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Pop Star Madonna was photographed going to a Kabbalah Centre with her two children, Mercy,4, and David,3, in London over the weekend. Madonna’s two other children, Lourdes, 13, and Rocco,8, were also along for the Kabbalah outings. See more pictures now


Mercy was adopted just three weeks ago but she has already adjusted to her new life. According to new mom Madonna,  Mercy “fits right in with her brothers and sister.” In addition, “[Mercy] has play dates ever day.”(Source)

Inf photo/flynet

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  1. How adorable they are! I think little Mercy’s hair is just FINE. That is her natural hair texture and it is a wonderful texture. The nice thing about Black people is that we come in all complections, features, and hair textures and every one is just as lovely as the other.

  2. The photographer that took the picture of David is the same photographer that took the picture of Mercy in Madonna’s arms. He is a professional photographer and friend not a paparazzo.

  3. Oh Please, everybody knows Madonna is a media **ORE! She even hired the paps to be there for David’s reunion with his father.

  4. KiKi nothing looks fine about that girl’s nappy hair and yes Madonna needs to hire a black stylist. Angelina Jolie needs to hire a black stylist too, it’s no reason for Zahara hair to still be short. I have never seen a girl that’s Ethopian at that age with short hair.

    • firstly, zahara hair is not that short… i’ve seen plenty of kids with shorter hair than her, (fair enough its usually down to the fact that its dry and broken, but thats not jus white ppl kids either) and mercy got short hair so no braids is gonna stay in that long anyway but it will get longer the more madonna braid an oil it, she obviously got someone who knos about black hair to braid it in the first place? it can’t stay neat 4 ever at least shes doin something with it

    • So you think black kids are only worthy of adoption if they serve as publicity stunts for celebrities? If she doesn’t spend time with them then she doesn’t care, but if she does, she only wants her picture taken? Adoption is a life long thing, not just 15 minutes or a headline.

      • Please tell me where you saw that in my comment? My reference to her and publicity is just in general. No where did I state that I meant her adoption of Mercy. I don’t even know why or how you would assume that I would think such a thing.

        • Well, she’s out with her two kids and you say she’s a publicity who** so there is the implication that the kids are only serving as publicity stunts like Lisette said as well.

          • If I agreed with Lisette I would have commented under her post or stated that I agreed with her in mine…or at least made some type of reference to the children. However, I do not think that her adopting these children had anything to do with publicity. I do think that certain things involving the children was done to get her good press (such as the meeting with David’s father) but that was not what my comment was meant for. As I said, I was speaking in general.

  5. Mixtry, what’s wrong with her hair? It looks fine and with proper nutrition it should come in nice and healthy.

    • I haven’t said anything negative about her hair. I just know that now that Madonna has her there are going to be comments made about her hair. I never comment on children’s hairstyles on this site, but so many do that I thought I’d bring it up.

  6. To SepSep:

    ,if you read what it says underneath the picture it states her other two children Lourdes and Rocco were there. Black Celebrity kids rarely shows their picture….

  7. i love madonna and completely support the adoptions, but it seems so early to have mercy out and about. it takes a while for a child to adjust and bond & attach to a new family and with all the newness in mercy’s life i don’t think they should be out traipsing around the city. i’d think it would be difficult enough for mercy adjusting to life in america, living in a new house, new family, new language and foods, etc– but to also go out and about in nyc and be followed by paparazzi. i think that is way to much to expose her to so fast. no wonder she’s crying!

    • They are in London. The set of pictures of her with David where both are wearing t-shirts were taken outside their own home. The paparazzi have camped out there. Except for weekly Kabbalah services, Madonna has pretty much sheltered that girl so far. And Mercy looks annoyed because her sandal had just come off. If you go to other sites, you will see how her foot is outside of the shoe and Madonna pauses to fix it.

  8. ALL of the kids were there, but this is a black celeb site, so only pictures of Mercy and David are posted. Those pictures are from two separate occasions.

  9. I wonder why rocco and Lourdes don’t go with there mom to kabbalah class? Why does she take her black adopted children to kabbalah?

    • If you read the comment about, it says that Lourdes and Rocco were along for the Kaballah outing. Since thise is Blackcelebkids.com their pics weren’t featured.

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