paid for them so what. She now has to deal with paparazzi and media for the rest of her life and she had a private life until he died.She is also one of the few people who hasent talked to the media since his death. The people who are putting her down are ignorant and are hating the wrong person.

    • i’ve more or less stayed out of this arguement but PLEASE! are u crazy? debbie row sold HER children, so wat if she gave michael wat he wanted, that was nice of her but she obviously didn’t want them did she? until now that is, they don’t even kno her, ppl really need to think wats best for the kids and that must be letting them stay with the family they know! and wat about blanket? none of the kids would want to be separated, thats the last thing they should have to worry about just after their father has died. they really need stability right now

  4. Katherine went to court and received temporary custody of the children today (06/29/09) the next court date is 08/03/09. Debbie Rowe should have no claim to these children, I mean do they even know her? It is not in their best interest to be with a woman who twice gave up custody of them in exchange for money. It’s funny she didn’t go to court first thing this morning like Katherine did; you need that piece of paper in order to make decisions for them.

    The children should stay with the Jackson family if not Katherine then Rebbie, if not Rebbie then Latoya, although I’m not so sure about Latoya, if not Latoya then Janet and if not Janet then there are a few grandchildren that are in their thirties that could be candidates. But Debbie Rowe, No!

  5. Most people will be shocked to learn that the children are Micheal’s biologically..Debbie was insemenated w/Michaels sperm…You can easily look at the oldest boy and see he has some ethnicity in him…from the few glances of Blanket he clearly resembles Michael. The daughter looks exctly like her mother Debbie. Most people have tho think that if Michael bought all these living creatures, allegely had the $ to whiten skin, Then waht’s so hard for him to afford invitrofertilization (IVF) The oco-mom did it and she was on welfare…..Think people!!

  6. In defense of Nappykat, I hate for people to say that someone is lying when like Nappykat I also remember Janet being pregnant on an Awards show in the 80′s . I don’t know what happened to the child but I do remember her pregnancy during her marriage to The Debarge guy.

  7. Child support even after death? No way. I think she should see them, but take care of them herself. She is a nurse. They get decent pay.

  8. Michael Jacksons father said last night after been asked at the annual Black Entertainment Television Awards where is the kids?
    He replied they are with us, with a little snigger.

  9. I going take this time to set vitiligo and depigmention treatment straight. Vitiligo affect 1 to 3 percent of population. It can be in form of few white patches or it can spend to the point when it covers most of your body. I do believe MJ had it if you look at some of his pictures in 80s you can see the spots forming.Because of high stress lifestyle he lived his “spots” probably spread alot faster then most people. I too live stressful lifestyle and my vitiligo cover more then 80% of my body and i made the decision to depigment to just make rest my skin the same color as my spots, I was tired of being judge by my unend skin tone. The process is over many years and have nothing to do with bleach. While I appear to be white, I am proud African American woman, the color of my skin does not take away my blackness.

    Rest in peace michael and my prayers go out to his family and especially his children.

  10. They have some pictures on … showing the kids when they were little they are so adorable. Also I don’t think Debbie file for custody because she wasn’t in the kids life. They should do what is best for the kids and that would be asking them where they wanted to be yes there just kids but they should have a say on who will be raising them till there grown they should feel comfortable with the people or persons there with. Debbie wants them for the money point blank. They should also check to see if mike had a will before they go and make any rash decisions regarding the kids. Hopefully he did write one and the kids will go to a home where they will be greatly taken care of.

  11. What took Rowe so long to come up with the decision that she eventually wanted her kids? The answer to this is she doesn’t, Jackson has been a father to these kids since birth and has raised them throughout their childhood. I personally think that if the Debbie didn’t want the kids from the beginning they should stay with Micheal’s brothers or sisters, instead of separating the three, knowing that Blanket’s mother is unknown, the only person who knows the identity of Blanket’s mother is Jackson himself, point blank!! This is Pathetic!

  12. she was never there, the kids just lost their father and now people want them to get split up. i think they’re better off all together with michael’s family

  13. I think Michael’s attempt to alter himself stemmed from a sense of self-hatred he developed as a result of his childhood. Maybe he felt he looked too much like his Dad and because of the abuse he afflicted on Michael, he wanted to change any and every thing that reminded him of Joe. Of course that meant changing his nose, lips, skin color, etc. Therefore, I would not be surprise if those kids are not his biologically so as to prevent the passing on of those Joe Jackson features. All I can say is it is so sad about the lonely life he led. With all the mental and physical abuse he suffered at the hands of his father and this cruel world, I hope now he is at peace.

  14. Debbie Rowe had every intention of giving up parental rights. The only reason she still has them is because there was some missing paper work so the process wasn’t legally complete.

    Like it was already stated Michael has a will and since he thought about dying a lot according to Lisa Marie I’m sure he made arrangements for who would take care of his kids.

  15. Is it so easy for so many of you to say they weren’t Michael’s kids, because they don’t have any heavily ethnic features? Mind you, tons of kids whom are biracial may have primary features of one parent over the other. I actually see some ethnic traits in the kids, but thats just me.

    Michael may not have did the deed with Debbie, but it doesnt mean she wasnt artifically inseminated with his sperm to produce his kids. Otherwise, he could have simply went to a foreign country where he is widely loved, where they dont care about what he may/may not have done and adopted.

    I find it odd that many parents who would be able to take care of their kids are everyday allowed to terminate their parental rights. But, Debbie wasnt allowed? Hmmmm, I wonder why? Of course they were biased because it was Michael Jackson, the freak, why give him custody? Their should be some legal wrangling they can do to see if the Judge or CPS was wrong in not granting Debbie her wishes. They couldnt MAKE her want to be in the kids lives. So why MAKE her stay signed up as their legal parent.

    And now, of course the witch will come forward to claim them. She’ll definitely be looking at millions of dollars by time they turn 18 years of age.

    BUT, people fail to realize that in family law, kids over 9 years of age and if they are intelligent enough to clearly speak their minds, can say their preferrence as to where they want to live. As long as that person is stable.

    Lastly, I do hope the kids are never broken up. They were his kids. We always say him with those kids. When they were out, did you see them with nannies? Did you ever see them out with him? Was he always so busy that he needed someone to make bottles, feed, wash and cloth them?

    This entire situation is sad. I just pray now that he’s finally able to rest in peace.

    All of this speculation just adds to the harshness that was always thrown at him.

      • These kids need to be with a parent(s) who will love, nurture, and care for them regardless of their or the parent’s color. Sheesh. If Debbie gets them, they will be separated from their younger sibling. That cannot be in the best interest of these children.

  16. This woman should not have any right to these children. She had a choice and she chose MONEY over THEM. Let her live with her decision. They should go to the Jacksons since they are Jacksons regardless of if they are not biologically Michael’s. I hope and prey that Michael had his affairs in order before his unexpected death.

  17. I do not agree that Katherine Jackson should get custody of Michael’s children. It appears that the Jackson children had a abusive childhood under the guidance of Joseph and Katherine and that’s why they went from child stardom to adult depression and mental health issues. Once Joe back slaps one of those kids all hell will break loose.

    Debbie Rowe would be my first choice along with Janet, Rebe or a close friend – Quincy Jones, Elizabeth Taylor, etc.

  18. His family should have them. Maybe Janet. I think it would be worse for them to go and live with a women they don’t know. Plus what about Blanket? Losing his father and siblings in one week? Who can deal with that? These poor children I really hope people consider what’s best for them and not what’s best for themselves.

  19. Let Debbie have them she can use the millions he has paid her to support them. He has a will( His Manager was on the Today show)so we will see what happens The manager say the kids were at home at the time of his death. He along with the social worker and the nanny told the kids about the death. I read this at the accesshollywood.com

  20. BIOLOGICAL TIES or not She gave up her right. I have an adopted son. Legally he has no ties to his biologial family. They can not come in if I die and take my son. MY FAMILY is HIS FAMILY PERIOD. That is the law. On my adoption papers. It says HE has all right as a natural child and I have all rights to him as if he were my natural child.

    I can only hope that he had leagal paperowrk that said the same thing; if in fact he is NOT the natural father of the children. She has not had any contact with those kids and his family has. They know them not her. IT would horrible for any court to rip those children from the only family they know.

  21. I don’t think they will separate the children at the end of the day it is what is the best of the children.
    Wheter they are his biological children or not they are his children

  22. seriously I don’t know Debbie Rowe to say she should not be getting those kids, but from what i hear she never bothered to see them, if she want’s custody it’s prolly from the lump of money she’ll be getting for them.

    What’s gonna happen to Blanket, who’s gonna get him.

  23. The nanny should be able to take those children. She’s the one who’s bathed them, fed them, rocked them to sleep, kissed their boo-boos, and loved them for all of each of the childrens’ lives. In my opinion, they have lost their daddy but still have a mommy.

      • me too!!
        and anyway surely MICHAEL JACKSON had a will??
        come on ppl, this must have been thought about by him?
        he must of had wishes that were documented? u’d think…

    • The nanny is not they’re mother. She’s a nanny! I work with children and as much as I love them and take care of them they know I’m not their mother! I think the jackson’s need to have custody and the nanny can still be their nanny.

      • Do the children that you take care of have a mother or mother figure other than you? Have you been with the children that you take care of since birth? Are they close to their family members?

        We have to remember that Michael kept these kids pretty isolated. They never went to school and he kept them away from everyone in his family except for his mother. The nanny has been with them and has been the only constant female figure in their life. It was even stated (by his lawyer of I recall correctly) that he wanted his children with the nanny should anything ever happen to him.

        I pray that he left a will but even then, everything doesn’t go according to a persons will. If anyone has ever seen the true movie “Murder in the Hamptons” the wife left her daughter to the nanny (I believe her son was left to her too but he was shipped to boarding school), in the end (though not stated on the movie) an aunt faught for custody and won even though it was against the mother’s wishes.

  24. Let’s be real! This woman was basically a surrogate mother that Michael choose & paid (very well I’m sure) to have kids for him. Key words: “for him” not by him. That’s why it was so easy for her to give the children up. It was more of a business deal/agreement for her I’m willing to bet.

    If she seeks custody now, it’s only because the kids will be willed most of whatever he had. Those kids were a pay check for this woman from the beginning. I feel sorry for the children because the only “parent” (real or not because I don’t believe MJ was really their father) that wanted children to love as his own, has passed on.

    The children should be taken care of as I’m sure Michael would want but I say BLOOD TEST!

  25. I suppose we’ll soon find out if Michael’s kids are actually related to him or to DEADBEAT ROWE! I kinda think that it’ll turn out that she was only a surrogate and not an egg donor. Of course I don’t know for certain if Michael is their bio-dad, but I’d bet that he’s not, because he hated being black, would not want any black-looking children, and I also think that he wouldn’t allow for the actual maternal parentage to be discovered. He wanted those kids all to himself!

    Also, I know very little about Reebie Jackson, but she’d probably make for a much better parent than Katherine. Remember, his mom also aided in his insanity, and often lied for and about him in order to protect his image.

    Too bad that like Elvis, Howard Hughes, Anna Nicole, and many others, all those “Hangers-on” that professed sooo much love for Michael, did little or absolutly nothing to help him, and to save his sanity and his life

    Can you tell that I’m angry and in shock about all this? Let’s keep praying yall!

    • Torre I don’t actually think he hated being black. I believe he got so caught up in his surroundings. With the money he had, he was influenced & stayed surrounded by a lot of white people. I don’t mean that in a bad way. I feel after so long, he wanted to fit in (be accepted). He probably felt like an outsider. So if he could appear to be more like them, than he got some form of satisfication within himself. I am disappointed that he didn’t feel comfortable in his own skin but that was something mental that he suffered from. I was also disappointed that he was so unsatisfied with his real looks, that he didn’t want to take the chance to produce children of his own. The money changed his appearence but no amount of money in the world can change your DNA (not that I’ve ever heard of).

      I still loved him regardless. Rest in peace Michael.

    • Torre… I used to feel like how you feel but I have to agree with Realist on this

      I don’t think Michael hated being Black (he didn’t seem to have a problem with it when he was a child) he just got to a certain level of fame that very few Black people ever made it to so his peers and his groupies (and vast majority of American followers) were White.

      I am not particularly fond of White people but I remember being a child and LOVING White people because all of my favorite childhood movie stars, tv stars, cartoon characters, EVERYTHING were White. When I started to mature, I grew out of that and closer to my people.

      But with Michael, he seems to never have grown out of childhood so it is understandable that he loves good ole’ American Apple Pie!

      As far as his skin… he really did have vitiligo. And as far as his nose, well I heard that he was *tortured* by his father for having a big nose. I can relate to hating my big flat nose only because people (family members and others) have taught me to do so and continue to judge and make comments and Im not even Famous! So i can only imagine how he felt about it. And hating his nose doesn’t mean he hated being black… it just means he hated his nose lol

      I started to understand Michael a couple of weeks ago and its ironic that he just passed but I really feel sympathy for the life he led… i would never want to trade places with him!

      • I also don’t think Michael hated being black but he certainly did everything he could to appear white (i.e. nose jobs, cheek/chin implants, skin bleaching). I think he had a warped view of his own appearance thinking he looked a lot worse than he did, there is a medical term for it that escapes me at the moment. As for the vitiligo, I don’t really believe he had it, I think he used that as an excuse to bleach his skin. I say that for two reasons: I have vitiligo and it is blotchy white spots, your skin doesn’t turn an even white tone like his and he denied bleaching his skin. Additionally, most doctors have vitiligo patients use make up to fill in the white spots to match your original skin tone, bleaching the skin to match the white spots is almost unheard of. And finally, his vitiligo diagnosis coincidentally came about at the same all the plastic surgery started happening. He was a great entertainer, I feel bad that he had such internal battles with himself.

  26. I personally think that custody should be given to Michael’s mother Katherine. I think he would have wanted it that way. If that happens then the children won’t have to be split up. Then some sort of visitation rights or even joint custody could be given to Debbie Rowe and this nanny who wants to keep them.

    But I think the most important concern here is the welfare of the children. They just lost their father and sole parent. Having a big drawn out custody battle would only be detrimental to their emotional health.

    …If all else fails then the courts can let the children decide. Paris and Prince are old enough for their opinions to be heard and taken into consideration in a family court.

    • please do not give these chldren to the mother and father of Michael. He claims he was abused and mistreated by his dad. His mom stood by and did nothing all for fame and fortune. what will this old goat do to these children. Michael had his ways but he was loving and caring. The mom has no rights as far as I am concerned either. She gave them away easily and never looked back. Let her go and jump off a cliff. She sold them for money, wouldnt she want them for money as well. People use your heads biological or not she is not in the best interest of the children. Why call a child blanket. STRANGE.

  27. Rebbie Jackson should get the kids. She is already taking care of Janet’s secret love child, so why Michael’s?

  28. Yea,but also remember these kids have no BIOLOGICAL ties to the Jackson family. That will definitely be a factor. Courts have a great deal of respect to biological ties.

    • Kiki, you’re right, and that’s the sad part because just become someone is a biological doesn’t mean they are for the best interest of the children. It’s sad because Debbie disowned those children. I wonder if they even know her? Katherine is up in age and not well, so I don’t know. I hope they do what’s in the best interest of the CHILDREN. Also, what is Debbie going to take in Blanket? Poor babies.


  29. When I read the headlines, I couldn’t believe it. How can a woman give up her children, not once, but TWICE and still be awarded them after all that went down. I smell something foul here. These poor babies not only have to deal with the death of their daddy, but now be in some dang custody battle. Yeah, and what happens to Blanket? So now they might separate him from his siblings. I guess we’ll find out. So very sad.

  30. I don’t much about Debbie Rowe but Didn’t give up her parental rights? Who is Blankets mom?And will they really separate these children?

  31. but what about the youngest child? that child was not hers. who gets him? michael never released who that childs mother was.

  32. Let the Battle between Michael’s family and debbie Rowe began

    Michaels family has a good case against her if this goes to court.She has never been in these kids life .NOw all of a sudden she wants to be a mom PLEASE .This is all about the money

  33. These are not her kids as far as I am concerned. They may be biologically linked to her but she was never their mother.

    If for some reason she is given cutosdy, what will happen to Blanket?

    • I agree with Blue. Many people keep hoping that Debbie gets custody, but you think she’s gonna want to raise a child she didn’t bear when she wasn’t even around to raise the ones she did bear? Say what you want about Michael not wanting her around, but no person would ever keep me away from my children! She could have appealed for parental custody or shared custody, but instead she chose to accept money in exchange for going away! Some mother! Those 3 angels need to be kept together, and I can only think that the Jacksons WILL keep them together. After all, the 3 of them are Michael’s children, biological or not, and his family will love them regardless of who the mother is. Debbie on the other hand MIGHT have some affection for her own children, but who’s to say how she would treat the youngest one? I don’t trust her at all and they need to be kept away from her custody–she just wants the money. I wish Michael was still here for those children! I love you Michael and I believe you.

      By the way, there’s some poll out theRE taking votes on whether Michael was good or evil. Evil seems to be winning so if you love Michael, please vote good before his name is further tarnished. Michael was a good man and a victim of our media and our society. It’s up to those of us that love him to help clear his name.

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