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mj_pics_0005_layer_18_fullGood Morining America has released a very touching home video of the late Michael Jackson and his kids Prince Michael Joseph,12, and Paris Michael Katherine,11. The video shows Michael and his two kids in the years of 1999-2003+.

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  1. I know that those kids are his. But all of you just need to leave them alone. those kids are being taking care of and MJ did an awesome job and raising them and taking care of them. He wanted about 3 more kids if i remember right. MJ came from a big family so he wanted to have a big family. I would of loved to help hom take care of them. I would of had some fun. I have 3 girls and with his kids they would have a blast. they would all get wore out and they would call it a day early. I love kids… I feel realy hurt that his kids will not beable to be with their dad. MJ was going to take them to his concerts so they can see their dad perform on stage. since they neve seen him perform. this would of been an interesting thing to see how they would react or what they would do in general … but they do know he dances and sings…. and Paris wants to be just like her dad. which i think she will… with her aunts and uncles…. hmmm they would help her. welll all of you just lay off his kids… other wise they will be the ones that get hurt in all of this.. when all children need to be protected from all of the media so they can heal their wounds from there dad passing away like he did…. MJ was so big on life itself… so just let his kids be kids and let them heal

  2. Who gives if their he’s kid’s or not!! He cared for them as his own!! & Come on Debbie is white!! Those could be he’s kid’s! My aunt is black and has black hair & her husband is white with brown hair.. & Her daughter came out white & with blond hair!! Come on! Let him r.i.p! The reporter’s need to back off! That’s he’s life & no one elses.. He is an amazing singer & I love him..
    R.i.P MJ!♥ The KING OF pop!!♥♥

  3. ..how cute….i hope debbie rowe doesnt get the costudy of the kids…she is just after money! i will love you forever MJ

  4. For whoever said a black man can’t have a child with blue eyes, you’re wrong. Blue eyes are a recessive trait; both parents have to pass on one blue-eyed gene in order for their child to have blue eyes; a blue-eyed person must have two recessive genes. Joe Jackson has blue eyes, therefore Michael had to have one blue-eyed gene. Debbie Rowe obviously has two blue-eyed genes, so Paris must have inherited one gene blue eyes gene from Michael and one from Debbie.

    It’s not rocket science.

  5. Who cares if they are his kids or not!!The point is the Michael were there for those kids since day one and how many kids do u know that weren’t raised by their biological father ,but by a step dad, another man or a uncle or grandfather who were great to them …Last time I check he wasnt a deadbeat dad like most of the men out there ,but he did what was right and was the only parent to those kids !!!If you saw the memorial and when paris cried you could tell then that he ment everything to those kids!!!

  6. ReRe I share your same views. Listen up people, Michael like being black! He loved black people. He raise his kids to like all races. Michael issues had nothing to do with not wanting to be black. ReRe,thanks for breaking this down to the truth, some of these comments had my head hurting.

  7. Well, the children interfaced with an African nanny from Rwanda everyday, they had a Black father that they interacted and lived with presumably most of the time if not daily, their paternal relatives are African American, and Michael Jackson had a lot of Black entertainer friends like Diana Ross.

    I believe Michael was raising his kids as African Americans and they probably consider themselves Black. If you believe we are a product of our environment then these children are being raised as African American people.

    In his will, Michael designated 2 Black women as his preference to finish raising the kids. This assumes he wanted them raised as Black people. He did not designate the woman whose belly they supposedly came from (Debbie Rowe). At least the older two..it’s speculation about whose womb Blanket came from. Poor baby is truly an orphan now.

  8. Fact 1 my cousin’s are bi-racial and all of them look completely white with varying shades of hair colour, one even has blue/green eyes, there are four for them. So three is not so much of a stretch to me.
    Fact 2 When I was younger I had a friend who was Indian. I always thought she was half white because her mother was white. I went to her place one day and saw pictures of a dark woman. She told me this was her mother. I was shocked she than told me she had vitiligo and the white part was so much over her body that it made sense to cover up the dark spots. Otherwise she would be wearing makeup all over her body. We we’re only in grade 8 and this was before Michael came out to the world about it. Her mother was Michael’s colour and had to cover herself when she went out. So I’m surprised at this statement from someone who is “very familiar with this skin disease”.
    As well whether or not he abused prescription drugs is still up in the air. It may be true but than it may not be. Please don’t convict him without any proof.

  9. I believe he did not want to run the risk of having any biological children of his own because that would increase the chances of the child looking exactly as he originally looked- something he worked so hard to alter and obliterate.

    It is a shame he did not have the opportunity to adopt an african-american child early on or seek an african-american sperm donor.

    • Yes he had the opportunity, he just didn’t want to. Like I wrote on July 5th, Michael had a self-hating persona/psyche that prevented him from having his own natural Nubian children. What a shame? All that legacy -once again an African-American huge success/fortune wil go to caucasian people. In this case Michael’s dermatologist’s and his receptionist’s offsprings and a third child from an Indian couple. None of those kids is related to Michael Jackson.

  10. Whether he was the biological father or not is irrelevant. He raised them. The truth of the matter is, if MJ came out and publicly made a statement, that he would Prefer to have white children, his records would have continued to sell. If he publicly stated he Preferred to date only women who resemble Brooke Shields, Lisa Marie and Debbie Rowe, he would still be popular.

    Quite frankly, I have more respect for African-American men who come right out and say they prefer women with European features, instead of hiding behind the “I love everyone” mantra. Despite his accomplishments in breaking certain racial barriers in the entertainment industry, there will always be racial tension- hence the varying points of views on this discussion.

    Yes, I believe him when he says he is proud of his race, but he did have his preferences. And they happened to be Caucasian.

    Did I hear correctly in last week’s episode of 20/20 that MJ told Debbie Rowe he wanted a baby with blonde hair and blue eyes?

    If he said this publicly, his records would have continued to sell and he would still have been popular.

    Sadly, still today Black self-hate is acceptable and blackness (African features) are viewed as something needing to be transcended.

    • It was not varified that he said he wanted a blond haired blue eyed child. But I agree with everyhitng else you have said. Some people just have their preferences whatever.

  11. Issy and other naysayers,

    Biracial children (and people in general) come in a blend of many shades and colors. Eye colors, hair colors (and textures) and skin colors.

    Venture out into the world. Find out more about people and look them in the eye. Learn things for yourself instead of making up stories to fit into your little small minded boxes.

    This huge Earth that we all live on is more than just black and white.
    You are truly missing out if you are not experiencing it.

  12. It’s not about the skin colour it’s about the features and imho those kids do not look like Michael or part african american. However, that doesn’t matter to me and it shouldn’t matter to anyone because DNA does not make you a dad. Michael was a real father to those kids. End of.

    • Actually MJ Jr. does and so does Blanket. Look at MJ’s old pics and compare it to the recent ones of the children.

  13. yes, black people can produce blonde, blue eyed children. one of garcelle’s twins is whiter than MJ’s kids. check it.

  14. omg can people just shut the heck up about them not being his bio kids….dammit SO WHAT! Mj loved and took care of them so what’s the damn problem. they’re his kids! get over that crap now.

  15. whether those are his biological children or not, he loved them and they loved him. he was/is their father. i dont see what everyone’s problem is with it…

  16. I could be wrong but I honestly don’t believe that those are his bio children. He is there father because he raised them. I also do believe he dyed his son’s hair blond. I like Michael Jackson he seemed like a nice man and he was an extraoridnary but he did have some deep issues in regards to race. I wish his family or friends would have gotten him so help while he was alive he might still be here with us.

  17. I too feel guilty for watching something so private. I loved how he sang with his kids. HE was such a loving father and I believe his children will always remember that.May he find the peace he never had…

  18. THANKS WENDY, for clarifying that info. to the dummies out there.

    Duh, everybody can see Michael has been dying that boys hair since he was a toddler. Even if it wasn’t dyed, it could have been possible. Look at Garcelle Beauvais kids. Blond and blue-eyed.

  19. I always believed that Michael was a great father. He loved his kids. I hope they only remember the good times. I still can’t believe he is gone. Hopefully he can get some peace now since he couldn’t get any when he was here.

  20. OMG! How sweet is this video, and seeing and hearing Michael laugh so sincerely when asked about being a dad to Prince and Paris.

    Michael did not color Prince’s hair – my brother had that exact bleach blonde hair when he was that age, his hair got darker as he got older and is a medium brown shade now.

    Yes, it’s possible that Michael is the children’s biological father – I have met/seen several persons with light skin, blond/light color hair and blue/green eyes who were the product of an interracial relationship(black and white). And I stared everytime. So not polite.

  21. Who cares if he is or not..he was THEIR father and a good father and you can’t say that about alot of men. I pray these children will be allowed to cherish those memories and grow into well adjusted adults as their father would of wanted. You could see the look on his face and how serious he took that repsonsibility and he also worked hard so that they may have a childhood.

    It’s amazing how everyone else can have biracial children who look more caucasion but not Michael. Has anyone looked at Lionel Richie beautiful youngest child?…she looks like Paris but she has golden hair..Paris hair is brown.Anyone questioning Lionel about being the biological parent…it’s all rubbish! It doesn’t matter if your Black or White and we need to ground this in the minds of our children of this world….we are so caught up in foolishness that we can’t do more for the world and for each other.

    The Media and the hateful people of the world need to LEAVE HIS CHILDREN ALONE!

    4EverMJ! Rest in Peace KOP!

    • Why are you people so hung up that everybody is looking at skin color. Maybe it’s you whose looking at skin color. I’m saying what the legal records are showing. I agree 100% that he is the only father they know and certainly believe that he has been a loving father to them and that they know that. However, that does not make him the biological father. They said earlier this week that neither were the biological parents and Debbie Rowe responded that she is the biological mother although Michael is not the biological father and she is willing to do a DNA to prove it. That is because she is thinking about a custody claim, which I pray to God she doesn’t get. The legal papers show that when she have custody to Michael, he never legally adopted the children (he would only have to do that if he was not the biological parent) which would cause difficulty for the Jacksons as his will gave his mother guardianship, not custody. Please check the CNN, MSNBC and BBC archives. These are legitimate news people and they would not risk being sued for these reports if they are lies. I hope that this whole thing ends for the sake of Mrs. Jackson and the Children; but if Debbie Rowe thinks that she can get more money by getting custody, she will do it as her “cashcow” is now deceased. I have loved Michael since he was a child and hope all the best for his children. This is 2009 and most people are more sophisticated than to judge parentage by skin color anymore. But they do listen to reports from legitimate news sources as well as read books.

      • There has been no proof that Michael or Debbie are not the real parents of those children. It was a statment made by TMZ.com and the media ran with it. CNN etc. have not siad this was a fact either. They are speculating like everyone else. They’ve said as much. I agree with everything else you said but if you are going to say something is fact than you really need to make sure it is first.

  22. Janet, yes he did bleach Prince hair, you can even see the dark roots at times. Look back at his baby pics, his hair was dark brown. Wayne, Nicole Richie is not Lionel Richie’s biological daughter. She is the daughter of one of his old band players and she’s also the biological niece of Shelia E. Lionel and his first wife raised Nicole, his other 2 kids are by his second ex wife whom is white.

  23. Janet, no he really did bleach his hair! You can look at some pictures and see his darker roots. I am a licensed cosmetologist and I can spot a bleach job a mile away.

  24. Beautiful videos. Hopefully one day soon people can view these videos and others and see a father with his kids. And not keep harping on whether he’s the biological father or not. He’s their father no matter which way you look at it.

  25. Sweet videos! :-) Prince Michael seems so much more outgoing than his sister, Paris. He was very free in expressing his love & giving his hugs away….Paris kinda hung back.

  26. WOW KIKI… You really think he bleached his own kids hair…. just because the child has blonde hair dosent mean he dyed it.. you can clearly see he gets it from debbie Rowe..also look at the bab hairs that surrond his face.. there as white as can be. this is why Micheal died all the rumors and lies that people spread about him. He loved his children very much. think about how these children are going to feel in the next couple of years when they read this stuff about their father…they have the internet also. I guess as long as they know the truth thats all that matters

  27. These 2 kids could be MJ’s, take a look at Nicole Richie, daughter of soul singer Lionel Richie. Just sad MJ left so soon and so sudden.
    A shocker! confirm the old saying, “here to day gone tomorrow”
    but will me missed.

        • QJ and Tiger’s children all look mixed IMO, they just favor their white side more. These children do not look mixed to me. Still, that doesn’t mean that a man with MJ’s genes couldn’t produce children that look like they do, I just don’t believe that he used his sperm.

          • I get where you are coming from but these children do look mixed to me. Not so much in this video but if you look at them at the memorial you can tell that they are not fully white. I think it’s the hair that’s confusing people. It gives the illusion of white kids with a tan.

    • No, they are not! And Nichole is not Lionel Richie’s biological daughter. Nichole’s bio dad is Peter Michael Escovedo III, who was a percussionist in Lionel’s touring band, and a bandleader on the Wayne Brady show. Lionel and his ex-wife Brenda Harvey took Nichole in when she was three because she was always roaming around the set when are parents were working (her birth mother who has never been revealed also worked for Richie). They legally adopted her in 1990 when she was nine.

      As much as I love Michael Jackson, I feel bad for his self-hating persona/psyche -that he couldn’t love himself enough to have his own natural Nubian children

      • He did more than enough for the black community. Half of which will probably never be known. I don’t think he needed to prove how much he loved being black by having full black children. Does this mean that everyone who is in an interacial relationship hates their race?

  28. I pray that the after-life is bringing Michael peace. He was a tortured soul. Just looking at how he even bleached this baby’s hair so he could look pure white is a testament to his self hate. How could someone be loved by so many, hate himself so much? Fame is a Mf’er!!!!

    • For the comments about PRINCE’s hair…Umm look at the top of his head, there is dark roots. And some are saying he didn’t bleach the kids hair? Last I remember my little brother who’s blonde, had blondish/whitish hair around one and it was ALL the same color w/no dark roots.

  29. This was absolutely beautiful,the world needs to see how much Michael and his babbies loved each other.I am heart broken,I loved him so much ,and I went through life believing that no one could love him as much as I did,I am so glad I was wrong.I hope Michael’s children never forget how much he loved them.This is the side of Michael the world needs to see.God bless you Michael,you are so l loved and missed.Deadbeat brothers (white and black) watch this and take note.

  30. I don’t understand why “friends” are releasing photos and videos of the children. Jackson had them wear masks so they wouldn’t be recognized and the moment he dies “friends” sell them out…..

  31. So long for now, sweet Michael Jackson. The world will miss you, and the awesome talent that you possessed. You were a unique and loving “gift” of a man, and the world is somwhat of a LESS BRIGHTER place….and a MORE DIMMER place, because you are now gone from our world! May God bless your soul for all eternity; and may He keep your 3 children SAFE, SECURE, and out of harm’s way….forever!
    Rest in Heavenly Peace…fairwell for now, sweet Michael…we’ll be along soon.

    • Sha I agree. I don’t feel like Michael would have wanted this…and I am wondering who is letting out all of these photos (and video) of the kids and if they are making money from it.

    • yea, me too, i feel sorry 4 michael and the kids because hes spent their whole lives keeping them from the spotlight only to have them all over the tv not two weeks after his death… their protection has gone with michael and its so sad, isn’t anyone thinking of their welfare now?

  32. keep in mind that video and pictures were taken when the children were 3 4 and 5 years. they are 11 and 12. Its obviously the oldest boys hair was dyed blond and he has Dark brown eyes not blue eyes. the girl has dark curly hair and blue eyes though that she could have got from joe jackson. If you see those kids now they don’t look like that anymore. for some biracial kids ( and some black kids) it takes a few years for the “black” to kick in, i bet after they finish puberty you will really be able to see the black

  33. @ ISSY Not true. I have a good friend who is a white woman with blonde hair and brown eyes. Her husband is a black man (both of his parents are black). Their daughter has sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. She is very much his daughter bcuz she looks just like him. So a black man with a white woman can produce a blonde hair, blue eyed child.

  34. Of course he’s not the biological dad but he is their REAL DAD, regardless, because he raised them. That’s what counts most of all. Real fathers are there for their children, support, love, and raise their children like Michael Jackson did.

    • Mina, I know that you have listened to the reports and read the results found in the media; but you will never get JUST SAYING to agree with you. You and I both know these are not MJ’s biological children but for some reason this woman and her backers will defy all reports because they know that these children are MJ’s biological children. Thank you for being rational and informed. This has nothing to do with skin color and rumor, this has to do with reported documented facts and why it is so important that these children are his biological offsprings is strange to me. They are his children in love and I hope that noone rears a head to try and contest the guardianship to his mother. I worry because I have also heard that even though Debbie surrendered her parental rights, Michael failed to file adoption papers to legally make them his. I do hope that someone has made a mistake. I think that the children will be happy with the grandmother and the other cousins, aunts and uncles of the Jackson family. I hope for all the best for the children.

      • @Khrish Hill….Excuse me, do you work for the media? Where you present when Debbie Rowe was impreganted? Or are you just ingorant to genetic possibilities?
        Is that why you seem so hell-bent on spreading those lies about Debbie Rowe supposedly saying that Michael is not the biological father?
        Debbie Rowe, I repeat, Debbie Rowe has vehemently DENIED all of these reports.
        She NEVER said that Michael was’nt the father.
        These false statements are being spread by the media, ignorant folks…and you of course!
        Accept the fact that this black man fathered fair skinned bi-racial kids…it is what it is sweetie : )

        • Why are you so hung up on skin color JustSaying? What is your problem. Why would anyone keep refuting the media about these children. Don’t you think by thing time someone would have come forth to reinforce your speculations it they were true. Were you there with the impregnation…..get the rap out of you ear and read. It was said today, again, at the funeral by the reporters. What is wrong with you…are you expecting money for this..On what authority are you arguing? These children loved that man and he they; why do you keep talking about skin color and the color or your family members. Nobody gives to bloody cents about skin color. This is about facts…you are the one spreading lies and to no avail. He is the only father they know and that’s what is important. You started this crap back over a month ago. LISTEN TO THE NEWS AND READ SOME BOOKS. EDUCATE YOURSELF AND STOP DOING neighborhood gossip and stop making up stuff. READ!!!!!!!

          • Khrish the fact does remain that the children have never been proven not to be MJ’s. Debbie has never said they were not his. In fact she has always said that they were. However I do agree with you that proving it is pointless. To these children he is their father! Therefore I wish people would just leave this alone because at the end of the day the only ones that will get hurt from this topic is those same sweet children.

  35. Now I’m crying again. Michael was a loving and caring father. No matter what the media said about him he was a wonderful father. I will always love the King.

  36. Awww how cute was that!!It brought tears to my eyes when they said please don’t take my daddy away.That just breaks my heart!I think the media should leave these kids alone. These poor kids will never have a normal life again with all this media who are going to follow them for the rest of their lives!Who cares if those aren’t really his kids!He is their father and he was there for them and took care of those kids.I am praying for the children because Michael was all they had.

    • it can actually be really important if he is proven to not have been the biological father of those kids. If he isnt the father, anything he said in the will be of no significance unless he had adopted those children. You cannot have common law children either you are biological parent or adopted. THat’s it. If he is proven not to be the father nor did he adopt them, those children will become wards of the state unless a biological parent steps up.

      Its sad but the truth hurts. THats the way it is unfortunately. Is it right, no but that is the law.

      • Not exactly, since his name is on their birth certificate he is assumed to be the father and unless someone challenges that in court under the law he is seen to be their father.

      • you are so right given our everyday legal system. However, Michael is said to have been a smart business man. And I am certain that he has used the correct legalese in his documents to take care of what needs to be done. The Mother and Diana Ross have been given Guardianship not custody, remember? I don’t think with the past record that the biological mother can get these children and I am certain that the attorneys, especially under these circumstances, would allow these children to become wards of the state. Michael didn’t get as far as he did being legally stupid.

      • legally any children born whilst you are marred are legally yours MJ was married to DR when both kids were born so legally they are his children and morally they are his children. why is every1 so obsessed in their heritage. RIP MJ

    • I teared up at that as well. Tears started rolling down my cheeks, especially when Prince blew a kiss at the camera.

      I also loved when he said “Daddy, thank you for giving me ice cream. You’re the best dadddy in the whole world and I love you!”

      That Prince seems like a real sweetheart.

  37. yeah….imma bet money those kids are not his. A black man, vitiligo or not-bleaching or not, cannot produce blond hair blue eyed children. You cannot bleach your DNA away, it is what it is.

    • Not true. I have a good friend who is a white woman. Her husband is a black man (both of his parents are black). Their daughter has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is his daughter because she looks just like him in a adorable little girl version. So MJ could very well have been the father to these children.

      • I totally agree with you genetics has nothing to do with this, Michael Jackson has been their father since they were born. This is the father they know as Daddy so he is the father!

    • So not true, issy. I have a friend who is a white woman. She is married to a black man (both of his parents are black). They have a daughter who has sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. She is his child because she looks just like him just in a small, adorable version. I know for a fact that a black can “father” a blonde hair, blue-eyed child

      • thats true look at victoria rowell daughter. she has blond hair and looks like a little white girl. but here, his son’s hair is dyed because i remember when he dyed his hair and i thought he was going a little crazy. but regardless if they are his or not, he raised them as his own( since the mother had them for him anyway) and thats the only father they know. They loved him as you can see in the video and he loved them. he looked so happy. and its a shame that the same media that build him up and tore him down are still doing it even in his death by entertaining more BS than a little bit.

        • It is highly possible they are his as well as it is highly impossible…..we could go on for days comparing different children who came out looking more white than black or vice versa. At the end of the day, the only thing that will clear it up is a DNA test. I mean it could just be that Debbie Rowe has very strong but personally, im gonna bet they are not his but that is just me. THey could very well be his but as for now *biologically* im gonna say they are not his.

          I would like to see that they get taken care of and not damaged emotionally by all this trauma regardless of any outcome.

          • It’s true we can compare forever and never come up with a definite answer. The truth of the matter is…who cares! Seriously those are his children he raised them and loved them. He is all they know. They don’t even know their mother(s). That is why I truely hope that they get to stay with the family. Firstly they will access to all the families memories of their dad it will be like a part of him is still with them. If they went with Debbie it would be like taking their dad away again. Not to mention the fact that they will be split up. Blanket won’t have his siblings anymore. Also let’s not for get the fact that they don’t know Debbie but they do know the family. It would almost be like throwing them into a foster home knowing that they have a loving family more then willing to care for them and love them.

        • Victoria Rowell is half white.

          But I do agree that it is possible. Especially since no “black” person is 100% black.

        • Victoria Rowell is half white. Her daughter is 3/4 white. So of course she will look more white. Lame comparison.

    • see i use to think the same way as you saying,oh yea those arent his kids..but thinking about it..im judging myself.my mom is black but shes a quarter white and my dad is white..and i have green eyes and light hair,and my cousin has blue eyes and red hair.cause dont forget michael was not that dark..when he was black.so lets not judge..its none of our business weather they are his or not.the important thing..is that he was a GREAT father took care of them and was an AMAZING singer and that he may REST IN PEACE IN HEAVEN.dont focus on the negative things please :)

    • Yes, that is definitely untrue. My children are half black, & half white, one has blue eyes long course blonde hair and fair skin. The other has curly hair and brown eyes with a nice golden tan. It’s very possible that these children are, indeed, Michael’s kids.

    • Michael’s father has blue eyes. Since blue eyes are recessive, a person needs two blue-eyed genes to have the trait. Therefore, Michael had one recessive blue-eyed gene. Debbie obviously had two, so Paris must have inherited one blue-eyed gene from Michael and one from Debbie.

      • Agree. We all (should have) learned this in 7th grade biology, so I don’t know why people think they can say conclusively based on the skin color.

    • well mr issy,i would like to say at least he loved those children more than life itself.thats more than i can say about some of these real suppose to be fathers no matter what mj didnt see color he saw love for him in his childrens eyes so stop the drama and deal with it.

  38. Omg what a lovely video. this shows Michael as a loving and devoted dad. It breaks my heart so much to see these kids live without a dad. I’m happy that they are with family who loves them, and can tell them about their dad as they grow older. The emptiness will leave forever in these children. God bless them

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