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Actress Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon was photographed with her boys- husband Mike Nilon, son Oliver,18, and fraternal twins Jaid Thomas and Jax Joseph,20 months- at a White Party hosted by Sean “Diddy” Combs and Ashton Kutcher  on July 4, 2009 in Beverly Hills, California. More pictures now!

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  1. Why is this an argument? If you believe they are Mike’s then for you they are. Why do people debate on these site? You NEVER change the other opinion.

    As a fan I choose to believe they are biologically his and nothing besides a valid confirmed DNA test will change how I choose to see them.

  2. People obviously a lot of you are arguing about skintone and hair color its more than that. Garcelle is haitian lady her baby dad is obviously a white man….. her kids look like mix or black people mj kids don’t look like black people especially Paris, ((Prince i don’t KNow)).( “Blanket” yes, yes, yes just look at his facial profile he looks nothing like his sister Paris facially .his profile is more ethnic kinda(INDIAN OR MIDDLE-EASTHERN OR MEXICAN OR SOME ETHNIC GROUP OTHER THAN AFRICAN AMERICAN) OR like his grandmas maybe.i think..in every example of biracial kids they always always look a lil bit african no matter who they are mixed with we as black people know this to be true get real folks!get real!

  3. Oliver is much better looking than I expected. I guess he took after his mother more than his father. The two little boys look alike to me, one of them is just blond.

  4. Garcelle looks great. To have a full grown son and twin babies and still look good is quite a feat.

    They all look lovely, I think the boys are starting to look more like each other as they grow older.

  5. Everyone looks great…I’m glad she’s changing their shoes that was the only thing that was throwing the family off.

  6. That family is a spectrum of shades, they all look beautiful.

    About MJ’s kids. they all came out white, that is too much of a coincidence. I know mixed families with several children and there is always at least 1 that inherits the black genes.

    MJ wanted white children because otherwise people would be constantly reminded that he himself was once black.

  7. omg yall there is PROOF that garcelle pushed these babies out lol mj kids will remain a mystery…biologically

  8. Gacelle’s children have white skin and blond hair but they have african facial features and their hair is curly. MJ’s kids have no african features at all. People are allowed to have their own opinion doesn’t mean that we dislike MJ we just don’t think those are his kids. It’s not that serious.

    • Lol, that means nothing… many “Europeans” have curly hair and excuse me, but what the heck did you mean by “they have African facial features”? You can find any so-called “European features” in Africa too… all types of noses, lips, body shapes and all textures of hair, because we all originated in Africa.

  9. The difference is this little boy has curly hair and Garcelle’s features. He is also getting darker as he ages.

  10. Beautiful family….However, I’m starting to think that Gracelle full time job is posing on the red carpet. Lately, I haven’t seen her in any movies, t/v shows or heard any music/records from her…..why is she always at a premier or event?

  11. Beautiful family, her eldest is so handsome!
    For all of you doubting the possibility of Michael Jackson’s kids being his – look at Garcelle’s blonde little boy. He doesn’t even look biracial.

    Let MJ rest in peace!!

    • It’s funny how you say let him R.I.P. when people like you who believe they are his biological children keep bringing it back up lol.

    • Again, the disbelief of MJ’s kids being his biological children isn’t about their coloring. It goes waaay deeper than that, geesh.

      • Say it right.

        But it’s also about their coloring.

        Garcelle kids will darken up to look more mixed or black than they do now. Diana Ross’s twins look more white when the were born, and now they look like black kids or more mixed.

        But yeah, with MJ, it goes deep. Way deep.

        Much respect to MJ. RIP.

        • do they NEED to look more black. They look fine the way they are. Biracial kids dont have to fit into anyone’s racial box.

          • If I say they do, then yes, they do. If I want them in a box, then they will be in a box. It’s all about what I say and what I want.

            SO MOVE ON.

        • I am related to Garcelle, she is Haitian mulatto people! Her father has green eyes. That explains why her kids came out with lighter eyes. My family are all Haitians. We all range from light to mediam skin tone/from light to dark eyes. Y’all people do not understand how genetics works. It can go back from many generations ago too. If you black and happen to have indian features or asian features, than you technique ain’t just black black/pure black. You see with Michael Jackson’s father Joe Jackson, he has hazel eyes or green eyes. So that explains why Michael’s kids don’t look black. That’s because Michael probably carries the recessive gene from his father. Just like Garcelle’s father has green eyes, Garcelle just happen to carry her father’s recessive genes.
          If you are a black person with green/blue/hazel eyes, than you know where that came from. You all might think that black people can have can also have blue/hazel/green eyes, but that can be true/false. The only way a black person can have lighter eye color is if your ancestor has/cary the recessive gene. You can only get that from a CAUCASIAN!!!

    • Uhhh, Nonya? — the boy has BLONDE hair and blue eu=yes. Yet you say “Gee, he doesn’t even look biracial”. Ok Nonya, step away from the crack pipe.

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