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Keke Palmer was a presenter at the show

Teen actors Keke Palmer,15, and Bobb’e J Thompson,13, presented onstage during the 2009 BET Awards on June 28, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.

During the presentation, Keke Palmer sang a rendition of “Who’s Lovin You”, as a last minute tribute to Michael Jackson. Keke said via twitter yesterday:

“It was such an honor to sing ‘Who’s Lovin You,’ they asked me at the last minute and I said yes, could not refuse a tribute to Michael.”

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  1. I really admire KeKe. I am an older lady, but I listen to her single ‘Bottoms Up’ while I am working out and it is hot. Keep up the good work KeKe.

  2. I love this lil boy he is hilarious. He is a natural. I would like to see him in more movies minus the cursing. I agree that cursing in the Role Models was a bit much. Still he is hella funny

  3. Girls today need to keep their eyes on Ke Ke. She always looks great, age appropriate and fitting for the occasion.
    Bobb’e does play the most obnoxious characters but that may really be all that he can play..he is short like Gary Coleman so he I doubt that he will ever be like a “leading man”.

  4. Keke killed it. She looked and sounded wonderful. “Who’s Lovin You” is one of my many favorite J5/Michael songs. Go’in Keke with your bad self.

  5. Nita I agree. I don’t know if it is the fact that he plays the same bad obnoxious role or what. I think that sometimes it comes off to adult esp. in Role Models when he was cursing up a storm I kept thinking “yeah this isn’t cute i am turning this off”.

  6. KeKe did an excellent job! Had me clapping like I was there! I am very proud of her as a child star and I look forward to seeing her bloom into a actress. Way to go KeKe

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