-Pictured L to R: Diamond, grandchild, Angie Stone-

Singer Angie Stone brought her daughter Diamond and her grandchild on stage during the Sunoco Welcome America! festival at Penn’s Landing on June 27, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Angie’s daughter Diamond (born 1984) is from her marriage to Rodney Stone a.k.a Lil’ Rodney C from the hip hop group Funky Four Plus One; Angie also has a son named Michael(born 1998) from her relationship with singer D’Angelo.


Diamond is an aspiring singer. If you would like to hear Diamond sing, then head over to her Myspace Page

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  1. Her daughter grew up fast….Didn’t know she was a grandmother already, and Angie looks great for pushing 50….the baby is a cutie.

  2. Thank you nannette, i almost fell outta my chair reading you comment. I had a friend who had a light skinned child and every white baby she saw she would tell the parents, oh, your baby looks just like my baby. The baby was not even that light, and she was comparing the baby to every blonde hair blue eyed baby she saw. And people saying that they are surprised D’Angelo would “hit” that don’t sound any better. Why is it hard to believe that just because she is big, she can get a fine man…and have you seen D’Angelo lately, he is a far cry from the “How does it feel” video. That baby is waaaaayyyy cuter than Hydi Klum and Seal son, but he gets a pass because he is mixed.

    • Good to know Boo, That other people are out there tat think outside the box, And who will admit the truth. Maybe BCK could show us a picture of Angie’s son by DeAngelo.

    • I believe fuller women can get cute dudes, but I meant it was surprising in the industry. The singers mess with curvy, and “thick” women…not Chubby, plus, or scrawny.

  3. cant stand her. she is from here, ( columbia sc), and she just really acknowledged how old her daughter is. she didnt raise that child, her mom did. her mom works with my cousin and has for years. she takes the son wit deangelo everywhere wit her while that child was stuck wit her mom.

  4. Angie is a beautiful women whether or not she is big. As the old saying goes: black don’t crack and Angie is 47 years old. Nappykat, D’Angelo is not a grandad, she has a son with him.

  5. Dog already, Just say she has a cute healthy grandchild, grandson. If that was some light skin baby, Kobe’s girl’s, or Kimora this blog would be full with how cute the kids are. Yes she is a GrandMa and she has a cute little handsome grandson.I don’t have a problem with dark skin, It’s other people who make a big deal about color. And usually black people. Yeah I siad it. And

    • Who said anything about dark skin? Ain’t nobody downin dark skin so what’s up?

      I’m just surprised that Angie is a Granny because I didn’t know she had a daughter that old enough to produce kids. I thought all she had was the little boy by DeAngelo.

      And the comment about D’Angelo hittin that was probably based on her weight and not color – cause you know some folks think fine men with nice bodies don’t wanna hit (sex up and have relationships with) big girls.. and okay – dark skinned big girls at that. But I ain’t surprised because a lotta men like dark women, and a lotta men like big women. Angie is big and beautiful – and a little young looking to be a grandmomma. But I think Angie around 38 or so, so maybe not so young to be a granny after all if she had her kid young(ish).

      And I say this – every mixed kid ain’t cook and I’ve seen some gorgeous all black and all white kids. Some people seem to forget that as they give complements to the mostly mixed kids on this site.

      • Thank you so much for understanding where I am coming from. I know black people with little light skin kids that have the nerve to say oh I think her hair is going to turn blonde, So you know what I am talking about. If you go back and look at the past post you can see the comments the light skin kids get. I just think we need to build up the dark skin race, The lightskin will get theirs. It comes natural. If we embrace that beautiful black skin in children when they are younger we would not have the Lil Kim’s changing their skin color when they get a little money. Kim was a cut dark skin girl, I met her in person. Now I look at her and I say the the f happen to her. Then you look back at her childhood and nobody told her she was cute, No Father black male to build her up. And the only reason I know this works, Is because I heard it all my child hood. How cute I was, And I just wish more people will tell there kids how great they look in ther dark skin. It don’t cost no money to do that.

        • what is the “dark skin race”? i thought we were all black….somebody’s insecurity is showing

          sidenote: cute, chubby boy but im not a fan of his grandmama’s attitude

      • And I say again, That’s a handsome cute little grand baby you have there Angie. I hope he grows up to make you and his Mama and Daddy proud.

    • Wow, that’s a little harsh. I think you should treat yourself to a gelato in the park. It’s almost Friday, you can do it.

    • You know what? YOU ARE RIGHT!! If you notice most good comments are based on light skin children or light skin parents. Do me a favor, look at this website and COMPARE THE COMMENTS BETWEEN THE DARKSKIN PARENTS AND CHILDREN AND THE LIGHTER SKIN PARENTS AND THEIR CHILDREN.GET BACK AT ME .THANK YOU!! Something is really wrong

    • I agree with you on this entire post. Except when you say let’s not cause division of the races. That is and never would be my intent. You said it correct some like light skin and some like dark skin. It’s your choice. However I am sticking with my comments and I still say we need to build up the little dark skin kids more boys and females. I think all the people you mentioned are true beauties, I have always said Naomi Campbell is beautiful. But you and I can see it, I just hope she can see it. But if you get into the facts Naomi did not always feel this way about herself. You have to go back to some of her interviews and the way she treated light skin Tyra banks in the modeling world. Anyway I get your point and I wish you and your family well.

  6. Angie Stone’s a grandmomma???


    I didn’t know. She looks very young.

    Is De’Angelo a grandaddy?

  7. That was a good show I attented this event two years in a row angie really gives a great performance it’s rare to get these kind of events in Philly and it was free yall

    • Are you from Philly? That’s not rare for Philly at all, this is actually scaled down this year, usually there is a soul series all summer for free and many others throughout the summer around the city free or at cost.

  8. D’Angelo?! The dude that was butt naked for a video with all them muscles slept with Angie? Go girl!

    Her grandchild is so chuubbby!!!

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