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Michael Jackson planned to do a duet with his son Prince,12, this according to the late singer’s former publicist Stuart Backerman.

“He was planning on doing a short duet with his son, Prince. He knew his kids would enjoy it. He wanted his kids to see him perform at least once to get the vibe of the Michael Jackson mania,” Stuart tells Usmagazine

Although Prince did not get to perform with his father, the tween did get to say his last goodbye to his dad.

Jermaine Jackson, Michael’s older brother, said in an interview on the Today Show, which aired on Thursday(July 2,2009), that  Jackson’s three children – Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, and Blanket, 7 –  saw their father after he had passed away. While a therapist was present, the Jackson kids said their last goodbyes.

See pictures of Michael Jackson and kids when they were younger

“I know it’s tough, but I think it was the best thing to do. At first I was against it, but what do you say if you don’t show them?”, Jermaine explained of why his family thought it necessary for the kids to see their dad’s lifeless body for one last time.

Watch the Today Show interview now!

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  1. It is nobody’s business as to whether or not these children are his biological kids, it doesnt make any difference to your life so find something productive to argue about. Folks have to question his paternity because he’s Michael Jackson but have no doubt that Mariah Carey or qunicy Jones’s children are black. Please stop being so judgemental, It’s up to the children to question their own paternity. Who are you and what has that got to do with you anyway. Let them be.

  2. I’ve been reading the spool on the race issue and the question of MJ being the biological father. “Just Sayin” is absolutely right about race. I have only to add that when we discuss the issue of “race,” scholars have described it as being best understood as be a social construct. There is no biological basis for race other than the degree of pigmentation in the skin expressed as what we call a phenotype. A part of the American history, slavery, and racial mixing has been taboo, yet it is a reality. I do believe that these are MJ’s children because his ancestry is mixed. Just because the children’s phenotype is not of a deep skin tone does not mean that MJ is incapable of having children with fair-skinned complexions. Racial mixing–passing, even back as far as Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson (whom we know has had children that passed) fathered children (Sally Hemming) that were of mixed race. This is nothing new. I suggest that anyone who has doubts about how the African American race phenotype can express itself in many ways (manifestations of skin tones varying from Mariah Carey, Halle Berry, to Wentworth Miller–the guy from Prison Break), acquaint themselves with American history and “Passing,” especially you Khrish Hill. It is obvious that your knowledge of American history, the concept of passing, and genetics is embarrassingly limited.

    By the way, Katherine Jackson is a direct descendant of the Scruse (Screws) European slave holder family.

  3. Those are Michael Jackson’s children,and I beg to see some document that says otherwise, because if it were true they would have outed Michael a long time ago.Those kids do have African American features,and Blanket is a spitting image of Michael.No matter what a DNA test say,Paris called Michael DADDY when she finally humanized him at his homegoing service.You hear that,she called him DADDY,and said since the day she was born he was the best father you could have ever imagined and how she loved him so much,people please don’t take this memory of Michael away from his children,no matter if they were his or not or if their features were not black enough for some of you Michael was DADDY.I love you and miss you Michael.

  4. wOw…I have to agree with both parties on this…some of the photos those kids do look like the late great..I too have biracial nephews and neither one of them look as if their father is of african american decent…some of our great greats were also white which is fine but in all honesty who really cares if there are his biological kids or not… HE was the sole provider for those kids…HE raised them…HE loved them…those are his kids no matter what the DNA test proves…Biological or not the babies are his…lets stop all of the negative comments and all of that nonsense…Can Michael Jackson finally be left alone? In life as well as death ppl are still messing with him..can we plz let MJ RIP?

  5. The ARE his children regardless of whether he is biologically connected to them. Those children only know one father, and his name was Michael Jackson.

  6. I think that is an amazing piece of news! They were going to do a duet, wow. The Jackson musical dynasty might’ve continued, who knows. It’s a tragic shame that those kids lost their beloved father, I know what it’s like to lose your father. They’ll need all the love and care possible from their family, to get them through this horrible time.

    As for their “looks”, I also used to think that they weren’t his biological children, but I am getting increasingly more convinced as I see the photos, that they are indeed his biologically. The oldest son looks, quite frankly, Black in his features and looks like Michael when he was young, Prince Michael II is his father’s little clone, practically, and in my opinion, even Paris looks part Black. The Jackson family have white and american indian ancestry, so yes, it is definitely possible for Michael’s children to be very fair.

  7. Wow, I can’t imagine what they felt when they saw their father laying there. the thought is almost too hard to bear. I pray that they are getting all the love they need to continue on in this world without their father. It’s going to be tough and rough but he would of wanted them to go on and contiue his legacy. He left big foot prints andthey should be so very proud of.Michael you gave more than this world deserved and I know you are at rest. There will never be another Michael but we know his memories will live on with his children and those who loved him dearly.

    I will Rock With You forever!

  8. Have we learned the world???? Are you guys judgement? My cousins are very mixed by their white mother and black father…they have a beautiful skin. They look like white but really, they are mixed. What’s matter with you guys? Seriously, this is getting old. This is 2009. We need to stop being small minded. You guys always look on the color of skin. That’s very sad for me to see you guys with very small-minded.
    *RIP Michael Jackson 1958- 2009*

  9. Just sayin, you are abosultely right,except for one thing Joe Jackson’s Mother Crystal Jackson was not white,she was african american,both of his parents were.I am a Jackson historian and I have seen pictures of both of Joe’s parents,and Joe is the spitting image of his father,but his Grandfather was a full bloodied indian.

    • Thank you very much. This woman should write fairytale books; because she makes up anything she wants to and labels it truth. She reads and listens to nothing. It’s like books are krptonite to her.

  10. I think it was important for the children to see their father at the end. My Mother died when I was six and I was not able to see her. For years, in my mind, I made up all sorts of things about her, and what she must have been like, and I have to say it’s torture. Those children have a lot of love around them and I’m so happy for that. They knew him as their father whether his blood runs through their veins or not.

  11. My heart just hurts for them and Im glad they got to see their fathers body. To everyone else he was the King of Pop, to them they were just daddy. People have to realize that. I’m going to pray for his children. I’m glad they are in the care of their grandmother, Katherine Jackson has the best interest for them.

  12. Thank you so much “Just Sayin” for telling these crabwipes the same thing I have been saying all along. Lot of them says it’s no way that those could be Michael kids, yet alot of them have no doubt in their mind that Halle’s baby belong to Gabe. Look how dark Joseph is with blue eyes and he’s biracial. That older boy looks more like Michael then any of his kids. If he can sing and dance, oh yea, he’s Michael’s son. Half of these foolz don’t know anything about genetics. They don’t understand that Halle could have had that baby with Eric Benet and she could have looked the exact same way. Halle have low self esteem, every other woman in Hollywood make sure they have kids by men with money. She go and have a child with someone she have to support,lol. List of females with sense, Kimora,Kim(kids by puff),Kobe’s wife,hispanic actress that married billionaire,Nicole Richie, list goes on and on. Anyway, I’m praying for Michael kids and happy he is finally at peace.

    • you said: “…Halle have low self esteem, every other woman in Hollywood make sure they have kids by men with money…”

      do they charge by the hour?

      i had a husband – and now have a man – because i want the companionship, NOT because i couldn’t make the rent or car note on my own. any woman who – in this 21st century – thinks otherwise (i.e. money is their ONLY/MAIN criterion) is just a volunteer for the sex trade. period.

      • At least Halle has the good sense and social graces not to run around telling people that the father of her child is her fiancee. I do belive that today’s young women don’t understand the word fiance as they have several children by a man who is just living with them and refer to them as the “financee”. When you have children together, Wife or husband should be substituted for “fiancee” or he or she is just “a baby mamma or baby daddy”. It looks so stupid and misinformed.

    • Halle has her own money, she doesn’t need to have a baby just so that she can lay claim to what someone else has. She wanted a baby, she said that she did; so she chose the man she wanted to make the baby with. Everybody isn’t a golddigger. Many of these women today have taken on the image of the slave owners who used to make certain women breed with certain men so that they would produce a better stock that could bring them a higher dollar when they sold the offsprings away from the mother. Now it seems that our women are doing that on their own. What a shame. “Mother may have and father may have…..But God Bless the child who has his own”. Why would you want to be at the mercy of what someone else has? Why don’t you get your own?

  13. JustSayin:

    post some pictures of your newphew I bet he looks a little black, michaels kids dont look remotely black.

    • I absolutely WILL NOT post any pictures of my nephew!!
      This isnt about him…I was just using him as an example for obviously narrow-minded folks who are ignorant in regards to the relativity of dna.
      I guess you’ll be one of those folks who will be shocked to find out that Michael is indeed the BIOLOGICAL father to all 3 of these beautiful children!!!

  14. Where did the name Prince come from? On his birth certificate it says that his name is Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. The youngest one’s name is Prince, but I was wondering why the oldest one is also called “Prince?” Was his name changed (which would explain why little Prince is the 2nd)or is it just a nickname?

  15. This is so sad I feel bad for those children. It doesn’t matter if they are Michael’s biological kids are not. They lost the only parent that they have known. I miss Michael. R.I.P MJ.

  16. I don’t care what anyone says….Those kids ARE Michael’s biological children!!!
    My 13 year old newphew is bi-racial and looks almost exactly like Prince except my nephew’s eyes are blue…but he same comlexion, hair texture and evern similair features as Prince.
    My nephew’s mother who is my sister is very dark-skinned,course hair texture, thick features and her husband is white, blonde, blue eyes, pale skin.
    Genetics are what they are!!
    Also, Joe Jackson’s mother was a white woman, so yes Joe himself is bi-racial, his black genes minus the blue eyes are just more prominant.
    And Katherine Scruse Jackson’s father was mixed with black, white and indian blood.
    So YES it is very possible that these are truly Michale’s children.
    I can’t wait for everyone to finally know the truth as I believe that someday it will be revealed and all of you naysayers are going to be in for a real shock!!
    Michael Joseph Jackson IS INDEED THE BIOLOGICAL FATHER of Prince, Paris and Blanket…. 100%!!!

    • 100% co sign if you look at the collage of pics of mike and then his son its kinda next to each other he has mikes nose and the eyes as well as long fingers and tall and slim like his father so is the gurl and the youngest omg he is dead on mike

      • We had this conversation some time ago when I stated that those children were not MJ biological children. Now the news media has confirmed that; so why do you insist that they are MJ’s biological children. He is the only father that they know and so he is there true father but not from his loins. What difference does it make if he was not party to the making of them? I truly belived that he loved them; but we all know that Michael lied in that interview with that sick Beshure by saying that the mother of that one child in Black, he was even questioned when he said it. Then the man wanted to know why the other kids had no trace of Blackness in their looks if he was the father. Let’s face it Michael was the tops in entertainment, but he was a bit kooky and a little out there albeit, I never believed that he molested children…..He really seemed to want to be White and he kept getting bad raps from the very people he chose to embrace. He could never learn that they suffer from the worse kind of greed and would do him in at any opportunity. This still takes nothing away from his talent and we will be hard pressed to ever have another of his ilk. Those are not his biological children. What does it take to get you to believe that?

    • How are you just going to make Michael the biological father of these kids just because you want to? What difference does it make to you? Why would you just toss aside all reports, even by the biological mother and decide that these children are what you want them to be. What’s wrong with you and why is it so important for you that these are his biological children?

      • @ Krish Hill….No one is TRYING to “make” Michael the biological dad…It is what it is…Michael Jackson IS THE BIOLOGICAL FATHER!
        I can’t wait until the truth is revealed, and it will be someday.
        Also, Debbie Rowe NEVER said that Michael WAS’NT the father….that was all media lies!!
        Get YOUR facts straight…Michael Joseph Jackson is the biological father of Prince, Paris and Blanket!
        People like you are VERY IGNORANT because you cant see beyond skin color…SHAME, SHAME AND MORE SHAME!!!

        • And it has nothing to do with me and skin color. I know about genes and I know that there is not gene pull in Michaels children. The records have shown that these children have no blood ties to the Jackson. You are the one who shows ignorance. The lack of reading and listening just seems to escape you. If, and I pray to God that it doesn’t for the sake of the children and Mrs. Jackson, this thing goes to court; you will see that you have created a fairytale. Where are getting this information if not just making it up because that’s the way YOU want it to be. The President’s mother is White but he doesn’t carry all of her gene pull; The Ambassador to the United States, Susan Rice’s has two children and their father is white, and she has blonde hair like Mike’s kid. So it has nothing to do with skin color. We all know about that….But this is a different case and you are mistaken……just since his death, this past week, the press said that neither Debbie nor Michael were the biological parents and Debbie answered the press that she will take a DNA test to prove that she is the biological mother. She basically sold these children to Michael and the papers found prove that he never legally adopted them….which he was supposed to do, since he is not the biological parent. AGAIN…….READ……AND LISTEN! You are the one who knows nothing about what you are claiming to know. Go on line and google you facts from this past week along. No one would be putting this stuff out about those children without facts….no major networks.

          • MJ was married to DW at the time of the children birth, so weather he is the biological father or not is irrelevant. He is the legal father. adoption not required.

          • those kids a well brought up, they are well read, they also speak many languages, they are beautiful, MJ done a good job with his children,and MJ children loves him. that’s the only essence here. RIP MJ

    • These are Michael’s kids. Joe Jackson’s mother had 3 children, 2 black, and 1 lily white. Prince and Paris have the same skin color as Latoya. Joe Jackson has blue eyes. Michael Jackson was mixed and Debbie is white. These children look just like some of the Jacksons. Mariah Carey is mixed. She looks white. I think they are such beautiful children and they LOVED their DADDY!! And Michael loved them. Michael was an incredibly good looking man. He will be missed.

    • Girl please, he has MJ’s nose??? Before or after plastic surgery? His looks have changed over the past 10 years too much to mention. I love MJ’s music also but come on. I know what bi racial children look like also but these are NOT his biological children. And you know what….it doesn’t matter. He loved the children like his own and that is what mattered. Why is it so important to try and convince people that he was indeed the biological father? Him not being the biological father does not make him a bad person or less of a father. But let’s not be naive. These are not his biological children and this is coming to the surface now.

  17. This is entirely too sad. I feel so bad for those children because they lost their dad, whom they obviously loved and who loved them so much in return. RIP MJ.

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